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Black Toy Poodle: Care Guide, Info, Pictures & FAQ

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

a black toy poodle in a basket

The Black Toy Poodle is an extremely popular breed for top celebrities and commoners alike. If you’ve ever seen a tiny Black Toy Poodle, you won’t soon forget it. It is one of the smallest of the Poodle breed and could easily fit into your handbag if you wanted to put it there.

But how do you take care of a Black Toy Poodle? Where did they come from? They’re fun, intelligent, and a bit stubborn; you’ll have no problem telling this dog from any of the rest. In the guide below, we’ll give you a bit about the Black Toy Poodle and how to care for them.

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The Earliest Records of the Black Toy Poodle in History

The Toy Poodle was bred in the early 20th century as a dog meant to be a companion. It’s especially suited to apartment living and has no problem living in small spaces. The Poodle is the national dog of France.

Your average Black Toy Poodle will reach no taller than 10 inches and weigh around 4 to 6 pounds at the most. For a while, smaller poodles were bred to gather mushrooms, but everyone loved them so much that it wasn’t long before they became more companion dogs instead. Toy Poodles come in a few different colors, but to many, the Black Toy Poodle is the best.

black toy poodle running
Image Credit: dpw50, Pixabay

How The Black Toy Poodle Gained Popularity

As you can imagine, the Black Toy Poodle gained popularity due to its tiny size and big personality. These Poodles are intelligent, tiny, and loving and make great pets. It seems that the popularity of the Toy Poodle can be traced back to the world’s celebrities and influencers who took to adopting and carrying the little dogs everywhere they went.

The smaller the dogs are, the more popular they seem to be, so you can easily see why the Black Toy Poodle ascended to popularity so quickly. If you’ve always wanted to own a Black Toy Poodle, they make excellent pets, so getting one is a great idea.

Formal Recognition of the Black Toy Poodle

While the Black Toy Poodle isn’t a specific breed of Poodle, but just a color of the Toy Poodle breed, the black color is formally recognized by the AKC. Poodles can have black coats with other colors mixed in as well, but the solid black is the color that is recognized.

Top 3 Unique Facts About the Black Toy Poodle

Now that you know the origins and a little about the Black Toy Poodle, you might wonder what else there is to know about these majestic yet playful little dogs. We’ll give you a few of the unique facts you might not have known about the Black Toy Poodle breed below.

1. Black Toy Poodles Can Become Destructive if Left Alone

You wouldn’t think something so tiny could be destructive, but this breed doesn’t like being away from its pet parents. It’s the one downside to the dog’s loving nature, and some poodles experience separation anxiety.

If your pet develops this condition, it will whine, bark, dig, and become destructive. If you are someone who is gone for long periods and can’t take your tiny Poodle with you, it might not be the best pet for you.

2. Black Toy Poodles Are Quite Expensive

As with any Poodle breed, the Black Toy Poodle can be pretty expensive to acquire. You can expect to pay between $1,500 to $3,000. Of course, the price you pay will differ from breeder to breeder and includes factors such as the parents’ bloodline, breeding rights, and whether the Poodle is AKC-registered or not.

3. Black Toy Poodles Are Athletic and Playful

You might not think that a Poodle that’s so tiny would be very active, but the Black Toy Poodle is. Like Standard Poodles, these little creatures are energetic, playful, and athletic. Although the Toy Poodle will be willing to curl up on the couch with you and watch videos, you’ll have to make time for play and take the dog outside to get rid of that pent-up energy.

As we said before, no exercise and leaving your pup alone will make them bored and restless, which can spell trouble for you and your possessions.

Does the Black Toy Poodle Make a Good Pet?

You can’t go wrong when it comes to keeping a Black Toy Poodle as a pet. They are affectionate, loyal, playful, energetic little dogs that do well living in apartments or small spaces.

They are very loving, which means they get attached to their pet parents and will want to be with you all of the time. This can lead to separation anxiety if you leave the Poodle alone for too long at a time.

They get along well with kids, but you must ensure that the children playing with your Black Toy Poodle know how to handle and treat a small dog. Since the dog is so tiny, it can easily become injured if it’s played with too roughly. It’s best to supervise any play between the Poodle and your children for the best results.

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Black Toy Poodles are energetic, loving, and just a bit on the stubborn side. You can expect to pay quite a bit if you decide to purchase a Black Toy Poodle. However, it’s essential to realize that the fees for purchasing a Black Toy Poodle aren’t the only expenses you’ll incur, so make sure you’re prepared to care for the little life you’re giving a forever home. You’ll be rewarded with loyalty and unending affection for your trouble.

Featured Image Credit: AtlasStudio, Shutterstock

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