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10 Blue Colored Cat Breeds (With Pictures & Info)

Genevieve Dugal

By Genevieve Dugal

chartreux cat lying_congerdesign_Pixabay

When the time comes to buy a kitten, so many options are available. If cats with sumptuous blue coats are among your favorites, you’ve come to the right place! Here are 10 cat breeds with gorgeous coats in varying shades of blue, ranging from pale gray to dark blue and blue cream.

The 10 Blue Cat Breeds

1. Russian Blue

Russian Blue sitting on the rocks
Image Credit: Review News, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 15 – 20 years
Temperament: Sweet tempered, loyal, affectionate
Weight: Male: 10 – 12 pounds

Female: 7 – 10 pounds

The Russian Blue is an elegant medium-sized cat with magnificent silky blue fur. Their big green eyes give them a soft look. Calm, gentle, and intelligent, the Russian Blue is a perfect companion for single people and families with older children.

Attached to their human parent, this cat loves to snuggle up comfortably on their lap. However, the presence of rambunctious children can disturb the Russian Blue, as this feline appreciates silence and tranquility more than agitation. Therefore, due to their shyness, they can be wary of strangers. That said, they accept the presence of other pets quite well. This beautiful cat can adapt to life in an apartment, but if they can have access to a fenced garden, they will be able to perfect their hunting skills and be playful and lively.

2. Chartreux Cat

chartreux cat
Image Credit: LucasBouillon, Pixabay
Lifespan: 11 – 15 years
Temperament: Gentle, independent
Weight: Male: 10 – 14 pounds

Female: 6 – 9 pounds

The Chartreux is a calm, loyal, and loving feline companion that also has a marked independent side. When they’re in the mood, they can be the most affectionate cat with their owner, but they don’t like to be treated like a stuffed animal.

This is a dignified cat that wants to be respected, and they do not tolerate being physically constrained. You should not try to always have the Chartreux in your arms; they decide when to cuddle! If they sense that you respect them, they will gladly be on your lap as you sit quietly in front of the television.

This is also a discreet cat, which only rarely makes their soft meow heard. The Chartreux does not require constant attention, and they tolerate being at home alone well.

3. British Shorthair

British shorthair cat Silver chocolate color yellow eyes
Image Credit: lowpower225, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 8 – 12 years
Temperament: Affectionate, loyal
Weight: Male: 10 – 14 pounds

Female: 6 – 9 pounds

The secret to the British Shorthair’s popularity isn’t just their irresistible teddy bear looks. Their success as a pet also comes from their balanced and endearing character. Indeed, this magnificent feline shows a great deal of affection for their family, but they also value their autonomy.

In short, the British Shorthair is a formidable cat because they combine the robustness of the stray cat and the elegance of the purebred cat. They are a robust and healthy feline — sometimes calm, sometimes playful, but always kind and easy-going. It’s hard not to fall under their spell with their expressive little face and adorable round cheeks!

4. Burmese

Blue burmese cat on black background
Image credit: Seregraff, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 9 – 13 years
Temperament: Highly intelligent, affectionate, and extremely loyal
Weight: Male: 10 – 14 pounds

Female: 6 – 9 pounds

The Burmese cat is particularly extroverted. Indeed, this satin-furred feline has a strong personality and great vivacity, and they are exuberant and intrepid. They are also vocal and will let you know about their needs with loud meows! Sociable, they love company and cannot stand being alone. An affectionate player and tireless with children, they show a boundless attachment to their humans.

Fiery and endowed with good hunting skills, the Burmese loves to go out to explore their environment, but they know how to adapt to apartment life.

5. Nebelung

nebelung cat
Image Credit: Milada Vigerova, Pixabay
Lifespan: 15 – 18 years
Temperament: Lively, playful, affectionate, good-natured, and intelligent
Weight: Male: 8 – 16 pounds

Female: 7 – 15 pounds

The Nebelung cat is a fascinating breed. Their standard is similar to that of the Russian Blue, with a few exceptions. Just like the Russian Blue, the Nebelung needs to live in a calm environment, whether a house with a garden or an apartment. This cat will enjoy living in families with children, as long as they are not too turbulent. They are also an intelligent, affectionate, and lively breed. However, they can show mistrust toward people who are strangers to them. So, from an early age, it is important to socialize them.

Since the Russian Blue and the Nebelung look so similar, it may be difficult to tell one from the other. The Nebelung differs mainly from their counterpart by their semi-long fur, which comes in a variety of colors: bright blue, blue grey, black, or white.

6. Korat

Korat laying on sofa
Image Credit: Gino Santa Maria, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 10 – 15 years
Temperament: Intelligent, playful, and affectionate
Weight: Male: 7 – 11 pounds

Female: 6 – 10 pounds

The superb Korat is a cat from Thailand. Their name comes from the region of Korat, where they were the symbol of abundant harvest and wealth due to their gray-blue fur and green eyes. The Korat remains a relatively rare cat breed. Their beauty and incomparable gentleness make them a highly sought-after cat by breeders.

Their temperament can be summed up in two words: calm and serene. Indeed, they are a fairly cushy cat that prefers the calm of their house to the noise of the outside. They do not like hubbub and are more comfortable curled up in a ball on their owner’s lap. This beautiful feline is gentle, delicate, and above all, loyal. They enjoy spending time with their beloved humans.

That said, this cat doesn’t have too much trouble tolerating the presence of other feline companions or pets, as long as they don’t bother them. But they will be wary of strangers.

In short, this cat is intended for calm people who do not have a large family. They are quite a homebody but will show affection toward their owner.

7. Norwegian Forest Cat

blue tabby Norwegian Forest
Image Credit: moukelis, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 14 – 16 years
Temperament: Sweet, gentle, and a little shy around new people
Weight: Male: 12 – 16 pounds

Female: 9 – 12 pounds

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large feline with a sturdy, muscular body and abundant fur. Their head has a characteristic triangular shape, and their coat comes in several colors, including blue and blue cream. Originally bred for their hunting skills, the Norwegian cat is an affectionate pet.

This is a cat that has adapted perfectly to life in a house or apartment, despite their origins as a hunter. Even if they have kept a certain amount of independence, the Norwegian cat can develop a strong bond with their human family and can be particularly affectionate. They love to play with children and due to their liveliness, prefer to live with non-sedentary people.

8. Persian

blue grey white fluffy persian cat
Image credit: Marten_house, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 12 – 17 years
Temperament: Gentle, quiet, docile
Weight: Male: 9 – 15 pounds

Female: 8 – 10 pounds

The Persian cat exhibits a wide range of colors and patterns, including silver, blue, and blue cream. This placid cat loves comfort and is renowned for their long naps. They are distinguished by their tranquility and extraordinary calm, as well as their majestic beauty and magnificent fur.

Although quiet, the Persian can sometimes reveal a strong character. If they are disturbed during their precious nap, they will let you know their displeasure.

Although they may seem distant, they like to receive affection. Indeed, the Persian likes to lie down next to their owner, sleep in their bed, and even sit on their lap when they are in the mood. While attached to their favorite human, this breed tends to be wary of strangers. They may hide for hours when you have visitors.

While they are lazy most of the time, the Persian cat can sometimes show great energy. You can catch them jumping around and playing like a kitten. Since they have been greatly refined and transformed, the Persian breed no longer possesses many of the wild instincts typical of felines. Basically, this cat doesn’t know what it means to hunt.

In terms of sociability, the Persian can tolerate the presence of other cats and dogs. They are also fine being home alone.

9. American Shorthair

American shorthair cat
Image Credit: Clement Morin, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 15 – 20 years
Temperament: Friendly, easy-going, and affectionate
Weight: Male: 11 – 15 pounds

Female: 6 – 12 pounds

The American Shorthair cat is the equivalent of the British Shorthair. They are also a popular cat in Japan. The American Shorthair is best known for their silver classic tabby coat, which has a bright silvery background with contrasting black marks. But all colors are recognized in this breed, including blue and blue cream.

Due to their origins, this stocky and friendly feline is a hunter. They love to explore their surroundings, climb trees, and hunt at night. They are an independent but affectionate and sociable cat that loves and needs family life. The American Shorthair also adapts well to apartment living. They are easy-going, attached to their owner, and adore children. This sociable cat can gladly accept the presence of a dog in their home, as well as other feline companions.

10. Oriental Shorthair

grey oriental shorthair cat
Image Credit: TalyaPhoto, Shutterstock
Lifespan: 10 – 20 years
Temperament: Intelligent, loving, playful
Weight: Male: 8 – 12 pounds

Female: 7 – 8 pounds

The Oriental Shorthair is an athletic-looking cat with a slender, muscular body and long, powerful legs. They are similar to the Siamese, though they differ mainly in color. Their fur can have hundreds of different colors and patterns, including grey blue.

The Oriental Shorthair has the particularity of being quite attached to their owner. They can even be considered too possessive. They also need plenty of exercise and will want to play with children or other pets, like cats or dogs. Their human parent must always be around to take care of them.

This is an intelligent and curious cat, but they also have a strong personality. The Oriental Shorthair also stands out from other cats by being incredibly talkative. They communicate using varied meows and sounds, which can be entertaining but sometimes irritating!


There are many breeds of cats that have gorgeous blue fur, although the only “true blue” felines are the Russian Blue, Chartreux, Korat, and Nebelung cats. But if these cats’ temperaments don’t suit your lifestyle, you may be able to adopt another breed carrying the blue gene. Do preliminary research with your local breeders!

Featured Image Credit: congerdesign, Pixabay

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