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Top 6 Dog Breeds With Amber Eyes

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By Nicole Cosgrove

brown dog with amber eyes

There is a common myth that amber-eyed dogs have more aggressive personalities. But the color that the eyes exhibit has nothing to do with your dog’s temperament. Certain dogs with amber eyes that sharply contrast the color of their fur can be a little startling, which may make some people feel intimidated when they lock eyes with one of these dogs.

The Top 6 Dog Breeds with Amber Eyes:

1. Bluetick Coonhound

Bluetick Coonhound
Image Credit: Pixabay

You can’t help but notice their amber eyes and bushy “eyebrows” when you look at their face. This breed is smart and enjoys a good hunt. They love affection and attention and become very devoted to their owners. When they get bored, the Bluetick will howl mournfully.

Bred for hunting, these dogs need plenty of exercise and do well with agility and tracking sports. Still, they love a midday nap, as long as their owner is nearby. You have to watch this breed because they have a prey drive that can get them into trouble if not provided with proper training and supervision.

Fun Fact: They are good problem solvers and can even detect “cold” trails when tracking.

2. Dachshund

Black and tan Dachshund
Image Credit: PickPik

This friendly breed is spunky and curious, making them an ideal dog for families. They were bred to pursue a trail without becoming distracted, so they can appear to be ignoring you, but in fact, they are probably just trying to figure something out.

Their alert, amber eyes leave no doubt to their intelligence, and they respond well to reward-based training. If not provided with adequate exercise, however, they can become overweight, which isn’t optimal for their body type and can cause a multitude of health issues.

Fun fact: They are originally from Germany, where they hunted badgers.

3. Pitbull Terrier

Pitbull Terrier
Image Credit: Pikrepo

It’s not only their eyes but also the expression on the Pitbull’s face that can appear intimidating to some individuals. In reality, they are gentle and fun-loving. As with many breeds, if they don’t receive proper training and socialization, they can develop behavior issues.

Pitbulls are highly trainable and respond well to their owners once a bond has been formed. They tend to be more aggressive with other dogs because they can become overprotective toward their families. Vigorous exercise is ideal to prevent them from becoming bored, which can lead to misbehaving. Canine sports such as dock diving and agility are good opportunities for this breed.

Fun facts: Pitbulls receive a bad rap because they were bred for bull- and bear-baiting.

4. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Blonde
Image Credit: PxHere

The eyes of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever showcase their kind and affectionate nature. They are remarkable hunting dogs and take their jobs seriously. They have a chocolate brown coat that complements their amber eyes.

An athletic dog by nature, Chessies need a good deal of exercise and especially enjoy any outdoor activity, such as hiking and swimming. They aren’t as friendly toward strangers as other retrievers, and they are more protective of their families. In that respect, they are ideal watchdogs.

Fun fact: Their coat is waterproof, which makes them perfect for fowl hunting.

5. Weimaraner

Image Credit: Pixabay

You can’t help but notice the Weimaraner’s amber eyes framed by long velvety ears within an intelligent face. This silvery-gray breed is perfect for families because they love children and are gentle and patient with them. They need a family that is committed to providing them with plenty of exercise that will keep them healthy and happy. They would rather run than walk, so they can stretch their legs and release more energy.

Weimaraners are intelligent and require consistent and creative training because they have a mind of their own and prefer to be independent. It doesn’t take them long to figure out how to unlatch a gate or escape an enclosure, and they don’t thrive living in an apartment.

Fun fact: Because of their intelligence, they are sometimes referred to as “the dog with the human brain.”

6. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgebacks playing a tennis ball
Image Credit: boumapetrovice, Pixabay

Meeting one of these dogs, you can tell that they are affectionate and eager to please. Rhodesian Ridgebacks have beautiful amber eyes that match their coat almost perfectly. Historically, they tracked lions yet never killed their prey. They are fast and athletic, requiring moderate exercise such as long walks or taking part in canine sports.

Ridgebacks become devoted to their owners and need to be included in family activities to remain happy. Even though they can be strong-willed, patient yet firm guidance will help them develop into ideal companions. Other dogs in the household will provide them with company, but if there are too many male dogs, there could be dominance issues.

Fun fact: Their name comes from the hair that runs along their spine and grows in the opposite direction compared to the rest of their coat.

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Conclusion: Dog Breeds with Amber Eyes

There are many dog breeds with amber eyes, though it depends on the dominant gene they receive whether it manifests. With purebred dogs, there are rules about what eye colors are acceptable to be listed as purebred. Some dogs can be born with blue eyes that change to amber as they mature. You will discover that dogs with amber eyes have the same personalities as dogs with blue or light brown eyes.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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