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10 Amazing Burmese Cat Facts You’ll Be Surprised to Learn!

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By Nicole Cosgrove

close up of Burmese cat standing on gray background

Burmese cats are renowned for their beauty, amiability, and intellect—no wonder they have won the hearts of cat people everywhere! But did you know there is even more to love about this breed?

To demonstrate exactly why these cats continue to captivate us with their magnetism, here’s a list of 10 incredible Burmese cat facts that will make your appreciation grow exponentially.

The 10 Amazing Burmese Cat Facts

1. Burmese Cats Have Amazing Coat Colors

Burmese cats come in a range of colors, including sable, champagne, blue, and platinum. With their soft and satiny coats, these cats require minimal grooming—a huge plus for cat owners looking for convenience in pet care. No wonder they’re one of the most sought-after breeds!

The Burmese cat’s coat color is determined by its genes, and each color has its unique charm. For example, the sable Burmese has a rich, warm coat that can range from dark brown to light beige, while the blue Burmese has a soft, silvery coat that looks almost gray in certain lighting. They’re all absolutely stunning to behold!

Burmese Cat lying face forward
Image Credit: Ivanova N, Shutterstock

2. They Have Expressive Eyes

Burmese cats have expressive eyes that range from gold to green. Their eyes have an almost hypnotic quality to them, and they are known for their ability to stare into their owner’s soul. Burmese cats have large, almond-shaped eyes that are set wide apart on their face.

The unique shape of their eyes gives them a distinctive and captivating look. Magnificent Burmese cats have eyes that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also unbearably emotive. When these felines look into your soul, you can feel an intense bond of love between the two of you—one made even stronger by their piercing gaze.

3. Burmese Cats Have a Playful Nature

Burmese cats are known for their playful and energetic personalities. They love to explore, play, and keep themselves entertained with toys. They enjoy chasing balls, running around the house, and playing hide-and-seek.

These cats also have a curious nature that leads them to investigate any new objects or sounds they come across. Burmese cats are always up for a good game of fetch or chase and will happily spend hours playing with their owners.

Champagne Burmese cat
Image Credit: SeraphP, Shutterstock

4. They Are Highly Intelligent Felines

Burmese cats are highly intelligent creatures who can understand basic commands and even learn tricks when taught properly. They are quick learners and enjoy trying new things, which makes it easy to train them.

With patience and consistency, you can teach your Burmese cat how to perform simple tricks like rolling over and fetching toys. This breed is also known for its problem-solving skills, which makes it an ideal companion for those who enjoy engaging their cats in intellectually stimulating activities.

5. They Are Extroverts

Burmese cats are outgoing and social creatures who love to be around people. They are friendly and affectionate, and they make great family pets.

These cats enjoy snuggling up with their owners in the evenings and will happily curl up next to them on the couch or bed. Burmese cats also like meeting new people and typically greet visitors at the door with a friendly meow.

Brown Burmese cat in the garden
Image Credit: jojosmb, Shutterstock

6. These Cats Are Great Listeners

Burmese cats make excellent listening partners for those moments when you need someone to talk to about your troubles. These cats are incredibly intuitive animals, so they can sense when their owners are feeling down or anxious, and they often offer comfort through cuddles or simply by being present.

Burmese cats will often sit with their owners for hours and listen to them talk about anything that is on their minds, making these cats the perfect sympathetic listener.

7. They Are Friendly With Other Animals

Unlike some cat breeds, Burmese cats tend to get along well with other animals. They are not overly aggressive and generally enjoy spending time around other animals, from other cats to dogs.

These cats also have a gentle nature, which means they make great companions for birds or small mammals like rabbits or guinea pigs. If you want to add another pet to your household, a Burmese cat would be an excellent choice!

lazy burmese cat lying outside
Image Credit: AdinaVoicu, Pixabay

8. Burmese Cats Can Be Very Vocal

Burmese cats are quite vocal, and they often express their feelings with meows, purrs, and trills. They will also communicate with other cats through these types of sounds.

These cats can be very noisy when they want something—whether it’s attention or food—but they usually quiet down once they get what they want. Burmese cats are also known to chatter away to themselves when playing or exploring the house!

9. They Have Both American and British Variants

The Burmese cat breed comes in two varieties—American and British. The American variety is slightly larger with a more muscular build and a rounder head shape, while the British variant has a leaner frame and longer legs.

Both versions of the Burmese cat have beautiful coats that come in dark brown, sable, blue-gray, champagne, and platinum colors. The British version also has an additional color variation: red.

burmese cat lying on couch
Image Credit: Viacheslav Lopatin, Shutterstock

10. Burmese Cats Were Officially Recognized in 1979

It took a few decades for breeders to perfect the Burmese cat breed, but in 1979 it was officially recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA). It is now a popular choice among cat lovers all over the world!

These cats have a devoted fan base who love them for their affectionate nature and intelligence. If you’re looking for a loyal companion, the Burmese cat might just be the perfect pet for you.

Tips to Care for Your Burmese Cat

Because Burmese cats are so loving and trusting, it is important to ensure that you are providing them with the best possible care. Here are a few tips to keep your Burmese cat healthy and happy:

  • Provide Plenty of Love and Attention: Make sure to spend quality time with your cat every day. This breed loves human interaction, so be sure to give them lots of cuddles and playtime.
  • Feed a Balanced Diet: Burmese cats should be fed a balanced diet full of fresh, quality ingredients. Look for foods specifically formulated for cats with high energy levels, as this will keep them healthy and active.
  • Provide Mental Stimulation: As intelligent cats, it’s important to give your Burmese cat plenty of mental stimulation. This can include puzzle toys, interactive games, and training.
  • Visit the Vet Regularly: As with all cats, it’s essential to take your Burmese to the vet for regular check-ups and vaccinations. This will help keep them healthy and prevent any potential illnesses or diseases.

To ensure that your beloved Burmese cat remains healthy and content for many years, apply these simple tips. With the proper care, you’ll be able to enjoy all the love and happiness they have to offer!


The Burmese cat is a beautiful and intelligent breed that makes an excellent pet for those looking for a loyal companion. They are loving, friendly cats with a gentle nature, and they get along well with other animals.

If you’re thinking of adding a Burmese cat to your home, make sure you’re prepared to provide them with plenty of love and attention. Follow these tips for caring for your cat, and you’ll be rewarded with years of loving companionship from your furry friend!

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Featured Image Credit: Seregraff, Shutterstock

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