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How Much Do Canadian Pet Passports Cost? 2023 Price Update

Krystal Facey

By Krystal Facey

vet checking up the cat while holding a pet health certificate

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable activities that people can take part in—planning an adventure, getting on a plane, and experiencing a new place with your favorite people. But the security measures involved in traveling out of the country can be quite strict and involve many regulations and guidelines to follow, such as providing your reason for travel, showing your passport, and having a plane ticket.

But what about traveling with pets? How much more complicated can it be when you’re bringing your furry friend along? If you plan on taking a long trip with your pet, you should know they may need their own “pet passport” and while those are free, there might be other expenses related to obtaining it and travelling with your pet. Continue reading to learn about “pet passports”.

The Importance of Canadian Pet Passports

If you are planning to travel permanently or are taking a lengthy trip that requires you to bring your pet with you, they may need a passport just like you would! There are a lot of health reasons that pets need to be checked and documents reviewed when they travel in and out of different countries. These certified documents may be different across different areas of the world, and they should be thoroughly researched before trying to travel with your pet to avoid being denied at the gate.

Having all your documents ready and complete before traveling with your pet is important to keep your pet, yourself, those traveling, and those in the destination country safe.

vet holding the dog and a pet health certificate
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How Much Do Canadian Pet Passports Cost?

When we think about pet passports and health documents required to travel with pets from Canada, how much do these things cost? Well, the price can vary depending on which province of Canada you are traveling from, and this is because while there is no cost for the pet passport itself, the costs that accompany being able to travel with your pet depend on external requirements.

For example, a health certificate can include obtaining a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) form if you are traveling to EU countries that includes a cost of $20.00 CDN issued to you by your veterinarian. This is obtained through your veterinarian and confirms that your pet has been recently checked for any possible health issues and vaccinations that can be spread to other animals (for example, rabies). This cost is usually in addition to any missing vaccinations that your pet may need to be updated.

If traveling to most other countries or within Canada, the health certificate would be all you need (also issued by your veterinarian).

Additional Costs to Anticipate

As mentioned above, if you are planning to travel and visit your veterinarian beforehand, there may be some requirements for pets that you are not up to date with. For example, there may be routine vaccinations that your pet does not have at that moment. This can include deworming procedures, rabies vaccines, ringworm, and several other spreadable diseases.

Type of Treatment Cost ($CDN)
Blood test $100–$200
Urine test $40–$70
Vaccinations $150–$300
Parasite treatments $5–$50
Other lab tests $25–$100+
Overall check-up $100–$200
vet doctor using stethoscope on cat
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How Often Should I Get a Pet Passport?

If you are choosing to travel within Canada (domestically), it is not normal practice that you are required to show a pet passport, health certificate, or updated proof of vaccinations. However, if you are traveling between countries or especially across continents, it is important to do your research and check travel requirements for pets before traveling. Then, contact your veterinarian in advance to obtain the necessary documents and proof of an updated health check (usually within the past 6 months to 1 year).

It is best practice to carry your pet’s updated vaccine documents when traveling anywhere to avoid delayed travel or denial of travel. Remember to do a quick search into the country you are traveling to in terms of bringing pets on board to ensure you are prepared.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Canadian Pet Passports?

Pet insurance covers a wide range of different veterinary needs, such as routine check-ups, vaccines, blood tests, deworming, microchips, and more. Because most necessary requirements to obtain a valid health certificate are done by a licensed veterinarian, as a pet owner, you will be covered for many of these. Most pet insurance companies cover all the basics with anywhere from 80–90% coverage either directly through your veterinarian or via receipt claim following the veterinary care.

The actual process of obtaining a valid health certificate for traveling or a document stating your pet has up to date shots and/or health requirements to travel may be included in the cost of a regular veterinary meeting. Health certificates can be printed online from the government of Canada website and signed by your vet. They may charge you for their time and, of course, for any additional health needs that are not up to date.


Obtaining a pet passport or Health Certificate for travel within or outside of Canada is generally the best practice to have available. It may be a document you have from your latest vet visit that shows proof of your pet’s vaccination status, proof of age, and more. The process is generally straightforward, seeing that you can simply print the required form online and have it signed by your vet. The only costs you will need to consider are those that come from updating shots, vaccines, lab tests, or other outdated routine medical checks.

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