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Can Corgis Jump? Vet Approved Facts, Jumping Tips & Risks

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

Welsh Corgi with leash jumping in snow

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Don’t let that long body and tiny set of legs fool you; your Corgi knows how to get around. In fact, jumping might be one of Corgis’ favorite hobbies. They’re pretty good at it, too.

But some dogs are jumpers right from the start. That is not the case for a Corgi. Typically they don’t start jumping until they are over a year old. Let’s talk more about the delay and any precautions you need to take if your Corgi is jumping around a lot.

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Corgis Can Jump and Jump Well!

Corgis can be phenomenal jumpers in their life. But it comes with practice. While jumping can be a beneficial and healthy part of daily living and exercise, injury is still possible, so you should always encourage good jumping behaviors.

As your Corgi grows, its tiny legs and long spine develop, which can take much longer than other dogs. Because of their developmental style, they don’t really attempt jumping until they reach roughly the one-year mark.

Once they’re over a year old, their bodies have developed enough for them to start jumping around. You might notice your Corgi jumping up on the sofa or running up the steps where they hadn’t before.

How High Can Corgis Jump?

Since Corgis have short legs and long bodies, you should create obstacles that are as tall as they are, but really no higher. Corgis might be able to jump much higher, but the recommended maximum is roughly 12 inches. If your Corgi is jumping extensively higher, it can cause certain issues to develop.

Welsh Corgi jumping in the snow
Image Credit: cottonbro studio, Pexels

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The 3 Ways to Teach Corgis to Jump

If you want to add a few jumps into your Corgi’s day to burn a few more calories, you can always teach your Corgi to jump on command. You can do this in a few different ways, so here are some ideas.

1. Jump for a Treat

You can always teach your Corgi the command “jump.” You can use treat training to motivate your Corgi to jump, and soon they will recognize the word with the action. This shouldn’t take very long for your Corgi to pick up, as they are extremely intelligent little dogs who work very well with their owners.

Remember not to force them to jump too high for a reward. If they come down and land wrong, it could potentially cause an injury – which, of course, you want to avoid.

woman sitting on sofa and giving treat to the pembroke welsh corgi dog
Image Credit: LightField Studios, Shutterstock

2. Jump Through Obstacles

You can make your Corgi a little obstacle course around your furniture, or you can make hoops to jump through or high bars the Corgi has to maneuver. This is a fantastic way to stimulate your Corgi both mentally and physically.

What’s really awesome is that there are tons of DIYs online that guide you through tutorials on how to make backyard obstacle courses. These are typically inexpensive or even free, permitting that you have enough materials. You can make it as complex or simple as you want, but your Corgi is sure to have fun doing it either way.

3. Jump on Furniture and Other Surfaces

If you’re in the kind of household where you allow your dog to have a lavish life sitting next to you on the furniture, you can always train your Corgi to jump onto your couch or bed. However, they will likely need a step stool or other platform.

Since Corgis should only jump about 12 inches, this cuts out many furniture pieces. So just make sure your Corgi can get some leverage to get cozy.

Granted, you’re not going to want them to jump on anything too high for them, as it can damage their spine. So if you have a bed that they can access, you might have to get a doggy ramp.

In fact, having an incline of some kind will help support their bodies, ease their joints, and make their daily mobility a lot easier. You can put these types of ramps against a couch, bed, or even use one for the car.

Corgi in Couch
Image Credit By: LightField Studios, Shutterstock

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Exercise for Corgis

Corgis are spunky dogs and require a variety of exercises to strengthen their body and mind. It’s important to encourage an exercise regimen that exercises all parts of the body. While this includes jumping, your dog needs to work out other muscle groups also.

Corgis will enjoy various games that get their blood pumping. They are fast little dogs, quick on their feet, and intelligently alert.

So, if jumping isn’t first on the list, what other things can you do to get those little legs moving?

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Fetch
  • Herding
  • Ball play
  • Agility training
  • Tug of war
  • Hiking
  • Jogging

Your chosen exercise regimen for your Corgi will depend greatly on your lifestyle and preferences. Make sure to offer a variety of toys and self-play puzzles for mental stimulation.

As always, your Corgi loves playing with their person the most. So make sure you’re carving time out of your day to interact with your dog and make sure they’re getting their needs fulfilled.

Welsh corgi dog running outdoors in the snow
Image Credit: Happy monkey, Shutterstock

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The 2 Main Risks of Corgis Jumping

For most dogs, jumping is a cakewalk. Most of them enjoy doing it, and some can impress you with their ability to jump and climb major heights. But the Corgi isn’t among the most skilled breeds for the task. Here are some things to consider about Corgis and jumping.

1. Corgi Spine Issues

While proper breeding and genetic testing may reduce likelihood, your Corgi may still experience spinal problems in his or her life. While your Corgi is a young puppy, it is essential to ensure that you are supporting their spine at all times. Don’t encourage jumping too early, as this can cause problems such as a herniated disc in the spine. If your Corgi previously had an injury or you are concerned about them jumping, you should prevent jumping. We know that it might sound impossible to keep your dog from jumping, as this is a natural behavior. But you’re just going to help your Corgi learn their limitations with patience.

Brown and White Corgi Lying down
Image Credit: Nataliya Vaitkevich, Pexels

2. Keep Corgis from Jumping on People

There’s nothing like the happy face of a Corgi running into a perfect stranger ready to embrace their existence fully. But dogs jumping can be problematic for a few reasons. Some people can get knocked down really easily and might face injury as a consequence.

Sometimes your Corgi might be dirty and paw up their clothes. And other times, they might knock down small children out of pure excitement.

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Final Thoughts

So, you’ve learned: yes, Corgis can jump! But you shouldn’t let them jump very high, and you should promote other agility exercises over this potentially strenuous action. If you effectively train your Corgi, you should have a mannerly dog that doesn’t jump on guests. But make sure you are fulfilling their need for daily exercise.

Featured Image Credit: Don Serhio, Shutterstock

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