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Can Dogs Drink Almond Milk? Is Almond Milk Safe For Dogs?

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Dogs can drink almond milk safely because it is not toxic. However, there are certain health risks if consumption is not kept to a minimum. Almond milk should not function as a replacement liquid for other healthier fluids, like water.

Many of us have searched for years for a satisfying substitute for cow’s milk. With the growth in the demand for such milk, producers have made leaps and bounds with their recipes and formulas. Now, we have access to almond milk, oat milk, soy milk, and more. Many of them come flavored with vanilla or sweetened too.

We all love sharing food with our dogs. If you think that your dog might enjoy the creamy sweetness of almond milk, then you can safely give them a taste. However, there are health risks to be aware of if you continue to give it to them.

Divider 1Can Dogs Have Almond Milk?

Although almond milk is not toxic for dogs, it does bring a medley of both health risks and benefits.

The Benefits

Almonds contain plenty of essential vitamins and nutrients that are helpful in a dog’s diet. They have high levels of vitamin B3, which work to grow healthy skin and thick fur, among other things.

They also contain plenty of vitamin E, more than peanut butter. This vitamin supports your dog’s immune system and grows healthy bones and joints. Along with those two, it has phosphorus and magnesium.

The Negatives

Most almond milk brands that you find in the store have large quantities of additives and sugars in them. These are not good for pups.

However, if you still want to give them the benefits associated with almond milk as a treat, ensure that you are buying a brand that contains a high level of almonds and few fillers.

Most importantly, stay away from milk that contains xylitol. This substance is typically in the list of preservatives and additives that we regularly consume. However, xylitol is very toxic to dogs.

The almond milk products that we typically like to consume are filled with sugars and extra flavors that taste less nutty and earthy. All these sugars and extras are challenging for our dogs to digest properly. It can give them symptoms of diabetes and be a leading factor in obesity.

Almonds naturally contain high levels of fat and come with many calories. Any form of consumption should be limited. It can cause your pup to struggle with regulating their weight. It can also mean increased chances for heart problems and more.

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Can Puppies Drink Almond Milk?

We have already established that dogs can safely drink almond milk in small amounts. However, is it a good idea for puppies to drink almond milk? The short answer is no.

Similarly to how human babies should not eat all the junk that human adults indulge in, it is good for puppies to steer clear of dietary extras. These can have a long-lasting impact on them more than on adult dogs.

Even though almond milk is technically safe, it is far better to keep it away from your puppy. They only require their mother’s milk until they get weaned. After that, they do not need any type of milk to survive.

Safety Tips When Feeding Your Dog Almond Milk

The best thing you can do for a dog who wants to indulge in almond milk is to give them milk that has plenty of almond in it and nearly zero fillers and preservatives.

This will be difficult because many of the store’s options are manufactured for a human’s satisfaction. However, if you do not get lucky at a store, you should find what you need online. This route will be more expensive, but it is better than giving your dog something bad for their health.

You can also make your own almond milk if you are struggling to find a suitable product. Only let them drink unflavored and unsweetened varieties or make it without any sugar. In any case, it should be a highly occasional treat to reduce the potential caloric damage.

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Divider 3In Summary

If you are looking to give your dog a creamy treat or you want to share something that you enjoy, almond milk is safe enough. It can also help dogs who need to gain a healthy weight.

Dogs should enjoy only unsweetened and unflavored varieties of almond milk. Limit their quantity, so they only reap the benefits and not the potential harms.

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