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Can Dogs Drink Distilled Water? What You Need to Know!

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Did you know that dogs need more water per day than any other kind of nutrient? In fact, your pooch’s body is comprised of 70 to 80 percent water. While giving your dog distilled water from time to time is perfectly safe, you shouldn’t make it a long-term habit.

Water is essential for a happy and healthy pup, but the type of water you’re giving your canine companion is also important. Here, we’ll discuss if distilled water is safe for your dog to consume and which types of waters are best for your furry friend.

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Can My Dog Drink Distilled Water?

Distilled water is any type of purified water that has had its minerals and contaminants completely removed. While it is completely safe for your pooch to drink distilled water, it’s not as healthy for him as regular water as it lacks the essential minerals and ions that good old unfiltered tap water can provide.

Distilled Water Downsides for Doggies

While a lack of essential vitamins and minerals in water typically isn’t a big deal since your pet’s food is the main source of these nutrients, there are still downsides to your dog drinking distilled water.

Some studies have concluded that dogs could experience potassium deficiencies and heart issues if they drink only distilled water.

Moreover, it’s also possible that your pet won’t like the taste of flat water.

The bottom line, while your dog can drink distilled water, it shouldn’t be used as his primary source of hydration over long periods of time.

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Is Unfiltered Tap Water Safe for My Dog?

One of the United States’ greatest privileges is affordable, potable tap water. However, this type of water can also be littered with chemicals and contaminants. In fact, The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a Washington, DC-based nonprofit environmental research group, found more than 316 toxins creeping in tap water across the country.

Some different types of tap water contaminants can include metals, industrial chemicals, bacteria, pesticides, and even wastewater.

What About Bottled Water?

Last year, America consumed over 14.4 billion gallons of bottled water. But at almost 2,000 times the cost of regular tap water, is bottled water a better alternative for your pet?

Nope. It was found that some brands of bottled water include many of the pollutants that tap water does, including bacteria, arsenic, and industrial chemicals. Many bottled waters also contain a man-made compound called endocrine disruptor chemicals, which can cause hormone signaling problems. Furthermore, plastic water bottles may contain BPA, a chemical associated with many types of health complications. Then there are the numerous environmental factors to consider, with more than three-million plastic water bottles being used every hour in the U.S.

How About Filtered Water?

As its name suggests, filtered water is tap water that has been run through a filtration system to remove all of its impurities. There are many types of water filters, including countertop, faucet-mounted, under-the-sink, reverse-osmosis, and whole-house filtering systems. Since it’s thoroughly filtered, you can rest easy knowing that it doesn’t contain unhealthy or harsh contaminants.

Filtered water is a healthy and affordable source of pure hydration for your pet.

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Final Thoughts

If you don’t feel comfortable giving your pet unfiltered water from the tap, invest in a water filtration system to do away with all of the pollutants found in regular faucet water.

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