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Can Dogs Eat Blueberry Muffins? Vet Reviewed Health Risks & FAQ

Grant Piper

By Grant Piper

Can Dog Eat blueberry-muffins

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Many dogs beg for food. If you start cooking something aromatic, like blueberry muffins, you might soon find yourself being harassed by your precious pooch. They might start begging intently, giving you the doe-eyed stare. It can be tempting to give in and feed your dog a blueberry muffin, but you should resist the urge. Muffins aren’t toxic to dogs, but they aren’t good for them either, and too many muffins can cause serious health issues. Here is what you need to know before you feed your blueberry muffin to your dog, including facts, frequently asked questions, and advice.

Are Blueberry Muffins Safe for Dogs?

Blueberry muffins are incredibly unhealthy for dogs. They are not inherently toxic, so eating one is not an emergency, but muffins are not made for dogs. Muffins are filled with fat, sugar, and carbohydrates, which are in no way good for dogs. Eating too many blueberry muffins can cause some serious health issues, and you should not give your dogs any baked treats made for humans. Stick to dog treats.

blueberry muffins
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Blueberry Muffin Nutrition Facts

Calories: 400
Total fat: 18 g
Cholesterol: 34 mg
Sodium: 380 mg
Carbohydrates: 60 g
Sugar: 36 g


Health Risks of Feeding Your Dog Blueberry Muffins

If your dog eats one blueberry muffin, it’s not an emergency, as it is unlikely to cause any major problems. But you shouldn’t feed them blueberry muffins regularly. Here are three health problems your dog could suffer from if you feed them blueberry muffins.

1. Obesity

Feeding your dog scraps and human food can easily cause your dog to become obese. Canine obesity is a big problem, and empty calories from things like muffins are a driving factor. If you do not decrease your dog’s food intake after you feed them scraps, you are adding many unnecessary calories. These calories will slowly cause your dog to gain weight over time. Obesity can greatly decrease your dog’s lifespan and comes with a host of health issues that grow worse as your dog ages.

To put things in perspective:
  • The average 40 lb dog needs around 600 calories per day.
  • 1 blueberry muffin = 400 calories = ⅔ of their daily caloric allowance
  • 1 blueberry muffin to a 40 lb dog is the equivalent of an average adult eating 2.5 Big Mac burgers

2. Gastrointestinal Problems

One of the immediate problems that may be associated with eating blueberry muffins is gastrointestinal upset. Eating blueberry muffins can cause your dog to vomit or develop diarrhea. This is because muffins are packed with ingredients that are hard for dogs to process. Dogs are designed to eat a diet high in protein, fatty acids, and minimal carbohydrates; They are not designed to eat home-baked muffins.

Retriever Dog in Veterenarian
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3. Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis is a serious health condition that can be caused by eating foods that are too rich or fatty. Pancreatitis can cause nausea, vomiting, and lethargy in dogs. If left untreated or particularly severe, pancreatitis can be fatal, or cause lasting damage to your dog.


Can Dogs Eat Blueberries?

Yes! Blueberries are actually a very healthy food that makes the perfect snack for a dog. Many people use them as treats or training snacks because of their small size and health benefits. Blueberries are packed with antioxidants and helpful vitamins. Blueberries have a small amount of natural sugar, but none of the things that make muffins so undesirable. If you feel the urge to give your dog some of your blueberry muffins, skip the muffin and go straight to the blueberry.

blueberries in basket
Image Credit: pilipphoto, Shutterstock

Can Dogs Eat Other Kinds of Muffins?

No. Muffins are unhealthy because of all of the sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates that are present in them. That is the same, no matter what flavor muffin you feed. The core of a muffin is made up of flour, eggs, and sugar, and these are all things that your dog does not need in excess. The flavor of the muffin does not matter. It is the muffin itself that is the problem. Dogs should not eat any kind of muffin if you can help it because of the negative health effects of sweet human treats.



You should not feed your dog blueberry muffins, or muffins of any kind for that matter. Muffins are made for human consumption, and they are not good for dogs. Muffins are full of sugar, fats, and carbs. Too many blueberry muffins can lead to health issues like obesity, gastrointestinal upset, and even pancreatitis. You can feed your dog some blueberries, and keep the muffins to yourself.

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