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Can Dogs Eat Ramen Noodles? Vet Reviewed Facts

Cassidy Sutton

By Cassidy Sutton

Ramen noodles in a bowl

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Ah, yes. Good ol’ ramen noodles—the meal that always comes in handy whenever you don’t feel like cooking. Who could forget the starchy and salty flavor of a $0.31 package of these delicious noodles?

We all know ramen isn’t the healthiest option for humans, but sometimes, it’s all you have. And, when made correctly, it can be a delicious meal. But what about the family pup? Can he enjoy some noodles, too?

Sorry to tell you this, but it’s not a good idea. Keep reading to find out why.

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Why Ramen Can Be Bad for Dogs

Ramen of any kind, including traditional, home-cooked ramen, is full of salt (sodium chloride), garlic, onion, and other seasoning that dogs should avoid. In some cases, these seasonings and herbs can be toxic.

Sodium is an essential component of blood and other tissues and commercial dog food contains at least 0.3% sodium to support a healthy dog.1 However, the concentration in the body is maintained in a narrow range. Excess salt intake in dogs causes vomiting and can progress to other signs such as weakness, diarrhea and muscle tremors.

Garlic or onion powder are also common ingredients in the ramen seasoning packets and can even be infused into the noodles themselves. Both garlic and onions are toxic to dogs and can damage a dog’s red blood cells causing anemia. The powdered form is much more concentrated so it can take a smaller amount to cause issues.

Realistically, if your dog manages to get a small amount of ramen dropped on the floor it’s unlikely to cause too many issues but the salt and flavorings mean it is best avoided.

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What About Raw Ramen Noodles?

Raw ramen noodles in a platter
Image Credit: Blur Day Blur Night, Shutterstock

The crunch of raw pasta noodles is pleasing for some, including dogs that are used to crunchy foods. If you have raw noodles that are free from flavor or other additives then a small amount may be ok as a treat but many dogs will find it hard to digest.

If you do choose to offer some to your pup, be sure to break the raw noodles into small pieces as it can be a choking hazard- especially if eaten too fast!

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Can My Dog Eat Noodles, Ever?

The seasoning packets in ramen noodle packages usually contain the most toxic ingredients to your dog but it’s important to remember some of the noodles are infused with similar ingredients for a stronger flavor. So if you have plain noodles, and your pup doesn’t have any dietary sensitivities, a few noodles as a treat won’t do any harm.

The issue is when you offer unhealthy treats and meals too often. If your dog eats high-quality dog food, a couple of noodles from time to time isn’t a big cause for concern.

Dog biting on noodles
Image Credit: artellliii72, Pixabay

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In this quick post, we learned a lot about ramen noodles and dog nutrition. The key takeaway is the occasional plain noodle as a treat, cooked without the flavor packet is unlikely to cause your pup any problems.

If you do it responsibly, unhealthy snacks can be paired with a healthy diet. But there are better treats out there for dogs—more nutritious snacks that taste much better.

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