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Can You Take Your Cat to the Beach – Are Cats Allowed?

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Calico cat lying down on a beach towel

While every public beach out there is open to you, you can’t say the same for your cat. While there are certainly some beaches you can take your cat to, most public beaches are not open to pets.

But how can you find a beach for you and your cat, will your cat enjoy the beach, and what do you need to do if you plan on taking your cat to the beach? We’ll answer all those questions and more for you below.

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Can You Take Your Cat to the Beach?

It really depends on the beach you’re looking at going to. While most beaches won’t specifically market themselves as “cat-friendly,” if you find a dog-friendly or pet-friendly beach, these are usually safe places to bring a cat.

However, if the beach specifically states that pets are not allowed or they don’t mention pets, there’s a good chance you can’t bring your cat there.

Do Cats Like the Beach?

a cat standing on the shore by the beach
Image Credit: dimitrisvetsikas1969, Pixabay

For the most part, cats love the beach. Cats love running and digging in the sand. It reminds them of a large, clean, litterbox. However, while they’ll love the beach, most cats don’t want to head into the ocean.

Moreover, if the sand is too wet or too hot, your cat might not enjoy their day at the beach. It’s all about finding the right conditions. But if you do, there’s a good chance your cat will love their beach day!

Things to Know Before Taking Your Cat to the Beach

If you’re planning on taking your cat to the beach, you’ll need to do a few things when you’re there. Because you don’t want to get there and realize what you got yourself into after the fact, we highly recommend reading everything we’ve highlighted below.

1. Keep Them Out of the Water

cats sunbathing on a roof by the beach
Image Credit: AleksaKras, Pixabay

While most cats are scared of the water and won’t go in anyway, it’s a bad idea to let your cat get in the ocean. Between the waves and the current, there are simply too many variables that make it far too dangerous for your cat.

Cats aren’t the strongest swimmers, so if you’re taking them to the beach don’t even think about putting them in the water.

2. Clean Up After Them

Part of the reason cats love the beach so much is that it looks and feels like a giant litter box. But while this might make it more enjoyable for them, it all but guarantees they’re going to go to the bathroom there.

Nobody else wants to deal with your cat’s excrement, so clean it up right away. Keep in mind that your cat will likely try to bury it, so you’ll need to keep an eye on them to catch them in the act otherwise you might not even realize it’s there.

3. Ensure They Get Plenty of Water

bengal cat playing water in the bowl
Image Credit: kalyanby, Shutterstock

Beach days are hot days. And while there’s a great big ocean there, your cat can’t drink that water. To help them stay cool and happy you need to ensure they have plenty of access to fresh water. Simply keeping a water bowl out for them should do the trick.

4. Keep an Eye on Them

Whenever you take your cat to the beach you need to keep a constant eye on them. This will ensure they don’t wander too far, don’t start messing with other people or their pets, don’t get into the water, and don’t use the bathroom in the sand.

If you’re taking the cat to the beach, it means spending pretty much all your time watching them. There’s nothing wrong with that; just know what you’re signing yourself up for!

5. Rinse Them Off at the End

tabby cat taking a bath
Image Credit: Marie-Claude Lemay, Shutterstock

Once you’re ready to leave the beach you want to do everyone a favor and rinse your cat off with clean, fresh water. This will clean off any sand that’s found its way into the fur, and if they get into any saltwater, fresh water will clean this off too.

Not only will this keep them from making a mess everywhere, but it’ll also help ensure the sand, water, and other debris don’t irritate their skin.

Final Thoughts

While you can’t take your cat to every beach out there, if you find a pet-friendly beach, it can be a great way for you and your feline friend to spend the day. Pick out the perfect day, then follow some of the basic tips we highlighted in our guide here to have the perfect beach day with your cat!

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