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48 Cartoon Cat Names: Our Top Cat Picks For Your Goofy Cat

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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If you have a goofy feline companion, you may be searching for the perfect name to match their playful personality. There are so many different goofy names for your cat that you may be having a difficult time deciding which is name is right for them.

What better place to find goofy cat names than from our favorite childhood cartoons? In this article, we will provide you with all the goofiest cartoon cat characters, so that you can find which one matches your feline friend the best.

How To Name Your Cat

Most cat owners want to choose a unique and meaningful name for their cats. If you are reading this article, then your cat most likely has a goofy, cartoonish personality.

When it comes to picking names for your cat, you want to select one that has a significant value. If you have an overweight cat, then naming them after a cartoon cat character who is overweight may suit your cat. Whereas if you have a quirky cat with an active personality, then a cartoon cat character who is boisterous may be a good name idea.

Getting inspiration for cat names is a good place to start. You should feel inspired by the cartoon cat’s background so that you can determine if it’s a good match for your cat’s personality and appearance.

However, don’t overcomplicate it. Choose a name that resonates with you and your cat, as choosing your cat’s name should be a fun experience.

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Goofy Cartoon Cat Names With Meanings

These cartoon cats are often goofy, good-natured, and always up for an adventure. They also have specific appearances that may apply to your cat and therefore make a good name idea.

  • Garfield – Garfield is a plump orange tabby that loves lasagne. He is always charming, napping, and lazy. The movie was made into an animated series in 1988, featuring Garfield and his adventures with Odie (his canine companion) and Jon (his owner). So, if you have an overweight ginger tabby, then Garfield may be a good name for them!
  • Scratchy – This goofy cat’s name is from the popular cartoon show, The Simpsons. It is the companion cat to Snowball. Scratchy is the black cat that is kind and docile but bullied by Itchy the mouse. This shows that this cat has a soft side and is even afraid of a small mouse.
  • Snowball – Snowball is the white cat from the Simpsons animated show. This cat is an ongoing family pet of various identities.
  • Tom Cat – The grey and white tomcat is the character of a classic animated show, called Tom and Jerry. Tom does not speak much in the show, but he loves to chase Jerry, a small brown mouse. He sets traps to catch this mouse, but his traps always backfire, creating a unique and creative television show.
  • Sylvester – This black and white cat in the animated series, the Looney Tunes, chases a yellow bird and escape artist named Tweety.
  • Felix – Felix the black and white cat first showed up in the silent film era back in the 1950s. He is one of the oldest cartoon cat characters on our list, and perhaps the cleverest.
  • Thunder Cat – This is not exactly a cat itself, but a cat-like human-alien. The ThunderCats show features these cat-like hybrids trying to flee their homeland for a plant called third Earth. If you have a group of cats you would like to name, you can choose names from the show such as Lion-O, Panthro, Jaga, Cheetara, and Tygra.
  • Pink Panther – This cat with pink fur starred in a series of short animations from the late 1960s to the late 1970s. He is a heroic and mindful cat with the manners of an English aristocrat and always makes the best of a situation.
  • Top Cat – The name top cat comes from a 1960’s animated series Top Cat featuring an ensemble of streetwise felines. Top Cat is a clever yellow tabby that is loyal and adventurous.
  • Cat Dog – This name is from an animated series called CatDog. It features a conjoined cat and dog as the main character. If you have a cat that acts like a dog, then this may be a good name option for them.
  • Fluffy – Angelicas Persian cat from the animated television show, Rugrats looks and acts like her mom. Fluffy is the rival of Tommy’s dog Spike, often wreaking havoc and then blaming it on the dog.
  • Cringer – Prince Adams’ lazy feline companion, Cringer, has an alter ego just like his human dad. He transforms into Battle Cat and is forced into servitude which he does for his human. This takes place in the animated series called He-man and the Masters of the Universe.
  • Stimpy – This movie is the antidote to CatDog now into the animated series called The Ren & Stimpy Show. Stimpy is a Manx cat and chihuahua team. Stimpy is a slow but good-natured cat and together these two face adventures together.
  • Kitty – From the animated show series, South Park, Eric’s cat makes an appearance in many of this show’s episodes. This is more of an adult show, but Mr. Kitty takes her owner by surprise through succeeding stunts and getting into a lot of trouble.
  • Talking Cat – The most recent season of Rick and Morty, a popular teenage animation features a talking cat. This grey tabby’s existence is shrouded in mystery, especially since he talks.
  • Princess Carolyn – Bojack’s agent and occasional girlfriend are Princess Carolyn, a pink Persian to whom many of us can relate. She struggles to find the balance between work, starting a family, and pleasing everyone except herself. This all takes place in an animated series called Bojack Horseman.
  • Thubanian – Before Rick and Morty, there was an animated show called Futuruma. The best cat cameo in this sci-fi adult cartoon is the leader of Thuban 9. This adorable white cat uses people like puppets and can summon a space saucer just by meowing. If you have a particularly intelligent and food-motivated cat, then this name might suit your cat.
  • Business – The show Bob’s Burgers cat cameo comes in the form of Mr. Business, which is one of Aunt Gayle’s cats. He is a feisty cat-dragon and adds a lot of fun and adventure to the show.
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Image Credit: PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek, Shutterstock

Goofy Cat Names

If none of those cartoon cat names were goofy enough for your feline friend, then here are some other goofy cat names you may find suit your cat. Some of these cat names come from popular television shows.

  • Katy Purry
  • Kit-Kat
  • Cheddar
  • Pudding
  • Sushi
  • Jiggles
  • Meowise
  • Purrito
  • Clawford
  • Turtle
  • Goofball
  • Chairman Meow
  • Flakey
  • Bean
  • Catzilla
  • Goofus
  • Cat Benatar
  • Ali Cat
  • Meowly Cyrus
  • Picatso
  • Achoo
  • Kitty Poppins
  • Clawdia
  • Cameow
  • Abby Tabby
  • Tabbytha
  • Whispurr
  • Clawdius
  • Wookie
  • Fuzzy
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Final Thoughts

There are so many funny and cartoonish cat names available that would suit your feline friend. If you have recently acquired a new cat, it may be a good idea to observe their behaviors for the first few days before deciding on which goofy name best suits them.

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