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Top 11 Online Games for Cats: The Ultimate Collection (2022 Update)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

cat playing cellphone Over the years, scientific research and technology significantly improved the quality of cat toys. Now, cats have many options that encourage their natural hunting instincts to promote healthy play and exercise. Electronic toys have become a common sight in many cat homes. However, people are taking electronics a step further and have started creating online games and apps purely for feline entertainment. We’ve searched the internet and created reviews of different types of online games for cats. The internet community has experienced a lot of laughter and good times with funny internet cats. Now, it’s your cat’s turn to have fun online.

Video Games For Cats

Gamers and cats can come together to play fun games. These games aren’t specifically designed for cats, but a lot of cats can find them engaging because of the different animals and real animal sounds they feature.

1. My Universe Pet Clinic: Cats & Dogs

My Universe - Pet Clinic

My Universe Pet Clinic
is an online simulation game where you play as a veterinarian with dog and cat patients. It’s available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. This game has genuine animal sounds to pique your cat’s interest. The animals also take up a large amount of the screen and have very realistic features, making them very noticeable to your cat. Although your cat may not be able to help you treat these virtual patients, it can watch with curiosity. The feeling is similar to having an office cat around that observes everything from a safe distance.

2. Little Friends: Dogs & Cats

Little Friends Dogs & Cats Nintendo Switch

This single-play game
is available for Nintendo Switch. It’s a virtual pet game where you can have up to 12 different dogs or cats. Each pet has its own personality, and you can interact with them by feeding and playing with them. This game also has dress-up options, so you can finally dress up your virtual cats in the clothes that you always wanted your real cats to wear. A feature that your real pet cat may enjoy and engage in is the playtime option. You can play with your virtual cat, and your real cat may take to playing along and chasing toys on your screen.
This is an online video game with characters that mimic the movements of ribbons. The purpose of the game is to grow the size of your avatar by eating food or trapping other avatars.  has a double player mode and multiple player mode, so you can play against a friend or join a competition. Play this on a large computer screen or cast it onto a TV screen, and your cat can join in on the game and chase the characters around as you play. If you play in single-player mode, you can wiggle your avatar around to make it more tantalizing for your cat to pounce and swat.

Online Games for Cats

If you’re planning on leaving the house for several hours, online games can be a great way to keep your cat entertained. There are many videos that run for a few hours that provide fun games and sounds to keep your cat engaged. Here are some of our favorite ones.

4. Cat Games – Catching Real Mice

This video provides 4 hours of footage of real mice scurrying across the screen and hiding in a mouse hole. It’s quiet enough, so it won’t disrupt your neighbors if you live in an apartment with thin walls. However, it does have nature sounds, such as birds chirping, to calm your cats and keep them stress-free. The use of real mice can encourage your cats to use their stalking and hunting instincts. This sort of engagement can help eliminate boredom, which can prevent the development of destructive behaviors.

5. Realistic Cat Games – Catching Mice, Cockroaches, and Snakes

You might want to play this video while you’re gone because it’s 1 hour of footage of mice, cockroaches, and snakes. These are all animals that cats tend to stalk in real life, so there’s a good chance that your cat will stay engaged with this video. All the animals accurately mimic how they would move around in real life. The mice scurry, the cockroaches run around in short bursts, and the snakes slither across the screen. The video also includes audio of the animal sounds and noises. Your cats will hear squeaking and scuttling sounds, and it really sounds as if these animals are actually in the room.

6. Rainbow String Game

Similar to Snakeio, this game has colorful ribbons of varying lengths that move across the screen at different speeds and movements. Some ribbons move slowly and gracefully, while others zoom past or spiral around. The different colors of the ribbons can also help catch your cat’s eye. The video also has music playing the whole time with mouse and bird sounds mixed throughout its duration.

Games for Cats on Phones

There are several different kinds of cat games that you can download on your phone or tablet. Some games work well with phone screens, while others are better suited for larger tablet screens. Before you try out some of these interactive cat game apps, make sure to first install a layer of protection for your phone screen to prevent scratches and cracks.

is a fun game where your cat has to catch as many koi as it can in an allotted amount of time. There are many different-colored fish to keep your cat curious and engaged. When the app is on, it also emits different nature sounds. If your cat gets distracted or leaves, the app will meow after 30 seconds to try to get your cat’s attention again.
is a game where your cat has to catch different things that they normally like to chase. Your cat has the option to chase ladybugs, flies, butterflies, and cockroaches. There’s also a laser point level. The app also contains fun sounds to keep your cat interested. For example, every time your cat successfully taps an item, the app emits a sound.

Games for Cats on Screens

Some app games work on phones, but your cat can have an enhanced experience playing on a larger tablet with a touch screen. Here are some games with vibrant colors and active participation that your cat will love playing on a big screen.

This is fun for both humans and cats. The purpose of the game is to collect different koi and take care of them in your koi pond. Both you and your cat can interact with the koi and other pond animals, such as frogs, dragonflies, and hummingbirds. While your cat gets mesmerized by the koi and peaceful landscape, you can work on decorating your pond, and finding other koi to add to your collection. You can also move the koi around with your finger, so your cat can have fun trying to chase the koi.
Bring out your cat’s playful and creative sides with this game. encourages your cat to play, swat, and pounce by having a colorful mouse scurry across the screen. As your cat chases the mouse, paint strokes appear everywhere your cat touches. Once your cat finishes chasing the mouse, you’ll have a beautiful painting that your cat created. If you’d like, you can print out the image and hang it someplace where everyone can admire it. You also won’t get bored with colors because the app includes 10 different color palettes.
If you have a cat that gets bored easily, it might enjoy . This app contains a collection of four different games that you can rotate to prevent your cats from quickly losing interest. The games include prey stalking, bug swatting, and chasing strings. You can also compete with your cat against a game of snake. Along with playing games, this app can also track your cat’s playing style and reveal play patterns. It can also run while you’re away, so your cat can have something to do if you’re gone for long hours.


We’ve listed some of the best options for online cat games and apps. Although it’s not guaranteed for all cats to love these types of games, it’s another great option to have to prevent your cat from experiencing extended boredom. As cat lovers continue to search for new games and toys for their cats, the online gaming industry just might start to fine-tune this gaming niche. It’s very possible that we’ll see a wider selection of games and improved updates in the near future. Now, it seems like having an internet and tech-savvy generation of cats just doesn’t sound quite as far-fetched anymore.

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