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Cat Games: Ultimate Collection

You won’t find more games for cats anywhere on Earth.

Sure, as cat parents we already have cat chew toys, exercise toys, interactive toys, feather toys, toy balls, and even cat play tunnels!

But did you know that there’s a huge untapped entertainment territory for your kitten?

This collection of online cat games is just what you have been looking for! Just imagine how wonderful it will be to have one of these cat games as a helper when you need to entertain your kitty and have no time to do it personally. And if your furry family member is already a true Instagram star, what could be more engaging for him than one of these games? Record an awesome story of your pet playing with the things shown on the screen! Thousands of meowing friends have already liked this source, so try it with your feline child too!

The games are fun, interactive and absolutely FREE!

0. (Not a game actually) Captain Catuzo

1. Stripes String Cat Games 2 Hours

Worrying that your furry baby is not very active sitting home alone? No way he will be bored with this great active game! Also there’s no need to frequently switch the videos – here’s why this game is called Cat Games 2 Hours ! Just press Play and see how your feline wire is jumping, running and trying to catch the things on the screen.

2. Ants Cat Game

Do you know that cats are probably the most curious creatures on Earth? Just stream this game and get surprised how cats are amazed by ants. Let your pet be closer to the wild while staring at ants and trying to catch them. Cats love these activities!

3. Cat Games Mix (3 Hours Long)

Three hours of total fun are guaranteed for your cat if you choose this game! While your feline boy or girl will be occupied with this funny stuff, you will have a chance to relax on your comfortable coach, have a cup of tea and watch your cat child spin like a top!

4. Playful String

Remember old books with pictures where Granny is knitting a sweater and a little kitten is playing with a ball of yarn? This game will bring a lot of fun to your cat just like in those old children’s books. Let your kitty be more active with Playful String game!

5. String Cat Game

It really does not matter what thing your kitty is trying to catch. The only rule for it is to be moving. This two-hour-long game is one of the most popular online cat games. For cats who are curious and love discovering something new. Your meowing friend will definitely stay fit!

6. Octopus Game

This cute red octopus will become a real friend for your cat! Who said that cat see the world differently? We bet they won’t miss a chance to catch this little sea creature! Pssss, don’t tell your kitty the octopus is not real, though! Let the hunt be engaging!

7. Shrimp Game

Another diamond in this collection of cat games! Online streaming of this game will introduce a lovely pink shrimp to your cat. The sea creature is not only swimming on a screen colored blue, but is also moving with its string legs and blinking – such a great thing for your furry explorer!

8. Colibri Game

This online cat game is rather short – just 9 minutes – but your furry baby will be glad to see these little exotic birds flying on the screen. It seems they are calling your feline explorer to play with them. Sparrows in the yard may have a short break:)

9. Two Strings

Five minutes of this involving active game will totally amaze your cat! The strings are moving in various directions like straight lines at first and then like curvy waves. This is one of those cat games for cats who cannot sit and just stare at what is going on around.

10. Ladybug Cat Game

Although cats and insects have nothing to do with each other, our feline friends are always so curious about the world around them. This funny and so naturally looking ladybug will definitely draw attention of your kitty. Do not forget to shoot stories while your cat is playing!

11. Feather Mouse Game for Cats

A toy mouse is probably the best entertainment for your cat in real life. But look what will happen if your feline boy or girl sees such mouse on the screen of your device! Keep your camera prepared to take some great pics of your little furry player!

12. Streamer

A blank screen and a red streamer showing up from different corners and sides – that is a perfect set for your feline friend. Cat games for cats free to watch and stream are the best choice for you as a caring pet owner. Just test this one and see how much fun your kitty will get!

13. Santa Cat Game

Is your kitty ready for Christmas and some winter fun? If yes, then hurry up to show this entertaining online game for your pet! Santa Claus is coming to town! And he is definitely rushing to your house to give a few gifts for meowing boys and girls who have been good this year!

14. Wheel Toy Game for Cats

Wise men say it is magic to look at spinning wheels. Do not even try to guess whether it is true, just stream this most technological of many cat games online for cats who love speed. Note it is absolutely free for you, so you may repeat this fun as many times as your kitty wants!

Who knows, maybe your cat will want a cat exercise wheel after this game?

15. 3.5 Hours Long Cat Games Mix

The name of this online game speaks for itself. Get a mix of best cat games for cats on computer for free! Your feline player will be entertained and you will have a chance to relax watching him having fun too. Just imagine: 3.5 hours of endless games absolutely free!

16. Butterfly

Would you like to check whether your cat likes hunting butterflies? This is one of those cat games for cats to watch and actively spend their time trying to catch a flying creature moving on the screen. So interesting and funny to see your feline kid playing with your gadget!

17. Snowflake Game

Winter is coming… These are the first words you are thinking about seeing this online game. But your cat will not only remember about winter, but will have a lot of fun looking at these falling snowflakes. Energetic music going with the game will create the right mood for active fun!

18. Cartoon Mouse

Just look at this lovely little mouse living in its own tiny house and trying to run away from your feline hunter! This cartoon story will surely attract your cat, and you can go ahead and prepare your camera to shoot some funny videos with your kitty the great hunter!

19. Tiny String

This thin red string will probably confuse your cat at first. But wait, your furry boy will surely figure out how to ‘catch’ it! If you’ve got some troubles with entertaining your feline pet by yourself, just stream this online game and play it on your digital gadget – you will see your cat totally engaged in the process!

20. Ranta (Rat + Santa) Game

Christmas is in the air with this atmosphere game for cats! Use any of your digital devices to show this online game for your meowing friend. Feel the mood of Christmas, sit by the fireplace and relax looking at your cat having fun with this Rat Santa! Perfect break for a cat owner.

21. Ferret

This little animal running on the screen will engage your cat into the game. Even if your kitty is lazy enough for any activity, this game will be just for her! The ferret does not move too fast, so your meowing explorer will have a chance to move with the animal. Look what will happen!

22. Feather String Game

Cats just love such things. You are likely aware of that because you play with your cat with a similar feather string every day. What a great thing to have it on the screen now. It means your cat will still have fun and you will have a great opportunity to look at the process from somewhere around.

23. Santa Sleight Christmas Game for Cats

One more winter season game for feline pets. Have you ever wondered whether your cat is waiting for Christmas and New Year? Trying to catch the sleigh on the screen your kitty will learn what the holiday season is about. The atmosphere of this game is so warm and colorful that a few shots of your cat’s play will be a must-have for you.

24. Gecko on Screen

The gecko on the screen is moving in different directions. It does not only run across the blank screen, but turns its head and moves its tail. Your cat will be curious to learn what creature it is. So get a great online game and pay nothing for it!

25.Grey Cartoon Mouse

There is surely a story behind this game. Just imagine: there lives a grey mouse trying to run for its own business back and forward. And there is your cat who definitely needs to catch the mouse. Look what will happen next, just stream this engaging and free online game!

26. 8 Bit Snake Game for Kittens

Producers of the game say this product is perfect for kittens. Why should we guess whether it is true? Just take your little furry baby, press ‘play’ on the screen and see how active your little boy or girl will become! The game is a great helper for you as a caring cat parent.

27. Rope Game

This fancy game will turn your furry pet into a real sea wolf. Just look at the game design! Seems like your feline sailor is going to love the rope and will surely try to catch it. Feel free to record these attempts and save this engaging play to be viewed in the future.

28. Fish Game

This game is absolutely gorgeous! Just look at these fish in the aquarium, they are so beautiful! If your little explorer likes staring at fish in your home aquarium, the game will be right for him! And you will get positive emotions looking at these exotic views of some ocean lagoon! 

29. Candy Game

If your cat had a chance to become a child, he would surely like candies. In fact, he does like them even now, that’s why you see this game on your screen. That tiny candy on a string will interest your little curious feline child and he will definitely try to catch it!

30. Caterpillar Game

This colorful caterpillar will surely interest your curious furry creature and blank screen will not draw his attention to anything else. Ten minutes of active exercises are guaranteed! Do not forget that these cat games for cats only are also a great thing for their owners for there is no need to invent your own entertainment for your kitty!

31. Feather String Game

Do you have a similar thing at home? If you answered ‘yes’, you know how crazy cats may be trying to catch and play with a feather string. This game is almost the same as in real life. The only difference is that you do not have to hold the toy in your hand. Stream the game for free!

32. Soccer Ball for Kitten to Play

Kittens adore balls. Look what you little soccer player will do with this online ball and have fun with him! And if your kitten is an Instagram user, add a new story with your playing curious baby and see how many likes it will get!

32. Brown Caterpillar

This cartoon with a brown caterpillar moving on a wooden floor will attract attention of your cat who will try to grab it somehow. If 15 minutes of the game are not enough, just keep repeating it! The game is absolutely free for you and your feline pet!

34. Crow on snow

Animation of this game is wonderful. It seems like you are watching the real scene with your own eyes! We bet your cat will love the game too! The visual picture is accompanied by cawings, so the atmosphere of a real winter day is guaranteed for your kitty.

35. Snake Game

This black snake slithering on the blank screen will surely make your kitty be eager for adventures. The specific sound reminding the hiss of a snake will make the atmosphere of this game real and involving. Such cat games for cats’ online adventures are a great way to bring more activeness to their feline lives.

36. Crazy Rat

This game will bring your cat to the floor with several holes. They are places where the rat is hiding. Your furry guard will surely want to protect his house (and yours, by the way) from these uninvited guests. Take your camera and shoot how your furry family member will succeed in this business.

37. Purple Ball

Bouncing balls in this game are actually of different colors. Energetic music and dynamic animation will engage your kitty and entertain her for fifteen minutes. Just look how much fun these simple activities will bring to her! You can always press ‘play’ again.

38. Flying Flies

Cats are always interested in catching a fly on a window. Just imagine how much fun your furry lady will get while playing one of the most popular cat games for cats. Ipad or any other wireless mobile device will be perfect for streaming the game.

39. Bees

These buzzing bees will involve your cat into the game where he will need to catch one of them. If you worry that your kitty is not active enough during the day, go ahead and stream this game for your feline friend. An active process will keep your pet fit and interested.

40. Cricket Game for Cats

The white screen will give no reason for your furry hunter to think about something else. Only this walking cricket that needs to be caught as a trophy! What do you think, will your meowing explorer succeed in this business?

41. Fish Game for Cats

Another fish game and another active fish swimming on the surface of your device’s screen. Blue color of the background seems perfect for the play if your cat likes concentrating on only one thing. Be a caring cat parent, bring entertainment strictly to your kitty!

42. Dog Game for Cats

Cats vs. Dogs – this conflict is everlasting! While it is widely though that only dogs are chasing cats, see what can happen when your kitty sees a little dog running on the screen. Barking and other accompanying sounds are super engaging. Let your feline pet feel his little sweet revenge! 

43. String Game for Cats

Red strings are randomly moving on the screen of your gadget while this game is played. It is always so interesting to watch how cats get involved into the process. No way your furry child will stay unimpressed! Just stream the game for it is absolutely free for you!

44. Halloween Bugs

There is no Halloween without a cat in a haunted house. If it is Halloween time or you just want to create the mysterious atmosphere with spiders and insects around, stream this game with a walking bug. It is not scary, but will bring a lot of fun to your meowing friend.

45. Different Sneaky Bugs

It is always so exciting to wait what bug will come out on the screen. See the reaction of your cat and try to record his hunt – your whole family and subscribers will surely like the video! This web source gives you a great opportunity to stream this and other games for free!

46. Realistic Mouse

Now it is high time to chase a mouse on the screen that looks like a real one. These ten minutes of active exercises are a great way to draw your kitty’s attention and give a chance to move. And catching a mouse is one of the most favorite cat games. Games for cats are now available online!

47. Squirrel in the Wood

If your cat is an urban dweller, please, do not miss the great opportunity to show her the wild life in the woods. The animated squirrel in this game is so natural that sometimes you may even feel like you are in the real wood. Stream and enjoy your pet being curious and active!

48. Two Cartoon Mice

This story is about two mice walking on a soft carpet. They appear separately and together. Are you wondering how your mouse hunter will react? He is surely going to enjoy the process. Just stream the game for him and see what will happen!

49. Dark Brown Mouse

The plot of this game is very simple, though involving at the same time. The dark brown mouse is walking on the ground, but this brave behavior will surely draw attention of your furry predator. The further story is going to be adventurous! 

50. Big Fat Cockroach

People do not like cockroaches, but it seems like cats have no reason not to like them. Just play this video game for your cat and see how excited he will be trying to catch the insect. A really great chance to have some exercises and stay fit for your kitty!

In a word…

This collection of games is so engaging and diverse – your kitty won’t have a chance to stay bored even for a moment! Change games and see the reaction of your furry pet. Feline boys and girls all over the world are already having fun! And the games are absolutely free for their owners! Don’t forget to subscribe to CatPet channel!

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