Ug!  Another night of cats sleeping in my bed!

As an Industrial Designer, I do my best to blend function and form. I’m a little more interested in how things work, than how they look, so I’m always trying to learn more about the needs of the end users. In this case, cats! (because I love cats, of course)

I have some strong instincts about cats’ needs from observing Hepper and Hudson (and my first kitty, Booker), but to learn more I recently reached out to a Cat Behaviorist. I wanted to learn more about the how and why of my cats sleeping behaviors, and do I really need to put up with the cats sleeping in my bed?!

Dr. Mark Edwards BVSc MRCVS is a small animal veterinarian and author based in beautiful New Zealand. I hired him to write an ebook for Hepper, tentatively entitled “Guide to Happy Cats”. The ebook is still getting edited, but below is an excerpt about the sleeping habits and needs of cats. I found Dr. Edwards’ info incredibly interesting and I learned a ton! (Thanks Mark!)

Have a read and let me know what you think in the comments!

Pretty Great, right? That’s just one section of the huge new guide that Dr. Edwards wrote for us. It’s coming out soon!

Let me know any thoughts in the comments below!