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How to Put the Happy Cats Guide eBook Into Practice

Put Everything Into Practice In this book, we have walked through the key steps required to create an ideal indoor environment for the beloved felines in your life. Now it is time for you to knuckle down and get started on making some of the changes in your home. Often it does not actually take […]

6 Common Mistakes Cat Owners Make (and How to Avoid Them)

It is a relatively easy process to make your home the ideal indoor space for your cats, but it can take a bit of time and planning to avoid mistakes. Once you have covered most of the steps in this book, make sure you read through this last section: a list of common mistakes that […]

How to Train Your Cat to Stop Scratching the Couch

Scratching Behaviors And Dealing With Them Cats are notorious for scratching beloved furniture and even the occasional person or two. Scratching as a behavior, however, is completely normal and natural for cats. Cats will typically scratch both vertical and horizontal surfaces on a regular basis on any given day. For outdoor cats, this would typically […]

Understanding the Needs of Young & Old Cats: An Overview

Considerations of Young and Old Cats While most of the recommendations and ideas in this book are for cats of all life stages, we do need to take into consideration the different needs of kittens and older cats. Both kittens and mature cats typically require certain alterations to the layout of your home to make […]

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy: 6 Tips That Work

Understanding the ideal layout for your cat doesn’t take too long to master. Once you have an idea of where your cat’s safe place is located as well as where they will eat, sleep, drink, and toilet, you can start to put everything into action. As we mentioned previously, cat furniture is available in pet […]

Cat Grooming 101: Tips & Tricks on How To Trim, Comb and Brush Your Cat

Cats are beautiful creatures, and each individual cat breed will have a different set of requirements when it comes to care and grooming. From the lack of any hair at all in the Devon Rex to the long, luscious coat of the Maine Coon, the variety of grooming requirements across breeds is astounding. It is […]

Cat Sleeping Habits & How to Create a Safe Sleep Space

Sleep & Your Cat’s “Safe Place” During the course of an entire day, a cat may spend 14 – 16 hours of sleep. Sleep is thus a very sacred and important ritual for our feline friends. But, Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? We do not have definitive answers, but it is likely due to […]

Cat Poop: Everything You Need to Know!

What Goes in, Must Come Out From a young age, cats of all types learn to dig and bury evidence of their toileting. In the wild, cats will generally toilet well away from their safe zone, and their eating and drinking areas – typically on the edge of their territories. This is also the case […]

3 Tips for Feeding & Hydrating Your Cat

Cats have very specific dietary needs, but what they eat and when and where they eat it is completely dictated by you, the owner. Their food and water intake are very important! There is a wide range of cat food available on the market including everything from dry kibble, to canned foods, to pouches with […]

A Guide to Understanding Your Cat’s Basic Needs: Tips & Tricks

Understanding Your Cat’s Needs  In order to create the ideal indoor space for your cat, you first need to familiarize yourself with basic Cat’s Needs. The behaviors of indoor cats are not all that different to those of outdoor cats, nor those of their larger, more wild relatives. Outdoor cats (small and big) commonly climb […]