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As pet parents, we are also constantly researching cat behavior so that our own furry friends can have the best lives possible. And we like to share the tips, tricks and more that we learn, right here.

Do Cats Like Hepper Beds?

We know cats very well, but everything we do still wouldn’t be possible without all the great suggestions and feedback from our customers.

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4 Amazing Reasons to Adopt A Shelter Cat

Thinking about bringing a cat or kitten into your home? If so, then you may be wondering where to begin. Should you visit your local pet shop? Should you browse online? Actually, if you want to find the purr-fect cat and do something incredible in the process, you should adopt a cat from your local animal shelter.

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Cat Communication 101: What is My Cat Saying to Me?

Have you ever wished your cat could talk? While cats can be mysterious creatures, they actually have some very effective ways of communicating with humans. From those persistent meows, to rubbing up against your legs, your cat’s noises and body language have a lot of meaning.

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Why Does My Cat Sleep on Me?

If your cat is like most, she chooses the least opportune times to snuggle up with you for a nap— often just before you were about to get up for a bathroom break, or shortly before you need to leave the house for work. There’s no doubt about it: being “chosen” by a cat as a safe place for a snooze is a special designation…

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How to Stop a Cat From Peeing on the Carpet

As a responsible cat parent, you probably spend some time every morning trying to clean your cat’s litter box and sanitizing the whole area. Cat pee has a terrible odor and often the smell lingers long after you’ve done all your cleaning…

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How to Remove Matted Fur on Cats (Quick & Easy)

One of the best things about (most) cats is their soft fur. Patting them is enjoyable for us and our furry friends and personally, it is one of the highlights of my day. However, sometimes, no matter how much we try, their fur gets out of control, resulting in matting. If your cats are suffering from matted fur, please read on to see our tips on how to remove matted fur on cats…

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How to Clean Your Cat’s Bed In 3 Simple Steps

As cat owners, you probably are very familiar with cleaning after your cat. You’ve probably seen all the different types of messes before: picking up all your fur babies’ toys, sweeping and cleaning that broken vase that the cats bumped into earlier, cleaning the cat’s litter box…

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Do You Treat Your Pets Like Kids? The Fur Baby Phenomenon

There is this old belief that dogs are a man’s best friend. For all animal lovers, this not only applies to dogs, but to cats as well. We cannot deny the fact that some pet owners treat their pets like kids and refer to their cats and dogs as their “fur babies”…

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Are You Allergic to Cats? Learn About Common Cat Allergy Symptoms

When I visit my parent’s house, my eyes always itch and get red. They have 2 cats and a big dog, but I also have cats in my house, and I’m fine there. So, do I have cat allergies or dog allergies, or is it something else in their house – laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, the wood stove, or even the plants outside?

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Plants & Kitties: Which Are Safe & Which Are Poisonous?

Houseplants brighten up any living space, and they have always been a popular decor option among homeowners. From everlasting succulents to colorful tulips and cheery daisies, it seems there’s always the perfect spot for something beautiful and living within the home…

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Best Female Cat Names

Naming your new kitty can be an exciting task but also a tedious one. You want your ball of fur to have a name that represents their personality but also helps them to stand out from the pack…

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How To Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture

Cats love to scratch. It strengthens their backs, sharpens their claws, and marks their property – all positive benefits for cats. But, as their parents, we often wonder how to keep cats from scratching furniture.

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