Well, not work, like the 9-5 jobs that most of us have, but work, as in function?

Hepper and Hudson – the cats that live with me – do seem to have patterns, but they also often surprise me by doing something totally new – like hanging in the tub, or sleeping on my head!

I wanted to learn more about cat behaviors so I hired a Cat Behaviorist to write a Guide to Happy Cats.  The guide is currently getting edited and ready to publish, but it’s coming out soon.

In the meantime, I though we could talk (in the comments) about Cat Sleeping Behaviors.  Do you have any stories about your cats’ weird sleeping habits?  Do you have any questions?  Leave a comment below and let’s all try to help each other learn more about our crazy furry buddies!

I’ll kick this off – My cats sleep on my bed and I often wake up with at least one on my head, on my pillow, anywhere but down at my feet where I like them. How can I keep them away from my head?