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Chausie Cat: Info, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

Oliver Jones

By Oliver Jones

Chausie cat on dark background

Height: 20-22 inches
Weight: 15-25 pounds
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Colors: Black, black grizzled ticked tabby, or brown ticked tabby
Suitable for: Fun families who want a fun cat and who are at home frequently
Temperament: Intelligent, fun, playful, inquisitive, friendly

Chausie cats are far from being your run of the mill domesticated feline. Instead, these cats are playful, love attention, and are even known to play fetch with their owners. In other words, this cat is more like a dog than some dogs.

At the same time, Chausie cats are the same size as other domesticated cats, easy to litter box train, and are relatively low maintenance in comparison to other pets. With the exception of requiring a lot of attention and toys, Chausie cats aren’t very difficult to take care of.

All around, Chausie cats are very interesting because of their playful nature, but they aren’t right for everyone. Because of their intelligence, they can get into mischief. Not to mention, they are an expensive breed that needs a lot of socialization. To learn more about Chausie cats, keep reading.

Chausie Kittens


Chausie kittens can cause thousands of dollars because of their rarity. It is next to impossible to find Chausie cat breeders without visiting the International Cat Association website. There, you can find a list of all active breeders.

You might also want to visit a cat show. At a cat show, you can meet and connect with people who know Chausie breeders. The plus side to finding breeders in either of these ways is that the breeders you get in contact with will be responsible and ethical. Quality breeders will put the kittens’ health as a priority and will be transparent with this information when offering their kittens to interested buyers.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Chausie Cat

1. It’s supposed to look like a Jungle Cat.

Chausie cats are different from other domesticated cats because they were bred with certain wild Jungle cats. From this breeding, the Chausie is great around people, but it is also playful and intelligent.

On the one hand, its domesticated cat heritage means that it isn’t too aggressive, has been around humans for a long time, and isn’t afraid of people. On the other hand, its Jungle Cat heritage means it’s highly exploratory, intelligent, and always looking for fun.

2. The Jungle Cat ancestors date way back to ancient times.

Even though Chausie cats are a recent breed, only coming about in the 1990s, its Jungle Cat ancestors are ancient. Jungle Cats have been found mummified in Egyptian tombs beside their human owners.

3. They play fetch.

Something that’s super interesting about Chausie cats is that they are described to be more like dogs than cats. In fact, many Chausies are known to play fetch, swim in water, and enjoy wearing their harness while going on a walk outside.

So, many self-proclaimed “dog people” who are looking for a fun cat often love Chausies because they are low maintenance like other cats, but playful and fun to be around like dogs.

Chausie cat in bed
Image Credit: Anastasiia Chystokoliana, Shutterstock

Temperament & Intelligence of the Chausie Cat

The Chausie cat is an interesting breed because it is highly intelligent and has a personality more like a dog than a cat. Even dog people love this cat because of its intelligence and fun nature.

Because of the cat’s outgoing nature, Chausie cats are not good for families that are away from the home a lot. Instead, these cats need a home with reliable communication and socialization. If not given a home like this, the cat will become destructive and depressed.

Are These Cats Good for Families? 👪

Chausie cats are great cats for families because they are very affectionate, gentle around kids, and love to have fun. By most respects, Chausie cats are an ideal pet because they have the advantage of being low maintenance like cats but fun and outgoing like dogs.

Regardless of whether you live by yourself or have many children, the Chausie cat will likely get along great. They are highly affectionate, known for being very friendly, and love playing around. So, you don’t have to worry about the cat feeling overwhelmed or stressed by your rambunctious house.

At the same time, a Chausie cat can have fun with just adults. If you provide the cat a lot of toys and areas for it to play, it will be more than happy in your home. Just make sure to provide it a lot of attention when you are hanging out.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

Whereas many cats do not like other animals, Chausie cats get along great with other pets. They are nowhere near as territorial or aggressive as other cats, meaning you can easily invite another pet into your home.

One thing you must be cautious about is getting a pet that can be aggressive towards the Chausie. For example, you don’t want to pair this Chausie cat. Even though Chausies are agile, intelligent, and likely to like the dog, they are no match for a big bully dog.

You also might want to be slightly careful if you have small rodents in your household. Like all other cats, the Chausie might tap into its instincts at the sight of these pets running around. You can still have small rodents, but make sure that they are in a well-protected case that the cat cannot get into.

Things to Know When Owning a Chausie Cat

Because Chausie cats aren’t the most popular breed around, you probably don’t know a lot about owning one. In comparison to many other cats, the Chausie is high maintenance simply because it loves attention and affection. Still, you can litter box train it and enjoy the relatively low maintenance of a cat.

Food & Diet Requirements

Most Chausies don’t require intense food or diet requirements since they are so active and care for their weight naturally. It’s best to feed your Chausie two portions of high-quality cat food a day instead of free food feeding. That way, you can monitor exactly how much your cat eats.

sleepy Chausie cat
Image Credit: flightofdeath, Shutterstock

Exercise 🐈

Chausies are energetic and rambunctious cats that need a lot of exercise and play. They love to explore, climb, jump, and run around. Some of these cats are even known to love swimming. In other words, not only do these cats need a lot of exercise, but it’s impossible to prevent them from doing so.

In fact, Chausie cats are known to open cabinets and mess things up just for the fun of it. As a result, many Chausie owners put child locks on their cabinets to prevent their cat from destroying their home.

To help your Chausie exercise in a more productive way, make sure to provide a lot of toys, scratching posts, and cat trees for the cat to play on and in. If you don’t provide healthy alternatives for your cat to play with, it will simply destroy your house.

Training 🧶

Training isn’t as serious of an issue with cats as it is for dogs. About the only training all cat owners want is litter box training. Because Chausies are so intelligent, it shouldn’t take them long to learn how to use their litter box.

More so, Chausie are more suited for training than other cats. Because these cats are so intelligent and love playing, you can teach them tricks in your spare time. You might even want to purchase a cat harness to harness train it during outside time.

Grooming ✂️

Chausie cats have minimal grooming requirements. They have short, coarse hair that they often take care of on their own. To minimize shedding, use a soft brush once a week. Make sure not to over brush the coat or else you could irritate it skin.

Because cats are so good at grooming themselves, you shouldn’t need to bathe your Chausie unless it gets skunked or into something it shouldn’t. Other than these unwanted situations, leave the bathing up to the cat.

Health and Conditions 🏥

Unlike most pedigreed cats, Chausie cats are actually very healthy. Especially when you select a responsible breeder, it is unlikely for your Chausie to have any unknown or unforeseeable illnesses.

Minor Conditions
  • Fall and scraps from activity


Serious Conditions
  • Intestinal issues
  • Obesity

Final Thoughts

Chausie cats are easily one of the most fun and interesting breeds around. They act a lot like dogs, but they are small and litter box trainable like cats. Homes that are active and looking for a fun cat will love a Chausie kitten. Make sure that you are home frequently and have the time and resources to dedicate to this cat.

Unfortunately, it can be next to impossible to find a Chausie cat for sale. Because these cats are so rare, you almost always must get in contact with a cat show accepted breeder. If you do happen to find a breeder that specializes in Chausie cats, expect to pay thousands of dollars for it.

Featured Image Credit: Tania__Wild, Shutterstock

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