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Chewy Goody Box Review 2023: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Our Final Verdict

We give the Chewy Goody Box a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.


Launched in 2011, Chewy.com is designed to be a one-stop shopping experience for pet owners everywhere. While Amazon and other online retailers have always had pet food and accessories, Chewy is one of the first to be solely dedicated to the niche.

While their corporate headquarters are in Dania Beach, Florida, and Boston, Massachusetts, they have nine distribution centers across the United States, ensuring that customers get their orders as promptly as possible. In fact, most orders are fulfilled within one to two days of being received.

They carry nearly every major brand of dog and cat food and accessory, and they also have a wide selection of goods for other pets. They’ve even started offering pharmacy services in recent years.

The only downsides to Chewy are the lack of instant gratification that a brick-and-mortar pet store provides, as well as their inability to sell you everything else under the sun, like Amazon does. If all you want is pet gear, though, they’re hard to beat.

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At a Glance: Chewy Goody Box

Image Product Details
Chewy Goody Box Chewy Goody Box
  • Variety of high-quality foods
  • Many of the treats are excellent as training rewards
  • Filled bone provides long-term enjoyment
  • Who Makes Chewy Goody Boxes and Where Are They Produced?

    This is a trick question, as Chewy doesn’t make these Goody Boxes — they simply curate them.

    Chewy picks a variety of their favorite treats and toys and tosses them all in a box, each of which is designed for a different pet or occasion. As a result, there are multiple items inside, all from different manufacturers.

    It should be noted, though, that many of the food items tend to be from American Journey, which is Chewy’s store brand.

    Which Types of Dogs Is a Chewy Goody Box Best Suited For?

    Each Goody Box is designed for a different pet or occasion. For example, they have ones for large dogs, for small or medium dogs, for pups celebrating their birthdays — the list goes on. They also make Goody Boxes for cats.

    As a result, they should work for almost every dog, assuming that you buy the correct box. There’s no guarantee that your dog will like everything inside, of course, but there should at least be a few things they love.

    Also, we’d say that these Goody Boxes are best for single dogs. While they have treats that can be shared, many boxes have toys, bones, or other items that can only be enjoyed by one dog at a time. So, if you’re hoping to treat multiple pooches to a good time, you’ll likely need to buy a corresponding number of Goody Boxes.

    Chewy Tails of Adventure Goody Box Review

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    What’s In The Box?

    Each Goody Box has a variety of items inside, and each Goody Box is different. That makes it hard to isolate a “primary ingredient.”

    The box that we’re reviewing is the “Tails of Adventure” box, intended for large dogs. Inside, you’ll find:

    Most of the treats are made with limited ingredients, so there’s little chance of upsetting your dog’s tummy. The freeze-dried chicken treats, for example, are made with just chicken and chicken liver.

    The food items also do a good job of alternating between small treats and more durable snacks intended to keep your dog occupied for quite some time.

    Inside the Goody Box

    The Treats Must Be Delicious Because They Don’t Last Long

    The treats inside both of the treat bags were extremely well-received by our tester dog. In fact, our furry assistant could have easily polished off both bags without losing their appetite in the process.

    That makes them excellent training rewards. After tasting the first treat, we had our dog’s complete and undivided attention. They’re definitely high-value treats, and your pup will likely be far more interested in them than a dry old cookie that you pulled out of a giant box from the grocery store.

    The Beef Patty Makes an Excellent Food Topper

    When we opened the packaging on the beef patty, our trustworthy assistant immediately informed us that we’re supposed to give them the entire thing all at once.

    But maybe our trustworthy assistant isn’t so trustworthy after all.

    While you can give a patty to your dog all at once, you’ll get more mileage out of these if you break them up. They can be used as training rewards, since it’s easy to break a piece off, or you can give your pooch a tiny bit every now and then.

    We found them to be particularly useful as a food topper. You can crumble them up fairly easily and dust your dog’s kibble with them. It’s a great way to ensure that their breakfast doesn’t go unnoticed.

    Good Box Items

    The Latex Dinosaur Was Extremely Fun — While It Lasted

    Our assistant loves squeaky toys. He’s the type of dog that immediately tries to disembowel the toy in order to remove the squeaker inside — and as soon as we made the dinosaur squeak, he was beside himself with excitement.

    It took him less than 90 seconds to have the dino’s head detached and the squeaker removed.

    All in all, he got about 5 minutes of entertainment out of it before he lost interest. He was definitely entertained during those 5 minutes, though — in fact, he seemed to be having a blast.

    That would’ve been extremely frustrating if we’d bought the toy as a standalone item. When it’s part of a larger box, though, the item’s lack of durability doesn’t sting quite so much.

    wesley bandana

    Which Types of Dogs Might Do Better With a Different Brand?

    This is a hard question to answer, given the variety of items inside each box. However, if you have an extremely finicky pup, you might be better off picking out the items yourself rather than blindly trusting a stranger.

    While it’s likely that even the pickiest of pooches will find something they like in each box, it might be more cost-effective to buy items that you already know they’ll love if you’re afraid that they’ll turn their noses up at a random sampling.

    Dog Watcher
    Chewy logo

    35% OFF at Chewy.com

    + FREE Shipping on Pet Food and Supplies

    How to redeem this offer

    Recall History

    As best we can tell, Chewy Goody Boxes have never been recalled for any reason. However, given that there’s an assortment of items inside and that each box contains a different assortment, we can’t speak for every single item in every single box.

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    Our Review of The Chewy Goody Box

    Given the nature of these Goody Boxes, this review will be divided between two focuses: the merits of each individual item and the way they work together as a whole.

    Since there weren’t enough items inside to accommodate multiple dogs, we called in our senior reviewer, Wesley:

    Wesley is a 10-year-old, 90-pound Siberian Husky/American Bulldog mix. He’s not particularly picky when it comes to food, and he’s absolutely ruthless with toys.

    wesley box

    The Treats

    The first things that we sampled were the two American Journey treats. Of the two, Wes seemed to prefer the freeze-dried chicken, although he certainly didn’t turn his nose up at the turkey biscuits.

    Still, there was a clear preference for the chicken. These treats are fairly brittle and easy to break up, and they’ll leave a faint meat odor on your hands afterward. You’ll want to wash your hands as soon as you’re done handing the treats out, as they’re made with raw chicken (and definitely don’t rub your eyes first).

    We’d say that the chicken treats are very high value and something that we could use to get Wesley’s attention or convince him to do something that he hates (like get in the bathtub). The biscuits seemed to be just another cookie — he liked them, but they were nothing to bark home about.

    Dog Watcher
    Chewy logo

    35% OFF at Chewy.com

    + FREE Shipping on Pet Food and Supplies

    How to redeem this offer

    The Beef Items

    The beef patty was another hit. He immediately perked up when it came out, so it’s likely that the smell alone was strong enough to pique his interest. It broke apart easily and with little mess, so it would make a great training reward.

    We gave him a few bits of it, then broke the rest of it up to use as a kibble topper. As he’s gotten older, Wesley’s taken longer and longer to eat his food; when we sprinkled the patty on top of it, though, the contents of the bowl were gone in less than two minutes.

    Wesley’s an older dog, so we weren’t sure what would happen when we offered him the filled bone. He took it greedily and wandered off with it, but it ultimately proved too hard for his teeth. He did seem to have a good time licking it, though.

    He used to enjoy treats like that quite a bit as a younger dog, and we think that he would’ve had a blast with this bone if his teeth were in better shape. As a result, we’d say that it’s great for younger pups, but you might want to be careful giving it to your senior dog.

    The Toys and Accessories

    His teeth didn’t bother him when the squeaky latex dinosaur came out, though. He snatched it out of our hands as soon as he heard it squeak, and immediately set down to try to destroy it. The dinosaur didn’t put up much of a fight, either, as its head was off in less than two minutes.

    No wonder these guys went extinct.

    Wesley had fun with it, but we can’t say that it was worth the money.

    Finally, there was the bandana. Wesley’s a proud dog, and he doesn’t enjoy being dressed up. It was difficult to get the bandana on him, and he got it off within seconds. However, it does look adorable, so if your dog will tolerate wearing it, you should get great pictures out of it.

    wesley toy

    The Box as a Whole

    There weren’t any items that we could label duds in this box; our dog mostly loved them, and the few things that he didn’t care for would probably be great for other mutts.

    However, we’re not sure how good of a deal these boxes are, as it’s hard to evaluate without knowing exactly what each item is costing us.

    For example, we wouldn’t pay more than a buck or two for the toy, as it only lasted a couple of minutes. Also, we would never buy a bandana for Wes, but that’s based on personal experience with such items. The treats would’ve been worth every penny, though.

    Overall, we’d have to say that these Goody Boxes are mostly filled with quality items, and they’d make a great gift for a dog whose tastes you’re unfamiliar with. If you know what your dog likes and dislikes, though, you may be better off shopping for everything yourself.

    A Summary of The Pros & Cons

    • Variety of high-quality foods
    • Many of the treats are excellent as training rewards
    • Filled bone provides long-term enjoyment
    • Dinosaur toy isn’t that durable
    • Only enough items for a single dog

    What Other Users Are Saying

    As pet owners, we always double-check with Chewy reviews from buyers before we buy something. You can read these by clicking here.

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    Our Verdict

    The Chewy Tails of Adventure Goody Box makes a great gift for the large-sized dog in your life, as it’s filled with treats and toys that they’re sure to love. All the food is healthy and high-quality and strikes a nice balance between bite-sized snacks and treats designed to last a while.

    The non-food items aren’t as good, though; while your dog will likely enjoy them, we’re not sure that you’ll get your money’s worth out of them.

    Ultimately, these boxes are fun, and they’re perfect for giving to your pet-loving friends and family. However, if you already know what your dog likes and dislikes, we’re not sure that letting Chewy pick out a gift box for them is the most cost-effective idea.

    Featured Image: Chewy

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