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100+ Chinese Dog Names: Charming, Authentic, Intriguing Ideas (With Meanings)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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China is one of the hardest-working countries. A good portion of our products are imported from China, and their culture has influenced our own. We have adopted a few of their customs such as Chinese New Year and the Zodiac calendar, indulge in their delicious cuisine like dim sum and hot pot, and they have given us the phones we use and the televisions we watch.

So, we completely understand why you might be interested in a Chinese name for your pet. It could be an integral part of your heritage, or you simply can’t get enough of the deep history and culture! Below we have our favorite female and male dog names, lucky words or items that double as sweet pup names, and of course, a list inspired by the Zodiac calendar!

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Female Chinese Dog Names

  • Fang (Fragrant)
  • Lee (Plum)
  • Zhen (Chaste)
  • Bao (Jewel)
  • Li Ming (Beautiful Light)
  • Lin (Gem)
  • Qui (Autumn)
  • Sying (Star)
  • Jia (Beautiful)
  • Tao (Peach)
  • Boba (Tea)
  • Yang (Sun)
  • Xiao Bai (White)
  • Mei Mei (Little Sister)
  • Hong (Rainbow)
  • Ling (Soul)
  • Nuwa
  • Shu (Warm Hearted)
  • Mulan
  • Hai (Sea)
  • Ah Lam (Peace)
  • Chao (Leap)
  • Nuwa (Mother Goddess)
  • Huiqing (Affectionate)
  • Lian (Dainty/Delicate)
  • Hua (Flower)
  • Yenay (She Who Loves)
  • Zi (Beautiful)
  • Xiolian (Little Lotus)
  • Nuan (Affectionate)
  • Chun Hua (Spring Flower)
  • Hi (Loving)
  • Jiao (Charming)
  • Zhenzhen (Precious)

Male Chinese Dog Names 

  • Dao (Sword)
  • Heng (Eternal)
  • Weisheng (Greatness is Born)
  • Ji (Lucky)
  • Xiaobo (Little Wrestler)
  • Jiaozi (Dumpling)
  • Didi (Little Brother)
  • Lei (Thunder)
  • Ken-Zhi (Earnest)
  • Chen Gong (Success)
  • Ming-Hua (Brilliant)
  • Manchu (Pure)
  • Buddha
  • Weizhe (Great Sage)
  • Chen (Great)
  • Ming-Tun (Intelligent)
  • Jie-Rui (Quick Minded)
  • Jun (Handsome)
  • Nao Nao (Naughty)
  • Bai (Pure)
  • Ping (Stable)
  • Kai (Victorious)
  • Wei (Robust)
  • Fu Han (Broad Minded)
  • Liko (Protected by Buddha)
  • Quon (Bright)
  • Mushu
  • Xun (Sun)
  • Liang (Excellent)
  • Diandian (Spot)
  • Fu (Wealthy)
  • Chanming (Forever Bright)
  • Xin (New)
  • Lok (Happiness)
  • Hong Li (Great Strength)
  • Hui (Splendor)
  • Gengi (Golden)
  • Xue (Snow)
  • Longwei (Greatness of a Dragon)
  • Quan (Fresh Spring Water)
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Lucky Chinese Dog Names 

There are quite a few ways you could be considered lucky in Chinese Culture. These are represented in symbols and rituals, colors and numbers, animals, and insects. Their beliefs also include several things that are considered unlucky. So, if your pup seems to have the golden horseshoe, or maybe just the opposite – this list for you! We have gathered a list of our favorite lucky, and even some unlucky, inspired names.

  • Red
  • Nine
  • Jujube
  • Frog
  • Eight
  • Grape
  • Deer
  • Laughing Buddha
  • Bear
  • Cabbage
  • Two
  • Plum
  • Kumquat
  • Beetle
  • Six
  • Bamboo
  • Fish

Chinese Zodiac Dog Names

The Chinese Zodiac is a 12-year classification scale determined by the lunar calendar. You will be able to determine where you fall in the calendar by referencing your or your doggo’s, birth year. Because this dates back many decades and it would be too long to list – you may need to research this on your own before selecting one of these names. From there, you will be linked to an animal, some life insight, and an interesting story. The following are great name considerations for a brand new pup!

  • Rat | shǔ | generous, outgoing, hates waste
  • Ox | niú | calm, dependable, proud
  • Tiger | hǔ | optimistic, stubborn, emotional
  • Rabbit | tù | careful, temperamental, considerate
  • Dragon | lóng | Strong, confident, obsessive, illogical
  • Snake | shé | intellectual, superstitious, private
  • Horse | mǎ | cheerful, impulsive, manipulative, self-reliant
  • Ram | yáng | timid, forgiving, pessimistic, good-natured
  • Monkey | hóu | charming, inquisitive, successful, self-centered
  • Chicken | jī | aggressive, logical, overly critical, decisive
  • Dog | gǒu | practical, open-minded, clever, maybe belligerent
  • Pig | zhū | trustworthy, brave, patient, hot-tempered
Chinese Crested - hairless and powderpuff
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Bonus: Unique Chinese Dog Breeds

Although there a many breeds originating from China, these three are the most unique. Special traits and physical qualities vastly differentiate these beautiful dogs! Learn more about the Chinese Crested, the Chow Chow, and the Shar-Pei below!

Chinese Crested Dog

Known for being next to hairless with a few pony-like tufts around the face, paws, and tail, the Chinese Crested dog is by far the most interesting to look at! However, there is the occasional haired version of this pup, which is referred to as the Powderpuff.  These dogs are lively, happy, and sweet-tempered. Be ready to snuggle if you’ve adopted a Chinese Crescent as they are very affectionate and love spending time with their owners.

Chow Chow 

The Chow Chow breed looks quite similar to a fluffy teddy bear – large round faces, sweet little ears that poke out of their mane, and a massive bushy tail. Don’t be fooled by their endearing appearance. This breed is naturally protective, so the proper training as a pup in crucial if you want to ensure they’re well mannered as adults. Chow Chows would make excellent family pets as they are devoted to keeping their loved ones safe.

Shar Pei

Recognizable by their deep and overlapping wrinkles, and a black tongue, the Shar-Pei is a large breed suitable for homes with older children. They can be affectionate, yet are suspicious and reserved, and their independence ensures they keep a watchful eye over your home. Shar Peis are generally not very sociable – but there is hope if you introduce them to some pup friends at an early age.

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Finding the Right Chinese Name for Your Dog

Choosing the right name for your new addition can be a complicated and tough decision, but we hope that our list of names has inspired you to choose something reminiscent of China. Whether you love the authenticity in a traditional name such as Jia or Tang, found some comfort in a lucky name like Eight, or fell in love with Zodiac because it’s pretty cute in itself – there is sure to be a name for every type of dog!

However, if your search for the perfect name continues, we suggest you check out another one of our dog name links below:

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