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30 Cocker Spaniel Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2023 (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels have some of the fastest-growing fur in the canine world. It grows so quickly that you can almost watch it getting longer with your bare eyes! Naturally, this means that Cocker Spaniels need regular trims and cuts to keep their coats healthy and beautiful.

Sure, you’ve already got a particular look for your pooch that you like. But why trim your Cocker Spaniel’s coat in the same old way you always have? This year has been a game-changer, and in the spirit of changing things up, we present you with 30 haircuts that your Cocker Spaniel will love almost as much as you do!

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The 30 Top Cocker Spaniel Haircuts

1. Elegant Show Cocker Spaniel Cut

Long and classic, this style is perfect for the most elegant Cocker Spaniels. You can use this cut for show dogs or just to have a luxurious companion that wows anyone who sees it.

2. Ms. Popular Cocker Spaniel Cut

It’s true that Cocker Spaniels are adorable with any haircut. But with a moderate length coat, long hair on the ears, and that sad puppy expression, who can resist this haircut?

3. High & Tight Cocker Spaniel Cut

This is a bit of a more kept look. But to keep your Cocker Spaniel looking this neat, you’ll probably have to trim them every week! At least it looks great for the first few days before it starts to grow out again!

4. Short-Hair Face Cocker Spaniel Cut

The contrast between the short hair of the face and body with the long hair of the ears frames this pup’s face perfectly. It’s a great look that’s easy to keep and shows off the dog’s facial features, unlike longer cuts on the face.

5. High Volume Cocker Spaniel Cut

Embracing the curls, this look hides your Cocker Spaniel’s face a bit more, but it also gives them a lot more volume, making them appear much larger than they really are. And let’s face it, it’s an easy look to upkeep!

6. Long Around the Ears Cocker Spaniel Cut

For Cocker Spaniels without the curly locks, this haircut is a cute fit. With a few longer hairs on the legs and tail but generally short hair on the body, the long hair on the ears stands out and gives this dog an even more friendly appearance.

7. The Sheep Cocker Spaniel Cut

This one’s quite unique! It almost looks like this dog is a sheep in dog’s clothing, with a combover! It’s hard to tell just how big this dog truly is underneath all that hair. It might actually be quite small!

8. The Shaggy Hipster Cocker Spaniel Cut

Here is the Cocker Spaniel version of a hipster! Long, shaggy hair adorns the paws, legs, and head. Of course, it’s the spectacular hairdo that completes this look. And to be fair, that’s probably the only thing keeping enough hair out of this dog’s eyes to allow it to see.

9. Retriever Cocker Spaniel Cut

With all this long hair, this Cocker Spaniel almost looks like a darker, shorter Golden Retriever. And if looks are to be believed, it’s certainly as friendly and amicable as any Golden Retriever.

10. The Stuffed Animal Cocker Spaniel Cut

We’re not sure that all Cocker Spaniels can grow hair like this, but if yours can, it’s quite the look. You can basically turn your Cocker Spaniel into a stuffed animal. At least they’ll be warm all winter!

11. Classic Cocker Spaniel Cut

This haircut represents a classic style that’s easy to care for, which is probably the reason why we’d pick it. And truthfully, Cocker Spaniels are so cute, they’ll look good with just about any haircut.

12. The Straight Cocker Spaniel Cut

This haircut looks like it takes a lot of maintenance, but it sure gives your Cocker Spaniel’s face a unique look. And the coat looks like it has been straightened! Can you imagine how much time that would take each day?

13. Stubby Legs Cocker Spaniel Cut

Maybe it’s this Spaniel’s stature that makes its haircut so adorable, but the way the longer hair on its legs makes it look like it has wide, stubby legs on a short body is great. All Cocker Spaniels might not look the same with this cut, but it sure looks cute on this one!

14. The Showstopper Cocker Spaniel Cut

Wow. What a cut! This haircut is perfect for Spaniels destined for the show ring. For other Spaniels, that seems like an awful lot of upkeep, but there’s no doubt that it’s an elegant look. After all, this dog looks like it belongs to royalty.

15. Hipster Spaniel 2.0 Cut

And here we have the hipster Spaniel 2.0. Everyone has seen a guy walking around with not enough hair pulled into a vertical ponytail. But there’s no doubt, it looks much better on a Cocker Spaniel! Plus, it probably helps to keep all that hair out of their eyes.

16. Face Frame Cocker Spaniel Cut

Who can resist that face! It’s not just the dog’s cute expression, but the way that the long hair on the ears creates a frame around its face. You don’t get the same look when the hair is longer on the top of their head.

17. High Volume 2.0 Cocker Spaniel Cut

This Cocker Spaniel’s haircut brings new meaning to the idea of “volume.” We’re sure that underneath all that fur is a pretty petite dog, but it’s hard to be certain! One thing is for sure: that coat requires some serious upkeep. This is another cut that’s perfect for show dogs, but probably impractical for house pets.

18. Tight Curls Cocker Spaniel Cut

Curly locks are a good look for Cocker Spaniels, especially when they’re kept at this length. It might look unkept, but if you look closely, you’ll see how well-trimmed this canine is. We think it’s a great look with a good balance between upkeep and appearance.

19. Smile for the Camera Cocker Spaniel Cut

Here you can really see the difference that a haircut makes for this Cocker Spaniel. To be fair, it was pretty darn cute prior to the haircut. But without all that hair blocking its face, you can see its adorable puppy expression.

20. Low Maintenance Cocker Spaniel Cut

Maybe it’s this dog’s infectious smile that makes us like its haircut so much, but can you blame us? You can’t see that face and not smile! And this is a haircut that’s easy to maintain, though it will need a lot of brushing to keep it from getting matted and tangled.

21. The Tassle Cocker Spaniel Cut

Is this a real dog? Those giant tassels hanging from its ears look like ones we’ve seen on some show Spaniels with elegant, long coats, but this dog has more of a fluffy appearance on the rest of its body, giving it the appearance of a big stuffed animal.

22. High Maintenance Cocker Spaniel Cut

You definitely don’t want to do all of this styling every day, but there’s no question that it’s an impressive look. Probably best reserved for the show ring, this type of haircut takes many years to grow out and likely hours of daily upkeep to maintain.

23. Simplicity 101 Cocker Spaniel Cut

This is a simple haircut that accentuates a Cocker Spaniels cute expression. They’ve always got that sad puppy dog look that no one can resist, and by removing the long hairs from the face, you can let that expression come to light.

24. High Contrast Cocker Spaniel Cut

Here’s another great example of keeping the face closely trimmed so you can always see that sweet but sad Cocker Spaniel expression. We like the long hair covering the rest of this dog’s body, as it gives a good contrast to the short hair of the face.

25. The Winter Cocker Spaniel Cut

This dog’s hair is long everywhere. But if you look at the legs and feet, you can tell that it’s well kept. The face is kept moderately short, but the head is allowed to grow a bit longer, creating a softer look and probably helping to keep this dog nice and warm in the cold winter months.

26. Ready for a Close-Up Cocker Spaniel Cut

Another great example of a haircut for a show Spaniel. This time, the ears have been left long and straight, while the hairs on the top of the head have been left a medium length and combed to the back.

27. Classic Low Maintenance Cocker Spaniel Cut

We’re attracted to this type of neat, low-maintenance look. This puppy has short hair all over his body, but still maintains that classic Cocker Spaniel appearance thanks to the long hair on those big, floppy ears!

28. The Curly Q Cocker Spaniel Cut

It’s true that Cocker Spaniel puppies are adorable no matter what haircut they have, but this one is exceptionally adorable with those curly locks on the ears framing its face and those tufts of fur sticking up on its backside.

29. The Power Cocker Spaniel Cut

This Cocker Spaniel has long, flowing hair covering its body, with a nicely trimmed face that shows off its features. On this dog, the hair is curly, though it’s a similar cut to some we’ve seen on dogs with straighter hair.

30. Personality Cocker Spaniel Cut

Undoubtedly, this is the perfect haircut for any Cocker Spaniel! Ok, this one is a joke we threw in for good measure, but we still think it’s hilarious and shows off the wonderful personality of Cocker Spaniels!

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Conclusion: Cocker Spaniel Haircut

As you’ve seen, there are tons of different ways to cut your Cocker Spaniels hair. You can go wild with it and give them a unique look. Alternatively, you can go for the elegant appearance with a haircut that looks like it’s intended for the show ring. Or, you’re free to go the low-maintenance route with a haircut that’s easy to maintain.

Regardless, there’s not much you can do that will make your Cocker Spaniel look any less than loveable!

Featured image credit: Ilona Krijgsman, Pixabay

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