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How Much Does a Collie Cost? 2023 Price Guide

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Many people jump into dog ownership without a full understanding of the overall costs of owning the dog. This results in many dogs being abandoned in shelters and left homeless. The Collie is one of the most beloved and recognizable breeds. The Rough Collie, as seen in the hit TV show, Lassie is the more familiar version. There is also the Smooth Collie, a more sleek and short-haired version of the breed.

You’ve done your research on the breed and have decided the Collie would be the perfect addition to your family. Now it’s time to look into what kind of financial commitment you’ll have in store.

We are going to cover all the costs associated with owning a Collie to make sure this commitment is right for your budget. Let’s get started!

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Collie Puppies Price: One-Time Costs

So what are the one-time costs associated with owning a Collie? The answer is based on many different factors such as the cost of living in your area, your overall lifestyle, and whether you plan to adopt from a shelter or rescue or purchase from a breeder.

The initial costs of owning a Collie, or any dog for that matter can be quite overwhelming. Keep in mind that these initial costs are all about laying a foundation for a new life with your Collie.

Male Blue Merle Border Collie
Image Credit: ForeverNaturalPhotography, Shutterstock

Free Collie Puppy

It is not common to acquire a purebred dog at no cost. You may find an ad for a Collie that is free to a good home, or you may know an individual who needs to rehome their pet at no cost to you.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not having to pay to acquire the Collie, you will still need to prepare for the upfront costs of ownership.

Collie Adoption

  • $150–$500

Adoption is a wonderful option when considering a pet. You will want to do your research to locate a Collie Rescue. Rescues do a wonderful job of assisting with a smooth transition into the dog’s new home. They are usually familiar with each dog in their care and work hard to ensure they are placed in the most compatible home.

The adoption price can vary between $150–$500 for a Collie. Adoption fees are less expensive than buying from a reputable breeder. The adoption cost typically includes spaying/neutering and some vaccinations, thus lowering the total upfront cost for you.

Collie Breeders

  • $800–$2,000

If you decide to purchase your Collie from a breeder, you will want to research and locate a reputable one. You should take into consideration that you may not live near a breeder and will have to travel to your preferred breeder’s location.

The average cost of a Collie is between $800–$2,000 depending on variables such as limited or full registration, pet or show quality, health testing, gender, color, and cost of living for the region.

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $450–$1500

Other than the purchase cost of your new Collie, a large expense to take into consideration are the initial veterinary exam costs, preventative care costs, and supplies needed as a Collie owner.

To ensure your new dog can settle properly and thrive in your home, you’ll want to have all the necessities ready for your new companion.

The overall cost of getting set up can vary greatly depending on several different factors such as personal preference, budget, and cost of living. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need as an initial investment!

rough collie standing on grass
Image Credit: Johannes Jäger, Pixabay

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List of Collie Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $15–$45
Leash $10–$40
Routine Exam with Vaccinations $60–$250
Heartworm and Flea Prevention $60–$150
Spay/Neuter $120–$400
Microchip $45–$55
Bed $30–$100
Dog Crate $30–$120
Nail Clippers $5–$40
Brushes $10–$40
Food and Water Bowls $10–$50
Toys $30–$100
Dog Shampoo $5–$30
Training Pads/Poop Bags $15–$50
Cleaning and Deodorizing Spray $5–$30

How Much Does a Collie Cost Per Month?

  • $80–$200 per month

We have covered the startup costs for your Collie, we’ll now move on to the monthly costs of ownership. You’ll need to take into consideration things like monthly parasite prevention, food, grooming, supply replacement, and any monthly subscription boxes for items like toys and treats.

Some owners prefer to invest in a pet health insurance plan. If you decide health insurance for your Collie is right for you, you’ll need to factor in that cost as well.

Blue Merle Border Collie Laying On The Bench
Image Credit: xkunclova, Shutterstock

Collie Health Care Costs

  • $40–$200 per month

You’ll visit the vet frequently while your Collie is a puppy. They will require more frequent vaccinations in the very beginning. Costs can also increase as your Collie ages. Our bodies tend to wear and tear with age, your dog is no exception.

Your Collie’s health will be a costly investment. Your dog will require monthly doses of preventative medication to stave off parasites such as fleas, ticks, heartworms, and many others.

Your Collie will need routine vaccinations and health examinations every 6 months to a year. If any unexpected issues arise, you’ll need to ensure you are prepared to cover those costs as well.

Dog Food Costs

  • $60–$100 per month

Optimal nutrition is important for the overall health and well-being of your dog. Good quality food with proper nutrients for your Collie will help to ensure healthy skin and coat.

Monthly food costs can vary. There are a variety of different food options to choose from. You will want to discuss all of your Collie’s dietary needs with your veterinarian to find the right food for your dog.

Dog Grooming Costs

  • $80–$150 per month

You will want to have a Groomer handy if you own a Collie. Rough Collies tend to mat due to their long fur and will require regular grooming as a preventative measure.

Smooth Collies won’t mat but will also require regular grooming. They have a double coat. The undercoat will need attention during periods of heavy shedding.

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $40–$200 per month

Your Collie will require monthly medication to prevent heartworm, fleas, ticks, and other parasites. Your veterinarian will guide you toward the best products. Your vet may also recommend a daily supplement like glucosamine or omega 3’s.

Like people, dogs can develop allergies and some may even require monthly medication or injections to help control their symptoms.

Veterinary examinations are not a monthly cost, but life can be unpredictable. You never know when you will need to take a trip to the vet. It is always best to be prepared for an exam or emergency visit as needed.

collie on grass
Image Credit: Tricia Winwood, Pixabay

Pet Insurance Costs

  • $10–$100 per month

Pet insurance policies are becoming increasingly popular due to the high cost of veterinary care.

Your Collie will need to have a routine health exam every 6 months to a year. Don’t forget yearly vaccinations and monthly preventative medications. These are recurring costs you can expect to pay throughout your Collie’s lifetime.

In addition to routine care, unexpected health issues or injuries are always possible and can be quite costly. Many companies offer pet insurance. You’ll want to do your research and find the plan that’s right for you and your Collie.

Environment Maintenance

  • $20–$55 per month

Many supplies for your Collie will be initial costs, you will have some monthly supplies that will need replacing though. Many dog owners enjoy daily walks with their companions. Collies love to exercise and you’ll want to take him/her on regular walks. With walks come bathroom breaks, you will need to keep a stock of poop bags for those random stops!

Dogs make messes; it is part of their charm. Whether they are tracking in mud, spilling something, drooling, or having accidents in the house you will need to be prepared. Stain-removing sprays and room deodorizers are a must.

You will also want to keep a stock of shampoo for regular bathing.

Poop Bags $10–$15/month
Stain Remover Spray/Deodorizer $5–$10/month
Dog Shampoo $5–$30/month

Collie Entertainment Costs

  • $10–$30 per month

Collies are an active, intelligent breed and will enjoy enrichment through toys and activities. You’ll want to replace any old or worn toys as needed.

Subscription boxes are becoming more popular among dog owners. These boxes come full of goodies like toys and treats. Below is a list of makers of these monthly subscription boxes:

border collie
Image Credit: jhas, Pixabay

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Collie

  • $80–$200 per month

You can expect to pay somewhere between $80 and $200 per month as a Collie owner, though it could be higher. Your lifestyle, budget, and your dog’s needs will play a role in the total amount. Monthly costs include food, preventative medication for parasites, grooming, toys, and supplies for cleaning and waste pick up.

Your Collie may require more monthly medication in addition to the typical preventative medicine. It’s always something to keep in mind, it’s a cost that could come about any time during your dog’s life.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Your financial investment doesn’t end with initial costs and typical recurring costs we’ve already gone over. There are many additional costs to take into consideration.

Pet Sitting/Boarding

  • $100–$500+

If you plan on vacationing, you’ll need to factor in the cost of a pet sitter or a boarding kennel. These prices will vary greatly depending on your preference and the length of time your pet needs care during your absence.

Collie Training Classes

  • $30–$80 (per class)

A lot of pet parents opt for training classes. These classes can be very beneficial for your Collie. Proper training can help ensure you have a well-mannered and well-rounded pet. You can expect to pay anywhere from $30–$80 per class.

red border collie
Image Credit: volofin, Shutterstock

Damages Costs

  • $0–$500+

You may want to factor in any damage your dog may do in your household, especially during the puppy stages when chewing is more common. Not many things are safe from puppy teeth. You may have to replace small items such as shoes, clothing, and headphones or larger items such as furniture, doors, and paneling.

Illness or Injury Costs

  • $200–$500+

You’ll want to be financially prepared for any unexpected illnesses or injuries. Emergency care can be very costly. When these situations arise, you can expect to pay an examination fee, and diagnostic and prescription costs at the very minimum.

Like most veterinary services, the cost of ultrasounds, X-rays, and lab work can vary from clinic to clinic. Emergency exams can range from $50 to $200. Prices for X-rays tend to fall between $150 and $250. Diagnostic bloodwork can cost anywhere from $100 to $200.

Prices for an ultrasound typically fall between $200 and $500 or more depending on the area being scanned, the type of equipment used, the level of training of the doctor, and additional supplies and materials needed.

Teeth Cleaning Costs

  • $200–$500+

Dental care is vital for a Collie’s health. You do have the option to brush your dog’s teeth at home but you’ll want to monitor them for plaque and tartar build-up. A dental cleaning at a veterinary clinic is expensive due to the need for anesthesia during the procedure. It can get even more costly if tooth extraction needs to be performed. Expect to pay $200 at the very minimum for this service.

rough collie in the woods
Image Credit: SGracheva_2610, Pixabay

Owning a Collie On a Budget

If you find yourself needing to cut costs for the sake of your budget, there are some ways you can do so! You’ll never want to skimp on food quality or the necessary veterinary care but with proper research, you can make owning your Collie more wallet-friendly.


One way to cut costs before you ever see a vet is to adopt from a rescue organization. Adopted animals have been sterilized, are up to date on vaccinations, and are typically house-trained.


Pet-proofing your home is essential so that any hazards or harmful substances are kept out of your Collie’s reach. Make sure to research what food and substances pose a danger to your dog.


With proper online research, you can find a wide variety of coupons and deals for dog food and supplies. You can sign up for these deals with websites such as Groupon, which often have coupons on pet supplies and services.

Bargain Shopping/Cashback Apps

You can always opt for lower-cost, off-brand supplies for lower initial setup costs. Coupon apps can provide you with in-store coupons or cashback offers for pet food and supplies. You can check into retailer’s price-matching services in your area to ensure you’re getting the lowest prices.

border collie standing on grass
Image Credit: JamesDeMers, Pixabay

Saving Money on Collie Care

There are many ways you can save on care costs for your Collie. As mentioned above, initial costs can be cut by opting for adoption rather than purchasing directly from a reputable breeder. Initial veterinary care is generally included in the adoption fee.

Shop for a Veterinarian

You can always shop around for a reasonably priced veterinary clinic. Some clinics do come with higher price tags than others.

Learn How to Groom

You can take the time and learn how to groom your Collie. Many books and tutorial videos are available to help you learn how to properly care for your Collie’s coat. This can save you quite a bit of money on grooming services.

In-Home Training

Instead of training classes, you may try and work on training at home. Many families have success in training their dogs if the proper time and commitment are utilized.

Dog-Friendly Travel

Dog-friendly vacations are always an option to avoid pet-sitting or boarding costs.

rough collie face
Image Credit: mariuszopole, Pixabay

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Conclusion: Collie Cost

Depending on your choice of adoption or purchasing from a breeder, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150–$2,000 for a Collie. The initial setup for a Collie will likely run somewhere between $450–$1,500 for veterinary care, food, and needed supplies.

The average monthly cost of owning a Collie will range anywhere from $80 to $200 per month.

As you can see, so many variables play a role in both the initial costs and monthly recurring costs of owning a Collie. Regardless, dog ownership is expensive but also very rewarding!

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