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20 Cool & Creative Cat Furniture Products: Perfect for Your Feline Friend

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

Ginger cat with nice furniture

The same boring cat trees can get old after a while. It’s nice to spruce things up a bit—while also giving your cat the items they need to thrive. If you are looking for something different that amplifies your existing décor, it’s time to start mulling over your options.

We rounded up 20 exciting and inventive cat furniture ideas for you—so take all of the inspiration and make it your own.

The Top 20 Cool & Creative Cat Furniture Products

1. Mau Strato

Mau Strato

The Mau Strato kitty globe put a unique spin on a napping spot. Sleek, modern, and open, this bed gives your home a little pizazz while being a functional piece of furniture.

It is elegant and attractive, coming with a nice washable cushion for your cat’s relaxing pleasures. If you want to, this wood can be painted or stained as you wish.

2. King E-Market Massage Cat Toy

King E-Market Massage Cat Toy

If you don’t have every spare moment to spend rubbing your cat upon request, the King E-Market Massage Cat Toy might come in handy. Instead of being bugged regularly for affection, your cat can scratch that itch themselves.

You can set this up out of the way, or in your cat’s favorite area for their convenience.

3. Hurma Crochet Cat House

Hurma Crochet Cat House

If you want an adorable little cat bed that is handmade, crafted, and cute—here is an excellent product choice. Each one is completely unique, made with love, and specially crocheted each time someone places an order—so it’s extra special.

Synthetic and hypoallergenic, this product is made of polyester cord.

4. Cat Cave Co Sisal Floating Posts

Cat Cave Co Sisal Floating Posts

Most cats love high places. With this practical jungle gym for your cat, you can keep your floors obstruction-free and fill up all space. Not only do these look aesthetically pleasing, they have a few different purposes as well.

The rope will really catch your cat’s attention, and they will dig their claws right in. There is also a hammock for resting—and they can spend the rest of their time bouncing off of the posts.

5. Calenbo Cute Cactus Climbing Frame

Calenbo Cute Cactus Climbing Frame

How adorable is this cat scratching post? If you have a southwest feel to your decor, it could put a little flair in your home while being incredibly useful. This cute cactus climbing tree is well-made, tightly wound, and sturdy.

The hardware is easily assembled, coming in just a few small pieces that screw together. This post is great for scratching, climbing, and just general aesthetics.

6. Cat Ladder Feline Furniture 8-Step Birch Ladder

Cat Ladder Feline Furniture 8-Step Birch Ladder

If you want your cat to have their very own staircase, this custom-made ladder might be perfect for your home. This can work very well as a standalone ladder, or it can lead up to a bigger play area that you might have, such as a rope walkway or wall posts for your kitty.

This ladder will look pleasing with a rustic-style décor, and you can really make it your own.

7. Smallatom Cat Tree Tower

Smallatom Cat Tree Tower

The Sallatom Cat Tree Tower is an outstanding selection if you want an earthy, folklore-style cat tree. With adorable toadstools and flowers, your cat can lounge with a forest people vibe all day.

There are plenty of places to hide, perch, and scratch. It’ll be your cat’s new favorite activity space in no time.

8. Wayfair Luna Crescent Moon Shaped Wall Mounted Cat Bed

Wayfair Luna Crescent Moon Shaped Wall Mounted Cat Bed

If you’re looking for some cat furniture that has a bohemian feel, the Luna Crescent Moon Shape Wall-Mounted Cat Bed is a very unique piece to add to your walls. You might even be able to add a few soft lights around it to really set the mood.

This bed is made of solid wood, in the shape of a crescent moon, as the name implies. The material is completely safe for your cat, and you can even add some soft cushions for your felines to enjoy.

9. Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree Condo

Frisco Heavy Duty Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo

The Frisco Faux Fur Cat Tree and condo is a customizable selection to add to your home. It comes in six different style choices, so you can find one that matches best with your home décor.

You can choose from cream, gray, brown, black, blue, or cheetah print. If you have the space, your cat will absolutely love all of the activities this condo offers.

10. On2 Pets Interchangeable Leaves Cat Tree

On2 Pets Interchangeable Leaves Cat Tree

If you’re looking, the On2 Pets Interchangeable Leaves Cat Tree is perfect for a breezeway or window seat. You can easily move the leaves around as needed to make the tree as full or sparse as you like.

The leaves are very durable, not breaking off with moderate force. So, your cat can enjoy this lounging/play area for years to come.

11. Smallatom Cat Tree

Smallatom Cat Tree

The Smallatom Cat Tree is a multi-level activity space that is super soft and fun to have in your home for both you and your cat. It provides a sense of allure while giving your kitties lots of space to play, nap, and climb.

The base is broad, so it perfectly stabilizes the entire design without tipping. Plus, it’s perfect to have any corner space or by their favorite window.

12. Trixie Pet Products My Kitty Darling

TRIXIE My Kitty Darling Castle Cat Condo

Do you have a little prince or princess at home? This castle of comfort is perfect for your royal kitties. There’s plenty of places to complete all daily activities, so it will become a favorite hang-out in no time.

The overall make is sturdy, and the material is soft velvet. It’s a very pillowy, comfortable setup that will get tons of use from any household cat.

13. One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel

Hamsters aren’t the only ones who can have all the fun. Cats absolutely go nuts over these fantastic One Fast Cat Exercise Wheels—sporting different patterns to match your style. Granted, it does take a lot of space, so always make sure to check the dimensions.

But if you have a cat that loves to burn off its energy, this could provide hours’ worth of entertainment. If your cat takes to it, it’s well worth the investment.

14. Felt Field Cat House

Felt Field Cat House

The Felt Field Cat House is a whimsical creation that is one of a kind. Handmade, these tiny houses are specially crafted for your kitty. This particular style comes in snow white, but there are tons of options to choose from.

This little magical forest house will have anyone who comes over asking where you bought it. Each piece is completely adorable, but you will need to brush up on how to clean the product before purchase.

15. Seventh Avenue Flower Meadow Cat Tree

Seventh Avenue Flower Meadow Cat Tree

The Seventh Avenue Flower Meadow Cat Tree is a charming entertainment place for your felines to hang out. This setup would work terrific for multi-cat households, touting tons of places for your kitties to climb and sleep.

Looking like sprouting flowers, your little blossoms can enjoy their own special place to call home.

16. American Cat Club Retro TV Cat House

The American Cat Club Retro TV Cat House is debatably the cutest vintage cat bed we could find. It has a unique appeal—plus, the box-style bed is a perfect hideout for your cats. If you have more than one, they may just fight over whose turn it is to use it.

This design is affordable, too—so you can fit this into virtually any budget.

17. Hyde & EEK! Boutique Ice Cream Truck Cat Scratcher

Hyde & EEK! Boutique Ice Cream Truck Cat Scratcher

We all know how much our kitties love a good box—and why not make it creative? This adorable Hyde & EEK! Boutique Ice Cream Truck Cat Scratcher is a multipurpose product your cat can wear down to dust.

The interior and top of the box are equipped with cardboard cat scratching material, so your kitty can shred in style.

18. Homary Natural Rectangular Coffee Table with Drawer

Homary Natural Rectangular Coffee Table with Drawer

If you’re looking to add a new item to your house but want to make it worthwhile to your feline friends—consider the Homary Natural Rectangular Coffee Table with Drawers. It has a spot strictly dedicated to a cat hut, but it’s aesthetically pleasing and blends right in with the rest of your décor.

This is perfect for a minimalist approach—taking care of your cat’s needs as well as your own in one swoop.

19. Spruill Bridge Cat Perch

Spruill Bridge Cat Perch

You can get really creative when you hang up this Spruill Bridge Cat Perch. It can fit nicely to a wall—or even above a doorway. Every cat loves to be up on the highest peak of the home, looking down on all of the happenings.

This product looks super interesting—and your cat is sure to love the height and comfort of this lounging spot.

20. KATRIS Cat Tree

Katris-Play-Cat tree

Tetris fans, anyone? This KATRIS Cat Tree might be one of the most exceptional items you can find to put in your living space. You can have a lot of creative freedom here—they come as plain wooden blocks.

You can check out some ideas to personally style these blocks, painting, hanging, and decorating as you see fit.

Final Thoughts

So, now you can leave with a few ideas on some interesting furniture pieces. What you gravitate toward will depend on the function you and your cat will utilize most. Some cats will benefit from an exercise product more, while others love an excellent snoozing spot.

Even if none of these products struck your fancy, you might have found something that sparked an idea at the very least.

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