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Corgidor (Labrador & Corgi Mix) Info, Pictures, Facts, Traits

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By Nicole Cosgrove


Height: 12-22 inches
Weight: 40-55 pounds
Lifespan: 10-13 years
Colors: Brown, black, red, tan
Suitable for: Families that are looking for a loving and loyal companion, families with children
Temperament: Loving, Affectionate, Vocal, Patient, Loves children

The Corgidor is a cross between the Corgi and the ever-popular Labrador. Although it is not a purebred, this cross is considered a hybrid breed and has been bred with the aim of combining the best features of both parent breeds. Although you can’t be certain exactly which traits your puppy will pick up from which parent, both breeds are lively and energetic, loving, and are not only accepting of children but will shower them with attention and affection.

The breed’s size makes it suitable for apartment living, but he can be quite vocal, so he might prove a bit much for neighbors. He also needs daily exercise and, while the Labrador is considered one of the best dogs for training and teaching, the Corgi can be stubborn and will only usually take to training when administered by a closely bonded human owner.

Both parent breeds enjoy time outdoors, so if you’re an active family looking for a four-legged companion to accompany you, the Corgidor could prove to be the ideal addition to your family.

Unlike a lot of hybrid breeds, which are considered quite new, the Corgidor is likely to have been around for some time, having been accidentally bred.

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Corgidor Puppies


The price of Corgidors tends to be determined by their size, with the bigger examples being more highly sought after and, therefore, more expensive.

Price is ultimately determined by the breeder, and you should always choose a breeder according to their reputation and quality, rather than price. A good breeder will have puppies and parents screened for common health complaints. They will be happy to answer questions you have about the breed, and they should be able to give you a reasonable idea of the puppy’s likely temperament by considering any siblings and their parents.

You should always try and book time with the dog and his parents before you commit to paying any money. This will give you further confidence that you are getting a puppy that will be well adjusted, healthy, and that will fit into your family unit.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Corgidor

1. Corgis are world-class herding dogs.

Despite their somewhat short and squat form, Welsh Corgis are prized for their herding capabilities. They are heelers, which means that they nip at the heels of large cattle, encouraging them to move. They are one of the smallest herding dog breeds. They are incredibly popular With Queen Elizabeth II, who has had more than 60 of the breed, but they are rarely used as herding dogs anymore.

Although they have become less popular in the UK, they remain a popular breed in the US and, while they rarely get the opportunity to herd cattle, they still get to show off their herding skills during agility and other classes. They are considered to have been excellent herders because of their tenacity, or pushiness, and this is still evident in some of the modern breed.

2. Corgidors make good guard dogs.

They are small and squat and are very loving and loyal to families. They are also not considered an overly yappy breed, but the Corgidor can make an excellent guard dog. They will alert you and your family of any visitors, pretty much as soon as they arrive on the drive or at the front of the house. They rarely show signs of aggression, but they will give you an audible warning, and their bark will be enough to deter all but the most determined of aggressors.

3. The Labrador is (still) the most popular dog breed.

The Labrador is the archetypal family pet and very much “man’s best friend”. He is loyal, loving, sweet, and tender. He also enjoys getting his teeth on a toy or ball and playing with any member of the family. He is not aggressive, will play with children, and, when night draws in, he will just as happily curl up at your feet or on the sofa beside you to rest. It is these traits that have elevated the breed to the top of the American Kennel Club list of dog breeds. In fact, he has been at the very top of that list for nearly 30 years and no breed looks close to dislodging him from his lofty position.

The parent breeds of the Corgidor
Image Credit: Left – Hollysdogs, Shutterstock | Right – lucioliu, Pixabay

Temperament & Intelligence of the Corgidor🧠

The Corgidor combines two very popular dog breeds in the Corgi and the Labrador. The Corgi is famed for his herding prowess, as well as his sweet and loving nature, while the Labrador, which lavishes love and attention on his family and friends, has become the most popular service dog breed because of his intelligence and his willingness to learn. The resulting hybrid breed tends to be just as affectionate as his parent breeds, and he will be intelligent, although the introduction of the Corgi breed has also seen the introduction of some stubbornness into the hybrid.

Corgidors can live in apartments, thanks to their size and their traits. However, they will need regular exercise to ensure that they remain well-adjusted, get along with all people and animals and that they do not suffer unduly from separation anxiety.

Are These Dogs Good for Families?🏡

Corgidors make very good family pets. They are very patient with children of all ages, and their size means that they are ideal for younger children because they are not so small that they get accidentally hurt or so larger that they accidentally cause hurt to children. As well as being patient, they will especially enjoy playing, so they are good pets for older children and for families that enjoy getting outdoors. They can become quite protective of children and other family members, although this rarely translates into aggression.

The Corgi in your puppy means that he needs to form a close bond with his master. Not only will this help him settle in, but without this bond, he can be more of a challenge to train. Early socialization, especially in the shape of puppy classes, will also help towards this end and will help teach him that other people are not to be feared.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?🐶 😽

Puppy classes are also an effective way of socializing your puppy with other dogs. This is not only important when walking him or taking him to dog parks, but it can make it easier to introduce your puppy to cats and other animals later in life. The Corgi in your Corgidor may lead to a reasonably high prey drive, and this can make it difficult to mix your dog with other pets in the house. But if you take a cautiously confident approach, this will enhance the chances of a successful introduction, and there are certainly far worse breeds in this respect.



Things to Know When Owning a Corgidor:

So, the Corgidor is a cross between a heller herding dog and a loving family dog and service dog. He can be trained, and a close bond with his owner will make this easier. He might be vocal if he feels that his family is threatened or in danger, and he will absolutely benefit from some form of mental and physical agility to keep his brain and body active. He makes a great family pet, but you should bear the following in mind when considering owning one of this breed.

Food & Diet Requirements🦴

The Corgidor is a medium-sized dog with a high energy level. This means that he will eat around three cups of food a day. You should ensure that this is a good quality food that has decent protein levels, especially if you take your dog running or to partake in other forms of physical activity on a regular basis.

The Corgi can be quite a chunky dog, and the Labrador is well-known for eating and eating, even when he is full. This means that the Corgidor has the capacity to gain a lot of weight and quite quickly. You can prevent this by monitoring feeding and by combining a good diet with regular exercise.


Although the Corgidor is likely to be smaller than the Labrador, his exercise requirements will be similar. He will have plenty of energy to burn and will enjoy doing this via games and playtime, as well as through regular walks. You should walk your Corgidor at least once a day and aim for between one and two hours of total exercise in a day.

The Corgi is rarely used for herding nowadays, although he still is in some cases. But this doesn’t mean that he, or his hybrid breed, has lost his innate ability to herd. You can take part in show herding with ducks and geese, as well as with sheep and other animals. This not only gives your Corgidor the chance to get closer to his heritage, but it will keep his brain and his body active while providing you with a fun and active way to teach some discipline and commands to your dog. Alternatively, he is likely to enjoy agility classes and will love being off his leash to chase a ball or run around with his family.

Don’t be afraid to take your Corgidor on days out with the family, whether you are heading to the coast or the mountains. He is likely to get dirty and damp, but he will love you for the experience.



The Labrador is the world’s most popular service dog breed. He learns quickly, is very intelligent, and loves nothing more than pleasing his master. This makes the perfect combination for training. The Corgi displays some similar traits, and his ability to learn is evident in his history as a herding dog. However, he is more stubborn and headstrong than his Labrador counterpart, and this can make him a little more challenging when it comes to training.

Get yourself and your puppy to training classes. These not only teach your dog the fundamentals of sit, stay, and other basic commands. They also arm you with the techniques that are required to teach new commands, encourage good behavior, and discourage bad actions. Puppy classes also allow you the chance to socialize your dog with other puppies and people.

Grooming ✂️

Like a lot of outdoor dogs, and especially those that hail from the UK, the Corgi has a coat that is designed to protect him in the cold weather. Although his fur is short to medium, he is prone to shedding. His shed hair will get caught up in the rest of his fur, which necessitates regular brushing to prevent his fur from getting matted and causing discomfort. Brush at least every week and, while doing so, check in his ears for signs of infection, and ensure that his eyes are not gunky.

You should also brush your dog’s teeth. Do this at least two or three times a week to help prevent tooth decay and gum problems, which can become especially troublesome in later life.

Finally, your dog’s nails may need regular clipping. If you walk your dog on concrete, the abrasive surface will naturally help maintain a shorter nail length. Otherwise, you will need to clip them when you can hear the nails clipping on hard floors. Buy good quality nail clippers and, if you’re struggling to do it yourself, consider asking your veterinarian or even taking your dog for professional grooming on a regular basis.

Health and Conditions❤️

There remains a lot of debate over hybrid vigor and whether the phenomenon is real. However, whether hybrid vigor protects crossbreeds or not, there are certain conditions that the parent breeds suffer from that you will need to keep an eye out for. Some of these conditions may require screening.

Minor Conditions
  • Bladder stones
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Patellar luxation
Serious Conditions
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Intervertebral disc disease



Male vs Female

As is quite common in a lot of dog breeds, the male of the Corgidor does tend to run a little larger than the female, but there isn’t a big difference in physical traits. Some owners have stated that the male of the breed, especially the Corgi parent breed, can be a little more aggressive, but both genders tend to make loving and loyal pets.

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Final Thoughts on the Corgidor

The Corgidor comes from two exceptional parents – the Labrador and the Welsh Corgi. There is a reason that the Labrador has retained the number one spot as the most popular dog breed in the US for more than 20 years, and why the Corgi regularly features in the list of the top dozen or so. This is because they are both friendly and loving breeds that make excellent family pets. The Lab Corgi mix certainly has the best of both.

If you are an active family, especially with children, then you will really appreciate the attributes that the Corgidor brings to the family. He is trainable, although this will be more successful if you have a strong bond with him. The breed is intelligent, although he can be a little stubborn. He is very patient, and so is ideally behaved with young children.  The Corgidor is also a healthy and active dog, and one that will fit into the family quickly and effectively: such is his lovability and his tenacity.

Featured Image Credit: MonikaLiga, Shutterstock

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