Better Living loves Hepper

One of our fav blogs posted a bit about our Roost birdhouse this week.  It’s great to see our work up there with all the other amazing designs.  Thanks BLTD!

Chances are slim that the birds in your back yard are reading Dwell magazine, but nonetheless they will be dwelling-well in this mini-modern home of their own.  The Roost is a perfect place for bringing up a family of cheepers.  Sorry, no human sized versions (yet).  Here’s all the colors in the Roost.

Summer Blue

Spring Green

Winter Silver

Fall Red

And some more info:

*Aluminum construction will not rust, is chew-proof, non heat-conducting
*Anodized colors do not chip like paint
*Easily removable sections for annual cleaning, but locked in  place when hanging
*Venting and drainage to stay cool and dry
*1 3/8” entryway
*13″W x 7″D x 10″H

You can buy one here for $125.