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How Much Does a Devon Rex Cat Cost? 2023 Price Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

devon rex kitten

The Devon Rex is a playful, affectionate breed with a wonderfully unique appearance. Originating in England, it’s famous for its large eyes, huge ears, and definitive cheekbones. This breed resembles a pixie, which is why it is also called the “Pixie Cat.”

The Devon Rex comes in all colors and patterns and can be difficult to find. They are very loving and sociable; they make wonderful family pets. Once you are lucky enough to find a kitten, you’ll need a better understanding of the total cost. After the initial expenses, you can expect to spend $50–$200 per month.

Many pet owners expect things like food and vet bills but tend to overlook some of the costs of ownership overall. We’ve broken down the costs of owning a Devon Rex cat, hopefully, this will guide you with your decision to see if this breed is right for you.

Bringing Home a New Devon Rex Cat: One-Time Costs

Not only do the one-time costs cover the price of the animal, but you will also need to consider all the needed supplies for owning a Devon Rex. In addition, you’ll have a health examination, vaccinations, microchip, and ID tags to name a few.


The chances of finding a Devon Rex cat free of charge are slim to none. They are already a well sought-after breed in the cat community and they come at a high upfront cost if purchased from a breeder. It’s best not to bank on finding this breed for free. Regardless of whether you pay an upfront cost for the cat, there are plenty of other upfront costs in your path.



It may also be difficult to locate a breed-specific rescue for this breed, just due to its rarity. It’s worth looking into though. Adoption is a wonderful choice when choosing to become a pet owner.

The adoption price can vary between $300 and $500 or more. This is still much less expensive than purchasing from a breeder. The adoption cost will include spay or neuter and initial veterinary costs if you can find a Devon Rex rescue cat.



Purchasing a Devon Rex cat from a breeder can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 in the United States. Devon Rex cats can be difficult to find. There are a few reputable breeders in the United States, but you may have to travel to obtain a kitten.

You can expect to be wait-listed for a kitten as well. This is a very popular cat breed and litters are sold out very quickly.

Two devon rex cats sitting on the scratching post
Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock

Initial Setup and Supplies


In addition to the cost of your Devon Rex kitten, you will need to factor in veterinary exam costs, preventative care costs, and supplies needed for your new cat. You will need to make sure you have a veterinarian ready for check-ups and kitten vaccinations.

Cats will need to be welcomed into a home that is prepared for them. You’ll need a litter box, litter, toys, scratching posts, and many other products to get started. We’ve put together a list of kitten must-haves and their average costs below.

List of Devon Rex Cat Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $15
Spay/Neuter $40–$150
Microchip $45–$55
Bed $5–$30
Nail Clipper (optional) $5–$30
Brush (optional) $5–$20
Litter Box $10–$25
Litter Scoop $5–$15
Toys $30–$50
Scratching Post $60–$180
Carrier $30–$60
Food and Water Bowls $10–$30

How Much Does a Devon Rex Cat Cost Per Month?

$50–$200 per month

devon rex cat lying
Image By: Zdeno Kittler, Pixabay

Before committing to a Devon Rex cat, you’ll want to consider your budget and the recurring monthly costs of owning a cat.

Monthly parasite prevention, food, and supply replacement costs are inevitable. There are also monthly subscription services that offer a variety of toys, treats, and other products, pet insurance if you choose, and trips to the groomer if you deem necessary.

Health Care

$10–$150 per month

The health of any pet is an investment. Most cats have semi-annual or annual health check-ups at the veterinarian. You can expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $30 per month for parasite prevention.

If any health concerns pop up, it’s best to be prepared financially for random visits to the vet. It likely won’t be a monthly cost but a visit to the veterinarian can cost $50 or more depending on the need.

cat and vet. _Maria Sbytova_Shutterstock
Image Credit: Maria Sbytova, Shutterstock


$20–$80 per month 

There are so many different cat foods on the market and the cost varies greatly. You will want to discuss all of your Devon Rex’s dietary needs with your veterinarian to ensure you are providing them with the best quality, high-protein food formulated for cats.


$0–$50 per month

The Devon’s Rex is very low maintenance in terms of grooming. Their wavy coat is easy to maintain and can be done at home. A simple, gentle occasional brushing will usually suffice.

A Devon Rex doesn’t shed much, and their fur is so fine that it isn’t very noticeable on clothing and furniture. Baths will not be a frequent necessity, only as needed if your cat becomes extremely dirty.

It’s best to start clipping nails at a young age or provide proper scratching posts. You can even try to begin tooth brushing early to help prevent periodontal disease. All of the above can either be done at home or at a groomer or veterinary office. Your monthly cost of grooming will be determined by your preference.

Red Devon Rex
Image Credit: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock

Medications and Vet Visits

$10–$150 per month

Your Devon Rex cat will require monthly parasite prevention, you can typically buy a package that will contain 3 to 6 months’ worth of product. The monthly cost of parasite prevention is typically around $10 but up to $30 per month.

Your cat will not require monthly vet visits. Health examinations are typically every 6 months to 1 year. Of course, you could come across health concerns at any time and will need to be prepared to visit the vet when this occurs.

Pet Insurance

$10–$100 per month

With the ever-growing expenses of veterinary care, more and more pet owners are opting to purchase pet health insurance to offset the large vet bills. The monthly cost of these plans can vary greatly. As with most insurance, there are a variety of available plans and deductible options.

Environment Maintenance

$30–$55 per month

When owning a cat, there is no escaping the cost of replacing litter, litter box liners, and the cleaning supplies needed for necessary clean-ups. These items will be a monthly charge, as litter will need to be replaced frequently.

Litter box liners $5–$10/month
Litter $20–$40/month
Cleaning supplies $5/month


$5–$30 per month

Whether you’re replacing worn toys as needed or choosing a subscription box, you may have monthly entertainment expenses for your Devon Rex cat. They are a very playful breed and will love to be entertained by a variety of toys.

The cost of a cat subscription box varies based on how many cats you are providing for and what types of products want to receive. The average cost of a cat subscription box is around $15, but prices can increase if you want more products included. A couple of popular cat subscription boxes are:

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Devon Rex Cat

$50–$200 per month

Your lifestyle, budget, and your Devon Rex cat’s needs will all play a role in monthly costs. You can expect your costs to include food, preventative medication, toys, cleaning supplies, and litter.

At any point in your cat’s life, monthly medication may be needed, it may not ever happen but is something to be mindful of.

Additional Costs to Factor In

Pet sitters when going on vacation, emergency treatments for illness, possible household damage caused by your pet, behavioral training, etc.

Pet Sitting/Boarding $100–$300+

Cats don’t travel well, there’s no way around it. They prefer to be in the comfort of their home at all times. When you get ready to travel for holidays or go on vacation, you’ll need to make sure someone can come to give them fresh food and water and clean the litter box. If you don’t have family or friends available to help, you may have to look into hiring a pet sitter or having your cat boarded while you’re away.

Illness or Injury $200-$500+

It’s best to be financially prepared for emergencies. With indoor cats, there may be less trouble to get into, but you never know when something will happen. Emergency veterinary care is very expensive. You’ll have an examination, diagnostics, treatment, and medication to cover.

Diagnostics typically include ultrasounds, X-rays, and lab work and the cost of these procedures can vary. Emergency exams can range from $50 to $200. The price for X-rays is generally between $100 and $250. Diagnostic blood work typically costs $100 to $200.Ultrasounds, if needed, are usually at least $100 or more.

Teeth Cleaning $200-$500+

Dental care is very important for your cat’s overall health. A cat’s teeth can get tartar and plaque pretty easily. A dental cleaning at a veterinary clinic is expensive due to the need for anesthesia. Costs increase if tooth extractions are needed. You can expect at least a $200 vet bill for dental cleaning.

Owning a Devon Rex Cat on a Budget

Pet ownership can get costly but there are always ways to work with your budget. Let’s take a look at some options:


Choosing to adopt an animal is a very selfless act. Many unwanted cats are dropped off at shelters across the nation. Rescue groups do their best with the endless numbers of homeless animals.

You may be able to find a Devon Rex cat rescue and save money on the upfront costs. Rescues have smaller adoption fees compared to breeder pricing and the cat will come spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations before ever coming home.

Couponing/Bargain Shopping

Big retailers and pet supply stores have frequent sales and offer price matching as well. You can always keep an eye out for coupons, sale items, and cashback offers from a variety of places. There are many apps available nowadays for cash-back deals as well.

Saving Money on Devon Rex Cat Care

  • Shop for a Veterinarian: Do your research before choosing a veterinarian. Some clinics come with higher overall prices. This can be due to the size of the facility, staffing, and amenities. You could look for a clinic that has lower prices but offers state-of-the-art care.
  • Learn How to Groom: Since Devon Rex cats are fairly low maintenance with grooming, you could choose to groom at home and avoid any professional grooming costs.

Summing Up

The average upfront cost of a Devon Rex cat is pretty expensive. You’re looking at a breed that typically runs anywhere from $1,000 to $,3000 just to purchase. You can expect to add $200 to $500 for the total upfront cost of supplies for the cat and necessary veterinary care.

On average, your monthly cost of owning a Devon Rex is $50 to $200. Cats can be fairly inexpensive pets concerning monthly recurring costs. You will have food, litter, parasite prevention, and supply replacement costs. Luckily your love, and theirs, is free!

Featured Image Credit: Veera, Shutterstock

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