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3 DIY Cat Grooming Arch & Self Groomers You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Savannah Stanfield

By Savannah Stanfield

kitten in a grooming arch

Cats don’t typically like being groomed by their humans, very much preferring to do it themselves. The problem is that cats can’t always remove shed hair by themselves, so they need some tools to help them out.

The creation of cat grooming arches and self-groomers has made it incredibly easy for your cat to groom himself and remove excess hair simply by rubbing up against it. Although there are cat grooming arches you can buy at the store, you can also attempt to make one yourself. Not only can this potentially save you money, but it’s a great project if you just need something to do one day.

If DIYing a grooming arch or self-groomer is something that you want to try, then we’ve assembled some plans that you can use to help you out.

Top 3 DIY Cat Grooming Arches

1. Few Tools Required Grooming Arch from The Owner Builder Network

DIY Inexpensive Self-Groomer for Cats
Image Credit: The Owner Builder Network
Materials: 12” x 12” wooden base, 14” x 14” fabric piece, 2 new toilet brushes, 1” x 1” wooden cube
Tools: Staple gun, wire cutters, drill, glue
Difficulty Level: Easy

This cat grooming arch is made using very few tools, so you don’t have to have too much experience as long as you can use a drill and a staple gun. The base is made out of sturdy wood covered in fabric, so it’s easy to customize in a fabric of your favorite color or pattern.

The only other materials you’ll need are a small wooden cube that can be purchased at any cat store and two toilet brushes (new, please!) Simply detach the brush from the handle and attach it to the base, then watch your cat enjoy his new grooming station.

2. Low-Cost DIY Grooming Arch by Johns Animals

Materials: 4 bottle brushes, wooden shelf or base, fabric, carpet scraps, or spray paint
Tools: Pliers, drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

This cat grooming arch is made with inexpensive bottle brushes instead of toilet brushes, and there are very few other materials involved. For the base, you can either buy a separate piece of wood or you can simply attach the grooming arch to one of the shelves in your cat wall playground if you have one.

The video shows you how to link the bottle brushes together to form the arch as well as attach it to the base, but we recommended using glue to help better secure the ends of the arch to the base. As far as what to cover the base or shelf with, you can use fabric or spray paint if you don’t like the wood look. Alternatively, you can use carpet scraps to cover the base so that your cat can use it to scratch on as well.

3. DIY Cat Self Scratcher by Cat Lessons

Materials: 2 wooden manicure brushes, 2 small hinges, screws
Tools: Screwdriver, marker, double-sided tape
Difficulty Level: Easy

This self-scratcher for cats definitely requires a little advanced planning to make sure that you get the right tools, so make sure to watch the tutorial before buying anything. But once you have the right materials, you can make a self-scratching station for your cat using nothing but the materials you’ve purchased and a table leg.

This plan requires the use of no power tools either, as all you have to do is attach two wooden manicure brushes to each other using hinges. They do have to be wooden ones, or the plan won’t work. But once you’ve attached the brushes to each other, use the double-sided tape to attach them to a table leg. The use of double-sided takes makes the brushes easy to remove for cleaning as well.

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Do Cat Grooming Arches Actually Work?

Cat grooming arches (or any other type of self-grooming station) help to control shedding around your house, especially if you have a long-haired cat that is more prone to shedding. Cats often brush up against them because they like the way it feels, as the bristles on the brushes can help massage their skin in addition to removing some of the hair that they would shed.

Some cats will let you groom them just by brushing them, but there are others that do not like to be touched under any circumstances. In that case, these arches and grooming stations can be very beneficial in helping your cat remove hair on its own so that you don’t have as much cat hair all over your furniture. With that being said, cat grooming arches or any other kind of self-grooming station do actually work provided that their cat actually uses it.

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Many cat owners know the feeling of shelling out money for a specialized cat product only for your cat to show no interest in it whatsoever. But once they see how good it feels to brush up against the grooming arch, they’ll be more likely to continue using it. Speaking of shelling out money, that’s one reason why you should try making your own DIY cat grooming arch. You can save a little money just in case your cat doesn’t use it, although we’re pretty sure once he uses it once, he’ll love it. And you’ll be happy because your home and furniture will be a little bit cleaner as well.

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