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DIY cat window perch: 10 coolest ideas

Have you ever seen a cat sitting at the window and observing the outside? It is the natural behavior of a feline, for which we, humans, can create the perfect spot. 

The easiest way is to give your cat access to the windowsill. Cats are good jumpers, but it will be much more comfortable if you organize special cat steps

You choose among the top commercial cat trees or create your own DIY cat tree and put it near a window or install cat wall shelves around the room. Still, the coolest and cheapest way to do it is to create a DIY cat window perch. And here are some nice options for you.

Wood and Chain Window Perch 

Source: citylifestyle.com

To make a perch like this one, you need a piece of plywood, eyehooks, and some safety chain. Optionally, you can wrap the board with leather strips. Then you screw two eyehooks into two corners of the board and add two more to your window jambs.

When the eyehooks are secure, attach the safety chain to the hooks. The right length can be calculated with a2 + b2 = c2 (a is the length of the plywood board; b is the distance from the bottom of the window to the eyehooks on the jambs; c is the length you’re looking for).

After you install the perch, put a cushion or sheepskin on it to make it cozy.

Serving Tray Window Perch

A wooden serving tray can become a great basis for a window perch for cats. You’ll also need 8 ft of rope and vacuum seal suction cup hooks.

Screw several eyehooks evenly into one side of the tray and drill a hole in each of the opposite side corners. Cut the rope in half, fold each half, pull it through a hole, and make a knot to secure the rope. You can further secure the knots with a hot glue gun.

Attach the perch to the window with the help of vacuum seal suction cup hooks. Do not forget to put a cozy pillow onto the perch. You can attach the back of the pillow to the tray with hook and loop tape so that it won’t fall down.

Source: BuzzFeedNifty YouTube Channel

Shelf Window Perch 

Source: JoeLydic YouTube Channel

To make a perch like this all you need is some plywood, a piece of carpet, and some nails and screws.

Cut a piece of plywood for the bottom part and also make some pieces for the side and front parts. Glue the pieces together and nail them. After that, sand the plywood down to prevent splinters and paint the perch the color you like.

Screw the construction to the windowsill. Cut a piece of carpet the same size as the plywood platform. It will cover the screws and make the perch warm and cozy.

Amazon Box Cat Perch 

Source: CatToyLady YouTube channel

A DIY box cat perch requires a box, some contact paper, duct tape, a box cutter, and scissors. Depending on the type of window, the form will slightly differ.

To form the box right, you need to cut one side and fold it the right way. Duct tape will help you reinforce the box. Cut off the top flaps and save them to reinforce the bottom of the box.

When you’re done with the reinforcement, cut off some parts of the box for easy access. Then cover the box with contact paper to make it look pretty. 

The best thing about this project is that when the box wears down, you can throw it away and make a new one.

Outside Cat Window Box

Source: CatioSpaces

Outside window box catios are easy to build on a weekend, and they are perfect for safe outdoor entertainment.

To build one yourself, you’ll need some 2×2 wooden lengths for the frame and chicken wire or similar netting to cover it. The roof can be covered with fiberglass. It won’t let snow or rain in but will provide plenty of sunshine for your cats.

Depending on how much area you have, a catio can look like a box or a separate room outside the window. It can have several levels with ladders and shelves. Regardless of the size, put some cozy cushions there to create the perfect watching spot.

Removable DIY Cat Shelf 

Source: StoppedSnoring Youtube Channel

If you want to remove the perch easily from time to time without any visible traces, a removable cat window shelf is what you need. It is installed on the windowsill and does not need any additional fixation.

This project is made of oak, but any other wood type will suit as well. The important part is to trace the outline of the windowsill to create a template of the right shape for the brackets. The outer line of the brackets can be of any shape.

The template is further cut out from wood. You can put a cushion on this shelf or cover it with carpet to make it nice and soft.

PVC Pipe Cat Hammock

PVC pipes are perfect for constructing, as you can make almost anything, including a nice DIY cat window hammock for your feline.

All you need is several pieces of pipe, some connectors, an old T-shirt, and a couple of good suction cups. Use the pipes to make a rectangular frame. Put the T-shirt onto the frame and sew it. 

Attach the hammock to the suction cups with the help of a rope or paracord. And here it is – a great hammock for sleeping and watching the outside!

source: cat games YouTube channel

DIY Transparent Cat Hammock Bed

Source: NoLi YouTube channel

Transparent cat beds are especially cool because you can see your cat’s adorable toe beans. To make one yourself, take some plywood, suction cups, rope, and a plexiglass semisphere (or a large bowl!).

Make a platform with sideboards from plywood and cut a round hole in the bottom side where the semisphere will go. You can either glue the boards together or nail them, which is more secure. Attach the suction cups to one side of the construction that will face the window and add two more via ropes.

Finally, install the semisphere and let your cat explore the new toy.

Macrame cat hammock 

Source: JuliaKonya YouTube channel

In case you love boho style and macrame, you’ll find this DIY cat hammock adorable. To create one yourself, use soft cotton ropes, a wooden stick, and a round cushion.

Macrame lets you choose the pattern you want to see on the hammock. You can choose from thousands of macrame designs that you can find online. 

You can place the hammock directly on the window with the help of a suction cup, or nail it to the wall near or right above the window. And if you or your cat gets tired of it, you can easily replace it.

Hanging Window Seat

Source: Cheezburger

Use a flat cardboard box, some fabric, a metal ring, and a thick thread to create a window seat for your furry friend.

Cover the box with the fabric using double-sided tape. Then make holes in each corner of the box. Take a metal ring and loop two threads around it. Put the ends of the threads into the holes and tie knots.

You can further decorate the box and place it near a window or in any other place favored by your cat.

In a word 

Cats love being where things are happening. They enjoy watching the outside world from a window. Give your cat a comfy spot to do this, and it will spend plenty of happy hours observing. DIY cat perches are easy to make and don’t cost much, so why not give it a try?

You are also welcome to check out the cat solarium shut – an ultimate window-mounted space for your cat.

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