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8 DIY Cat Window Perches You Can Create Today (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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We’re all always trying to come up with ways to make our homes more interesting for our cats. Keeping cats indoors is safer for them and the natural environment, but this does require creating an enriched environment within your home for your cat to prevent boredom. Window perches are a fantastic way to enrich your cat’s environment. These home additions don’t just allow your cat a prime location to look out the window, but they also give your cat a raised platform to watch the goings on within the home.

A raised resting area can keep your cat entertained and provide it with a space that makes it feel safe and comfortable. The best thing about window perches is that you don’t have to be overly handy to make one happen in your home. In fact, most DIY window perches are easy enough for you to safely put together today for your cat. Here are some of our favorite DIY window perches for cats.

The Top 8 DIY Cat Perches

1. Over the Windowsill – 365 days of DIY

Over the Windowsill- 365 days of diy. blogspot
Image Credit: 365 days of diy. blogspot

To create this cat perch, all you need is a flat piece of wood, shelf mounting brackets, and whatever cozy bedding your cat likes. This works best for a windowsill that sits flush against the wall. Mount the shelf brackets below the windowsill, then mount the flat wood to the brackets as you would a shelf. Top with your cat’s favorite bedding, using Velcro, carpet tape, or another type of grip to keep the bedding from sliding off the perch when your cat jumps on it. This can even be accomplished with hot glue dots.

2. Under the Windowsill – Weird is so much better than boring

Under the Windowsill- Weird is so much better than boring. blogspot
Image Credit: Weird is so much better than boring. blogspot

This type of cat perch can be used with any type of windowsill, including sills that are flush against the wall. This perch requires the same items as the over-the-windowsill style. Mount the shelf brackets slightly below the bottom of the windowsill, leaving enough space between the bottom of the sill overhang and the brackets for the wood to fit. Attach the wood to the brackets and top with your cat’s bedding, using non-skid products as above.

3. Hanging Shelf – Martha Stewart

Hanging Shelf- Martha Stewart
Image Credit: Martha Stewart

This type of window perch requires a thick, flat piece of wood, a thin chain that can support your cat’s body weight, eye hooks, wall anchors, and bedding. You will also need some type of screws or anchors to mount the wood to the wall or windowsill. Begin by mounting the chain above the window into a wall stud. The chain should be just long enough to be taut when mounted to the furthest edges of the wood. Drill the eye hooks into the two front corners of the wood and attach the chain to the hooks. Then, using the mounting technique of your choosing, mount the wood to the wall or windowsill.

This doesn’t have to be overly secure but should be sturdy enough to keep the wood from easily being knocked loose.

4. Hanging Basket – Hymns and verses

Hanging Basket- Hymn sand verses
Image Credit: Hymn sand verses

For this, you’ll need a lightweight basket, sturdy nylon or natural rope, mounting equipment, and bedding. If you don’t have a stable curtain rod that can support your cat’s weight, you’ll need to get one. Attach both ends of one piece of rope to the furthest edges of the basket and then mount the basket against the wall or on the windowsill. This can be accomplished with screws, nails, anchors, or shelf brackets. Then, slide the looped end of the rope over the curtain rod, centering it so that the basket is equally supported by the rope and the mounting equipment.

Add your cat’s favorite bedding, but you won’t need to secure the bedding to the basket since it won’t easily slide off the edge like it would on a shelf.

5. Scratcher Tube – Hgtv

Scratcher Tube- Hgtv
Image Credit: Hgtv

For this window perch, you can create your own scratcher tube or use a premade one. If you make your own, a sturdy piece of cardboard tubing and carpeting or natural rope is needed. Cover the tube with the rope or carpet, creating a scratcher that your cat can fit inside. Make sure to cut out a large hole that allows your cat to see out the window from inside the tube. Durable suction cups can be attached to the window side of the scratcher to hold it in place. For extra security, use a rope to mount the far end of the scratcher to the curtain rod.

6. Basket Shelf – Third stop on the right

Basket Shelf- Third stop on the right
Image Credit: Third stop on the right

All you need for this one is a lightweight basket with sturdy walls, shelf mounting brackets, and bedding. Mount the brackets in the same manner as the above or below the windowsill window perches. Then, mount the basket onto the shelf brackets, securing it into place. This type of window perch works best with a wooden box or box made of another solid material. Make sure to stuff the box or basket with your cat’s favorite bedding.

7. PVC Frame – Instructables

PVC Frame- Instructables
Image Credit: Instructables

For this, you will need thick fabric, four straight pieces of PVC, four PVC corner pieces, a sewing kit or snap buttons, four industrial suction cups with hooks, and two lengths of rope, chain, or cable. Fold over the edges of the fabric and sew or snap together, leaving enough space on each side for a piece of PVC to slide through. Connect the corner pieces to the PVC lengths, creating a slightly taut fabric hammock. Use the rope, cable, or chain to loop through the far ends of the PVC frame, then attach each length to two of the suction cups.

Alternatively, you can install the rope or chain into the wall above the window or loop them over the curtain rod. Install the other two suction cups lower on the window and set the PVC hammock into them, securing the bed into place.

8. Window Box – This old house

Window Box- This old house 
Image Credit: This old house

The fun part about a window box is that it takes full advantage of all window space, including outside the window. The inside portion of the window perch can be any of the options discussed above. The outside portion should essentially be a box with a solid base, fenced sides and top, and an open back. This box will be mounted against the outside of your window so that when you open the window, your cat can go out into the box without escaping the house.

This is the most complex window perch option and will require the most technical know-how and supplies.


There are at least eight window perches you can make for your cat in less than a day. For many of these, you may even have the supplies already in your home, saving you a trip to the store. However, don’t take shortcuts when creating and installing a window perch for your cat. Stability is necessary for helping your cat feel safe and comfortable with the setup, not to mention it will encourage your cat to consistently use the window perch, getting the most out of your DIY project.

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