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6 Great DIY Christmas Dog Collars You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Jordyn Alger

By Jordyn Alger

Adorable pomeranian dressed in Christmas scrunchies. Isolated on white

The holidays tend to bring out the festive side in all of us, especially in the things we wear! So, why not give our dogs a way to celebrate the season?

Dressing your dog in a Christmas collar is a great way to include him in the fun. While plenty of store-bought collars may do just fine, they are not as personal and special as a handmade gift. DIY Christmas collars allow you to craft a sentimental present for your pup and cultivate some holiday spirit.

If you have a knack for crafts and love for giving gifts, take a look at the DIY Christmas dog dollar ideas we have compiled and see if any of them would suit your furry friend!

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The 6 Great DIY Christmas Dog Collars

1. Easy to Sew DIY Christmas Dog Collar by 2 Bees in a Pod

DIY christmas dog collar
Image Credit: 2beesinapodf
Materials: Fabric, cardboard, safety pin, bells, thread
Tools: Measuring tape, scissors, sewing machine, needle
Difficulty Level: Moderate

This festive dog collar is a great way to start the holiday season off right. This is an adorable collar and a simple sewing project that is perfect for any handy pet parent. You should be experienced with sewing since this DIY project requires a sewing machine.

Since this project recommends sewing knowledge, we consider the difficulty level moderate. However, if you are already accomplished with the needle, then this project will likely be a breeze!

Be sure to gather specific fabric, bells, and thread that will suit your Christmas theme. Although the example in this plan uses a plaid reindeer pattern, you can customize the materials to your own style!

2. DIY Christmas Dog Bandana by Happiest Camper

DIY christmas dog collar
Image Credit: Happiestcamper
Materials: Fabric, thread, safety pins
Tools: Rotary cutter, rotary mat, sewing pins/clips, scissors, iron/ironing board, sewing machine
Difficulty Level: Easy

For a more rustic look, take a look at these Christmas bandanas. Although this plan requires a sewing machine, it is a rather basic project. It is a simple, low-stress DIY collar, making it an excellent craft for beginners.

The necessary materials are a fabric of your choice (ideally Christmas-themed), thread, and safety pins. For the tools, you will need a bit more. Some things you likely have at home already, such as scissors or an ironing board, but others you may need to purchase.

This simple project makes an adorable bandana that will give your dog a festive look for the season!

3. DIY Crochet Christmas Dog Bandana by Golden Lucy Crafts

DIY christmas dog collar
Image Credit: Goldenlucycrafts
Materials: Red yarn, white yarn, orange yarn, buttons
Tools: Crochet hook, scissors, needle, thread
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Dressing your furry friend up as a snowman is a great way to enjoy Christmas cheer. This outfit includes a snowman bandana/collar and a matching headband, giving your pup a fully designed costume.

Yarn and buttons will be the only materials you need, but be sure you get all the colors of yarn you want. White for the snow, red for the scarf, and orange for the carrot nose are used in the sample. You need the tools and skills to crochet, so ensure you are prepared before jumping into this project.

4. DIY Santa Claus Crochet Dog Bandana by Jo to the World

DIY christmas dog collar
Image Credit: Jototheworld
Materials: Red yarn, white yarn, black yarn, yellow yarn
Tools: Crochet hook, yarn needle, scissors
Difficulty Level: Moderate

If you have a jolly dog, dress him up as Santa Claus! He may not have a sack of toys to offer you, but he can undoubtedly spread Christmas cheer.

You need the proper yarn colors to create a Santa costume, such as red, yellow, white, and black. For the necessary tools, ensure you have a crochet hook, a yarn needle, and a pair of scissors.

For those familiar with crocheting, this project can take under an hour to complete.

5. DIY Lacy Dog Collar by Celtic Knot Crochet

DIY christmas dog collar
Image Credit: Celticknotcrochet
Materials: Yarn, decorative button, sewing thread
Tools: Crochet hook, yarn needle, sewing needle
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The lacy dog collar is a great way for fancy pups to celebrate the holidays. If you like the distinguished air of the bowtie but want something a little more unique, this decorative collar is the perfect fit for you.

You can pick out the yarn of your choice (likely a Christmas color) and a decorative button to bring the collar together. Some sewing thread will be necessary, along with a crochet hook, a yarn needle, and a sewing needle.

Even for those who already know how to crochet, this project may be a little more advanced due to its intricate design. If you are confident in your skills, put your crafting to the test with this DIY collar!

6. DIY Doggie Scarf by The PharMA

diy christmas dog collar
Image Credit: Phar-ma
Materials: Fleece, collar, ribbon
Tools: Sewing machine, sewing pins, scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

What better way to prepare your pup for winter than with a warm and cozy scarf? It is an adorable accessory for your dog, especially if you match scarves with each other!

This DIY project is relatively easy, requiring very little prior sewing knowledge. However, you need a sewing machine. The only other tools you will need are a pair of scissors and some sewing pins.

Pick out whatever type of fleece you would like (ideally in a Christmas color or pattern) and follow the simple instructions from there!

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Types of Dog Collars

There are several types of dog collars designed for different functions. Some are meant for training, such as a slip collar, a pinch collar, or a head halter. None of these are applicable to DIY projects.

Other collars may have DIY crafts related to them, such as the basic flat dog collar or the dog harness. These options have simpler functions and are more customizable. The easiest collar to make a DIY craft from is the flat dog collar.

When choosing a DIY collar plan for your dog, be sure to consider whether he needs a specific design. For instance, if your dog requires a head halter for training, now is likely not the right time to give him a DIY collar.

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Dog collars are a fun way to dress our pups up, especially when it comes to the holidays. If you have crafting skills and are eager to put them to work this season, then try out some of these DIY projects and make your dog some adorable Christmas accessories!

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