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7 DIY Cockatiel Playground Plans Your Bird Will Love (With Pictures)

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

cockatiel bird in its cage

Cockatiels are intelligent, curious birds that need plenty of room and toys to play with. One way to keep them entertained is to create a playground they can utilize outside their cage. You can purchase these commercially, however, you can also make your own!

Making your own allows you to change the design regularly, which keeps your Cockatiel from getting bored. You can also customize a DIY playground to what you know your bird likes. Here are some of our favorite plans:

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The 7 DIY Cockatiel Playground Plans

1. DIY Bird Climbing Net by Bird Tricks

DIY Climbing Bird Net
Image Credit: birdtricksstore
Materials: Cotton (or jute) rope
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

Birds enjoy the challenge of climbing nets, which can be suspended like hammocks or used as climbing walls. This tutorial provides detailed instructions for constructing a climbing net using only rope and scissors. It emphasizes selecting a safe and high-quality rope for your bird’s well-being and easy construction. This net can be used as a standalone playground or incorporated into a larger bird project.

2. DIY PVC Pipe Perch by Einstein Parrot

Einstein Parrot PVC Pipe Perch
Image Credit: Einstein Parrot
Materials: Baking sheet, 1” PVC pipe, fittings, four swivel wheels, steel screws, PVC glue
Tools: Dremel tool, drill, PVC cutter,
Difficulty: Moderate

This detailed plan guides you through building a PVC pipe perch suitable for larger birds. You can easily create your own version of this perch with comprehensive instructions, pictures, and measurements.

The project involves using PVC pipes and glue, with the suggestion of adding texture to the pipes using a Dremel tool for better grip.

The playground incorporates an aluminum baking sheet as a mess-catcher, facilitating easy cleanup. It is recommended to assemble the project completely before final gluing to allow for adjustments or corrections.

3. GiantDIY  Bird Tree Stand by Bird Tricks

Giant Bird Tree Stand by Bird Tricks
Image Credit: Bird Tricks
Materials: 2x4x8 boards, 4-inch screws, bird-safe dead branches, 2.5-inch screws
Tools: Circular saw, pressure washer, branch cutter, sandpaper (or a sander)
Difficulty: Moderate

Save money on expensive tree stands with this budget-friendly option. By using salvaged branches and basic tools, you can build a large tree stand for under $25. Although some woodworking skills are required, the project is relatively straightforward.

The detailed instructions provide tips for smooth construction and selecting bird-safe materials and woods. Once completed, the tree stand will provide a beautiful, spacious area to accommodate your bird’s favorite toys.

Of course, a whole tree stand may be a bit much for a single cockatiel. However, it works well for a whole flock.

4. DIY “Budgie” Bird Playground by Alen AxP

Materials: Square base, twine, wooden dowels, screws, decorations, mini clothespins, toys of various kinds
Tools: Drill, X-Acto knife
Difficulty: Advanced

While this playground is made for a budgie, it also works well for a cockatiel. This exciting bird playground offers various ideas to engage and entertain your birds. Although the instructions are less detailed and more open-ended, they provide valuable suggestions for using affordable materials like wooden home décor and mini clothespins instead of store-bought toys.

This resourceful approach helps reduce project costs. Some woodworking experience is beneficial for this moderately advanced project.

5. DIY Table Parakeet Playground by MyCrafts

Materials: Scrap wood, wood glue, plywood base, dowels, sandpaper, rope
Tools: Drill, sander, Dremel, nail gun
Difficulty: Advanced

This standalone bird playground features a sturdy wooden base with four legs. It is a more advanced project and so is best attempted by individuals with prior woodworking experience.

Although the instructions may be less detailed, the finished playground has a professional appearance and durability comparable to store-bought alternatives. While it may take longer, the effort will create a long-lasting and visually appealing playground for your feathered friend.

6. DIY PVC Bird Play Gym by Flying Fids

Materials: PVC coupling, ¾” PVC pipes, various PVC pieces, rope, zip ties, bird toys
Tools: Scissors, PVC cutter, Glue
Difficulty: Easy

Create a customized PVC Play Gym suitable for cockatiels birds with this beginner-friendly tutorial. It provides a detailed material list, measurements for cutting the pipes, and helpful tips for working with PVC. The accompanying video walkthrough simplifies the process, allowing you to build a sturdy gym that can be personalized with toys, food bowls, and other fun additions.

The tutorial also offers two methods for wrapping the rope around the pipes to create comfortable grips.

7. DIY Laundry Rack Bird Gym by PetDIYs

Laundry Rack Bird Gym by PetDIYs
Image Credit: PetDIYs
Materials: Newspaper, laundry rack, ladders, zip ties, hanging toys
Tools: None
Difficulty: Easy

Repurpose a collapsible laundry rack into a simple and cost-effective bird gym with this straightforward tutorial. You can easily assemble and modify this gym by adding hanging toys and ladders secured with zip ties. Consider customizing it further by wrapping the bars with rope or attaching a bird hammock.

This low-cost play area is ideal if you’re short on time but still want to provide an engaging space for your bird. We love that it’s easy to change and customize as you go and it’s probably our favorite on the list.

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We hope exploring these bird playground ideas inspires you to confidently create your own.

Whether you opt for a simple PVC and twine gym or invest a day in building an artificial tree, your bird will enjoy hours of joy and exploration. Witnessing your Cockatiel actively engaging with their new playground will make all the time and effort worthwhile.

You may decide to try several options, as it is important to give your Cockatiel some variety.

Featured Image Credit: Nick Beer, Shutterstock

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