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10 DIY Dog Collar Ideas You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Every dog needs a collar, but make sure your fuzzy friend stands out with a DIY version. Making a DIY dog collar is the perfect way to match your dog’s collar to its personality. Not to mention, it allows you to fully treat your pet like one of the family.

In this article, we are going to talk about making dog collars. This includes why your dog needs a dog collar, the benefits of making your own, and potential drawbacks of DIY options. Finally, we offer seven phenomenal DIY collar plans that can match any style, budget, or skill level. Without further ado, let’s look at our favorite DIY dog collar designs.

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Top 10 DIY Dog Collar Ideas

1. Patchwork and Poodles’ DIY Dog Collar in 4 Sizes

DIY dog collar
Image Credit: Patchworkandpoodles

If your dog has sensitive skin, he will definitely be interested in this Patchwork and Poodles Dog Collar in 4 Sizes. This tutorial includes a soft cotton outside and a solid nylon core. Together, these two materials allow an all-cotton outside, suitable for sensitive skin, and a solid inside for enhanced durability and strength.

This tutorial features dimensions for four different sizes, which range from extra small to large. You only need 5 supplies, which include any fabric of your choice, nylon webbing, a buckle, slide, and a D-ring. There is even an option to start with an existing collar, which can make this layout incredibly affordable while still being cute.

2. Halifax Dogventures’ DIY Adjustable Dog Collar

DIY dog collar
Image Credit: Halifaxdogventures

One type of dog collar that’s hard-to-find plans for are adjustable collars. With the help of Halifax Dogventures, however, you can make a DIY adjustable dog collar. This dog collar will require a little bit more skill and materials, but it is to die for if you want an adjustable design.

For this DIY adjustable dog collar, you will need fabric, cotton webbing, coordinating thread, a D-ring, a parachute clip, and a tri-glide clip, in addition to more basic sewing supplies like fabric scissors. The final product will be incredibly durable and fully adjustable, perfect for the active dog.

3. Sew Can She’s DIY Adjustable Pet Collar

DIY dog collar
Image Credit: Sewcanshe

The So Can She DIY Adjustable Pet Collar is a great option for people who want to make an adjustable pet collar but don’t have all of the skills necessary for the Halifax Dogventures design. The So Can She design is made specifically for beginners who need an easy sewing tutorial.

For this plan, you will need fabric, a D-ring, a hook, and loop tape or Velcro. This is a great plan for puppies and smaller dogs that are unlikely to break the Velcro latching. This design is specifically made for puppies and it does not offer dimensions for larger breeds.

4. Everyday Dishes’ DIY Braided Dog Collar by Everyday Dishes

The last dog collar plan on our list is the Everyday Dishes DIY Braided Dog Collar. This dog collar is really unique and incredibly durable. These plans come with dimensions for just about any breed, ensuring that you can braid the best collar for any dog.

For this design, you will need a solid collared paracord, one patterned paracord, measuring tape, scissors, plastic buckle, lighter, and tape. Simply download the size chart to find out exactly how much of each material you need and follow the thorough instructions.

5. Braided Rope Dog Collar and Leash by Lia Griffith

DIY Braided Rope Dog Leash with Leather Details
Image Credit: Lia Griffith

Some DIY dog collars, frankly, look like junk. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This braided rope dog collar and leash is fairly simple to pull off and just requires some basic materials like clothesline, scissors, hot glue, and a swiveling eye hook. The final product is something durable, stylish, and functional. This collar looks great without being too complicated. It avoids looking like something that you made yourself which only adds to its appeal. These plans mostly apply to the leash, but it can easily be adjusted to create a collar to go with it. All you will need is a D-ring to finish out your leash and collar combination. Together, this rope and collar combination will create a seamless matching look made from simple materials.

6. DIY Macrame Dog Collar by Jenny Lemons

DIY Macrame Dog Collar
Image Credit: Jenny Lemons

This basic macrame dog collar uses a handful of simple materials and tools to create something truly unique and customizable. This collar just requires some cotton rope, a buckle, a D-ring, scissors, and tape to pull off. You can weave this collar in a number of different ways. You can also use colored rope to add some color and unique designs to your collar. You can quickly make multiple of these collars as gifts or for your own dog over the weekend. By the end you will have a series of rustic collars to do with as you please.

7. V-shaped Double Half Hitch DIY Collar by BOCHIKNOT

This handy video will walk you through how to make your very own braided dog collar. This collar uses a complicated V-Double Half Hitch pattern to create something that is truly eye-catching. This weaving pattern is more complex than some other ones on this list so it might take some time (and a couple of watches) to get it right, but the result is something that looks store bought rather than hand made. Once you get the pattern down you can easily make multiple collars in a short matter of time.

8. DIY Doggie Dress Shirt Collar by The Cheerful Times

DIY Doggie Dress Shirt Collar
Image Credit: The Cheerful Times

This DIY collar is absolutely adorable and can be easily fashioned from materials you can get from the thrift store. These doggie dress shirt collars take the real collars from old dress shirts and turn them into a collar. These are similar to a bow tie collar but with a twist. It also takes a twist on the word collar in general. Either way the results are absolutely heart melting. You can easily find dress shirts at your local thrift store for cheap (sometimes just a couple of dollars each) and then you just need to carefully cut the collars off the shirts to fasten your very own dog collar from them. These collars are fashionable, unique, and cute and can be perfect for a number of occasions.

9. Stylish DIY Paracord Dog Collar by Artsy Fartsy Mama

Image Credit: Artsy Fartsy Mama

Paracord is a crafting staple, so it is no surprise that there are a number of ways to make dog collars from this versatile material. This paracord dog collar is colorful and easy to make. All it requires is a roll of paracord (they suggest getting two rolls in different colors for a unique pattern), a buckle, a D-ring, scissors, and a lighter. If you are feeling particularly creative or skillful you can weave multiple colors together to get a rainbow collar that shows off your particular tastes and personality. Paracord is very affordable so these collars can be made for cheap which is great for people on a budget.

10. Leather DIY Collar and Leash You Can Make at Home by Lia Griffith

DIY Leather Dog Collar & Leash
Image Credit: Lia Griffith

One way to elevate your DIY dog collar game is to create your very own leather collar and leash. Many DIY projects are made from rope or cord, but they don’t have to be. You can easily craft your own collar from leather! Leather is durable and stylish but real leather collars can be pricey if you buy them from the store. Some experience working with leather would be helpful here. You need to cut the pattern out of a roll of raw leather (which can also be hard to source if you are unfamiliar) and use a leather punch. If you are willing to learn or are comfortable working with leather, there are a number of different ways to customize this set to craft something truly special for your dog.

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Why Your Dog Needs A Collar

Many people like to match their dog’s collar to its personality. Although collars are a great way to accessorize your pet, they serve a more functional purpose. Most importantly, collars ensure the safety and identification of your dog in case they get out of your control.

The point of the collar is to have a way to attach a leash and forms of identification to the dog. Obviously, being able to attach your dog to a leash ensures that you can walk them safely. Additionally, hanging identification to your dog’s collar will help people return them to you in case they get out.

If your dog does not have a collar, people may not know if he is a stray. They also will not know who to call so as to return him back home. Even more worrisome, many cities legally require you to walk your dog on a leash. Not having your dog on a leash can get you into some legal trouble.

All around, a collar is an absolute necessity for a dog. There are different types of collars. It is important to match your dog’s breed to collar types. No matter what collar you select, just make sure that it provides a place to attach a leash and identification.

dog with collar
Image By: Mitchell Orr, Unsplash

Why You Should Make A DIY Collar

Back in the day, people often made clothes in order to save money. Because of mass commercialization, it is typically more affordable to buy clothes and collars than it is to make them yourselves. For this reason, making a collar isn’t the most economical choice.

Still, making a DIY collar can be a great way to personalize your dog’s style. It can also be really rewarding as the owner to know that you poured a lot of love and care into making your dog’s most valuable accessory.

Making a DIY collar allows you to perfectly match your dog’s personality to its collar, and potentially a matching leash. You can also make sure that your dog has a collar that stands out from the rest, letting them be the envy of other dogs at the park.

Making a DIY collar may be a great idea if your dog has special needs. For example, an incredibly small dog or large dog may benefit from a personally sized collar. A DIY collar may also be a great idea if your dog has sensitive skin or doesn’t like the feel of most commercial products.

Potential Drawbacks

Even though making your own DIY collar can be a great way to personalize your pooch’s necklace, there are some drawbacks. Most notably, you need some experience with sewing or crafting. There are some designs on our list that do not require a sewing machine, but you do need some basic crafting skills.

Additionally, crafting supplies can be expensive if you don’t have any to start out with. Luckily, the size of dog collars means that you can often use scraps. If you don’t have any leftover materials or the necessary items, however, you may be spending more by making a collar, as opposed to buying one outright.

The last potential drawback is that poorly done DIY collars may not be sturdy enough to handle an unruly dog. For mild-tempered or older dogs, this may not be an issue, but for more active and spirited dogs, a DIY collar might break if they see a rabbit while on a walk.

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Image Credit: Michael J Magee, Shutterstock

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Final Thoughts

DIY dog collars can be a great way to personalize your dog’s style. We hope that these plans help you find a dog collar perfect for your pooch. Just with a little extra care and effort, you can make your dog feel like the leader of the pack.

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