Cats have always been a part of Halloween. It’s hard to go to any store this time of year and not to see an image of a black cat with an arched back and puffy tail!

This association may have started a long time ago – way back in ancient Egyptian times. They had a goddess with a cat head named Bast, who along with her temple cats were associated with the night.

Cats have also been associated with witches as their companions. They may have been drawn together for their similar attributes of being astute, wise and independent.

These days, our beloved cats still get a lot of attention at Halloween, although in a bit less reverent way: we dress them up as bread and pumpkins and hotdogs. So much for progress 🙂

Regardless, let’s take a minute and enjoy our furry friends in their finest attire!


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Do you dress up your cats for Halloween? Or even for any other days? Do they like it, or just tolerate the outfits for the attention?

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