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6 DIY Indoor Dog Potties You Can Make at Home (2023 Update)

Patricia Dickson

By Patricia Dickson

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The last thing you want is for your dog to use the bathroom inside of your house, so you have to improvise. Are there indoor, porch, and patio solutions you can use? Is it possible to DIY a dog potty? The answer to these questions is yes. So first, we’ll give you our top seven picks for indoor, porch, and patio solutions in the list below. Then we’ll answer a few of your top questions.

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The Top 6 DIY Indoor Dog Potties You Can Make at Home

1. DIY Dog Toilet with Grass and Drainage System

Dog Porch Potty with Real Grass and Drainage System
Image Credit: imgur

First on our list is the DIY dog toilet and drainage system. This project requires a few tools and DIY know-how, but it’s well worth the trouble it takes to build, and your pup will thank you for the effort. Also, since it has real grass, your dog won’t notice the difference and refuse to use it because it’s not outside.

The instructions for this plan are detailed, and you hold the grass up with a lattice made of wood. You will need to replace the grass often, but since the dog gets to sit on real grass, it’ll remove any confusion when you can take the dog outside to potty again.

2. DIY Pet Porch Potty with Mulch

diy pet porch potty
Image Credit: thespacebetweenblog

You can build a DIY pet porch potty with mulch, as evidenced in the instructions above. This is an interesting idea since you’ll replace the artificial or real grass with mulch. It’s easy to do, simple to maintain, and only requires a liner and mulch.

However, it’s essential to use bark and mulch that isn’t dyed. The dye on the mulch can make your dog sick if they happen to chew on it because some dyes are toxic to animals.

3. Fake Grass Patio Potty

Porch Potty
Image Credit: imgur

Some pet parents are unwilling to use real grass in their dog’s patio potty, so here are some instructions on making a fake grass patio potty instead. This is a gorgeous and well-crafted potty. The drainage system in this plan is professional grade, meaning you’ll need a lot of DIY experience to pull this one off, but it’s worth it once you’re finished.

4. Simple and Easy DIY Dog Potty

Homemade Doggy Potty
Image Credit: instructables

Sometimes you would rather avoid the complications of building a dog potty and want something simple and easy to construct. That’s when you can use the instructions to build this easy DIY dog potty.

You’ll only need a mat, artificial grass, and a crate tray to get the job done. This simple project can be easily built, even if your DIY skills are lacking.

5. Self-Draining DIY Porch Potty with Durable Artificial Turf

If you’re looking for a potty for the porch that can be cleaned easily, then the self-draining DIY porch potty with durable artificial turf is the right one for you.

This is a luxury build that doesn’t take long to complete. The best thing about it is the self-draining feature. There’s even a red gnome included in the plans that gives your canine pal something to aim at, as we all know they love to do.

The artificial turf is easy to spray down with water to keep the urine smell away, though you will want to change it out fairly often.

6. Simple Balcony Potty on Wheels

If you want a potty that isn’t permanent or really hard to build, we recommend the simple balcony potty on wheels. While it’s a little different than anything else on our list, it’s simple, easy to make, and your puppy should like it.

Also, you need very few supplies and very little in the way of DIY skills to make this cool potty. The neighbors will be curious, and your dog will be over the moon.

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Why Make a Potty Box for Your Dog?

Now that you know what the best DIY indoor potties are out there today, you might wonder what the point is of making a potty box for your dog. We’ll give you a list of reasons below.

You Live in an Apartment/Condo

If you live on the seventh floor, and your dog has to potty six or seven times a day, you’re going to get a lot of exercise. This is especially a hassle if your dog tends to do its business a lot in the middle of the night. An indoor potty will help with that for sure.

Easy to Clean Up

Fake grass is pretty easy to clean with a garden hose. However, even if you decide on real grass, cleaning it is much easier than cleaning a whole yard, wouldn’t you think?

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An indoor toilet area for your canine will certainly make your life much easier. These are the best options and designs, in our opinion. Let us know in the comments if you have any other DIY dog potty designs to share.

Featured Image Credit: Jessica Delp, Unsplash

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