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13 DIY Pallet Dog Beds You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Due to their ever-growing popularity, you’ve probably noticed that pallets are everywhere these days. You can get them for minimal cost. If you’re lucky, you can even get them for free. While you will need at least some experience with tool usage, you won’t have to pay such high prices for a premade dog bed. It also helps that you have full control over the outcome as far as visual factors go.

If you’re handy or crafty, you can learn how to build a pallet dog bed with one of these 7 super cute ideas for your four-legged friend, so they can snooze in style. These beds are inexpensive and customized to add flair to your home décor.

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Top 13 DIY Pallet Dog Bed Plans

1. Kyle Miller Upcycled Pallet Dog Bed

  • Difficulty: Moderate

Kyle Miller created this upcycled pallet dog bed tutorial for those who have a few extra pallets lying around. This piece that he makes will require that you have woodworking tools, as he uses a planer. An experienced builder could sand down the boards for a smooth finish. If you’re looking for a less complicated DIY, you may want to look at the other selections.

Kyle correctly measured his dog’s heated mattress and formed the design to comply. You could do the same for your dog’s bedding, making this bottomless.

2. Andrea Arzensek Bunk Beds with Floating Stairs

  • Difficulty: Moderate

If you have more than one dog — or even a dog and cat — this is an awesome pallet bunk bed with floating stairs project that won’t take long at all. All you will need is a few dismantled pallets, tools, and anything other items for personal touches.

It would help if you had a hammer and nails. Or if you prefer, you can secure the pieces with wood glue. It is a personal preference. You will also need a cutting tool to get accurate dimensions. You can stain, paint, or decorate these adorable bunk beds however you wish.

3. Ozito DIY Pallet Dog Bed

  • Difficulty: Easy

If you are looking for something that is more enclosed, the pallet dog bed put together by Ozito is worth consideration. They do make this for a smaller breed, as seen in the video. However, you could customize the measurements for whatever size you need—if you feel confident in your abilities.

They take you through how to make the cuts and guide you on which tools to use. Before you know it, you will have an adorable dog bed you can tailor to fit your tastes.

4. Meister Squared Cheap DIY Pallet Dog Bed

  • Difficulty: Easy

In this time-lapse, Meister Squared turns a pallet into an inexpensive dog bed with a simple, uncomplicated design. If you were hoping to keep most of the pallet intact and make subtle changes to turn it from a drab slab to a dream bed, this might be one of the easiest on the list.

With a few simple alterations, your pet can have their own bed frame to snuggle up inside. It will also look great in any room.

5. The Rehab Life $15 Pet Bed

  • Difficulty: Easy

While this DIY is not pallet-specific, you can easily use dismantled pallet boards for this creation, as the measurements are within pallet parameters. The Rehab Life shows the materials needed and lengths of boards before they get started. You can measure beforehand to see if you can whip this up.

This is the cutest little dog bed that your pet is sure to enjoy. It looks like a miniature human bed, so you can set this in your room or wherever they enjoy their slumber. It’s quick, easy, and one of the cheaper models.

6. Brian Ealy PERFECT Dog Bed

  • Difficulty: Moderate

Another bottomless addition to the list, Brian Ealy shows you just how to make a “perfect” dog bed out of used pallets. Spoiler alert! Before you get too far, he does use old pallets. However, for the internal structure, he uses store-bought lumber. Therefore, if you are looking for a pallet-only option, this isn’t going to work for you.

But as far as craftsmanship, this idea is top-notch and will likely last for years with proper use. Because you can switch out the bedding and it has no bottom, it makes it that much more useful and worth your while.

7. Chris Gagnon DIY Rustic Dog Pallet Twin Bed

DIY Rustic Dog Bed
Image Credit: Home Talk
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Do you have more than one furry friend looking for a place to snooze? Chris Gagnon gives a project idea that may be best suited for an experienced craftsman: a rustic dog pallet twin bed. He does a wonderful job showing you the ropes, but it requires many tools and supplies that a regular person may not have.

If you have the required tools, this is a unique and tasteful addition to place in your home. Once it is finished, it will be just as beneficial as aesthetically pleasing.

8. DIY Pallet Dog Bed on Casters

DIY Pallet Dog Bed on Casters
Image Credit: The Home Depot
  • Difficulty: Easy

This is an easy DIY Pallet Dog Bed on Casters project. The step-by-step tutorial is a simple project that can be completed in a few hours. It does not need an experienced DIY’er, and the tools needed to complete the dog bed are found in most garages and basements.

Once completed, add a cushion so your dog can be comfy and cozy. The caster wheels are a fantastic addition to the dog bed because it allows you to move it with ease. There are also two openings that you can use to store food bowls or add baskets to keep all the dog toys.

So, if you are a beginner with DIY projects, give this one a try. Your pet will love you for it!

9. Pallet Dog Bed

DIY Pallet Dog Bed
Image Credit: 1001 Pallets
  • Difficulty: Easy

If you have a little time on your hands and want to take a crack at this Pallet Dog Bed, you can repurpose some old pallets you may have hanging around. If you do not have the required tools for this project, you can rent or buy them at your local hardware store. They are basic tools that can be found in most homes. The supplies needed are also found in most homes or can be purchased for a minimal amount of money.

You can also customize the finish of the wood. Use varnish to give it a rustic look or paint it pink for your little princess. Use your imagination but be sure to make it something that fits your and your pet’s personality.

10. Pet Bed From Pallet

DIY Pet Bed From Pallet
Image Credit: Hometalk
  • Difficulty: Easy

This is a great Pet Bed From Pallet Video that is ideal for the beginner DIY’er. One of the wonderful things about the project is that if you mess it up, you are not wasting expensive wood. It is a terrific way to practice and save money too!

This dog bed is great for any dog, but the little opening is a nice addition for dogs that are small or physically challenged. Your pooch can climb into the bed easily and without stressing any body parts that may be injured or painful. There is ample room to add an extra thick cushion or pillow to keep your furry friend comfortable.

11. Make This: Wood Pallet Dog Bed

Wood Pallet Dog Bed
Image Credit: Hello Scarlett Blog
  • Difficulty: Easy

The Make This: Wood Pallet Dog Bed is another easy project for someone that has basic tools and materials that are found in most garages. The plans allow for making the most of the pallet wood without the need to purchase corner braces. The step-by-step instructions provide options for attaching the sides and the size of the bed. The instructions are clear and easy to understand even for an inexperienced builder.

You can add a distinctive touch to the pallet by painting it your favorite color and adding some designs using stencils or freehand drawings. Make it cute and add your children’s handprints on the wood and your dog’s paw prints on the cushion. Make it an all in the family project. The kids will love it and the dog will too!

12. Doggy Pallet Bed

DIY Doggy Pallet Bed
Image Credit: Seaside Interiors
  • Difficulty: Easy

Another easy Doggy Pallet Bed is this tutorial with step-by-step instructions with pictures taken by an eight-year-old. (She did an excellent job). It is obvious from the tutorial that this is an awesome project to do on a weekend with the kids. The bed is easily made using old pallets that are laying around or you can purchase them at your local hardware store. The tools needed are basic tools that you can borrow or purchase if you do not have them laying around. The materials needed are minimal and can also be purchased at a hardware or department store.

The complete dog bed can be painted, decorated with decals, or just varnished to protect the wood. The cushion can be bought at a pet store, or you can custom make one for your wonderful pet. The choices are up to you.

13. My Pallet Daybed

DIY My Pallet Daybed
Image Credit: Katie’s Blog
  • Difficulty: Easy

The instructions for My Pallet Daybed are super simple for making a doggy daybed. The steps to complete this project are minimal and the tools needed will likely be in your toolbox or garage. With just a few hours you can complete a bed for your pet that would be a terrific addition to your home or backyard.

This daybed will require an inexpensive mattress or the materials to make one. The size is large enough for someone with multiple pets or a larger sized dog. Your canine is sure to appreciate and love the comfort and excess space to lay around on. This would be great for a sunroom or enclosed porch. Put it against a window and your dog or cat can enjoy the scenery like a king or queen.


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There is so much you can do on your own these days with a few supplies. We listed 10 wonderful ideas that will teach you how to build a pallet dog bed. There are plenty more unique dog beds spread out across the web that you may like for specific reasons. You can also get extra creative and make a pallet bed of your own design without any official guidance — just with a bit of inspiration.

Featured Image Credit: Lenti Hill, Shutterstock

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