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8 DIY Parakeet Toys You Can Make Today (With Videos)

Ed Malaker

By Ed Malaker

young male blue budgie mauve budgie playing with a toy

Parakeets are fun pets requiring little maintenance, but they can go through their toys quickly, which can get expensive. Fortunately, it’s possible to build DIY parakeet toys for a fraction of the cost.

If you enjoy creating things, keep reading for a list of several projects that you can tackle. We explain each plan’s construction process, so you can see if it’s right for you and your bird.

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The 8 DIY Parakeet Toys

1. Cheap DIY Bird Toy

Coin wrappers, twine, paper, beads, plastic cups, cupcake baking cups, popsicle sticks, book, treats
Tools: Scissors, drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

The CheapDIY Bird Toy project is great fun and helps you produce five different toys for less than $15. You might already have a few of the supplies around your home, which include coin wrappers and paper that you can cut into strips. The foraging toys are easy to make, and you can likely make several of each. The best part is that your pet will have a great time playing with them, and they hold up well. As a safety precaution, when using beads make sure they are too big to fit inside your bird’s mouth; this will prevent them from choking on or swallowing them!

2. Custom Budgie Toy

Beads, buttons, wire, clothes pins, twigs (just make sure they are not toxic), rope, bells, chains, metal rings, hooks, wooden frame and dowels, treats
Tools: Drill, wire cutters
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The Custom Budgie Toy project shows you how to make several toys from only a few materials, including beads, buttons, twigs, and rope. All the toys are easy to build and fun to create, and you can customize them in many ways to better suit your bird or home. The only downside to this project is that it requires drill and wire cutter use, so you will need to help children with it. Make sure that the object used are not going to pose any hazard, whether from swallowing a foreign object or toxins in the wood.

3. DIY Bird Toy

Materials: Wood blocks (non-toxic, untreated), food coloring, chain
Tools: Scissors, paintbrush, drill, bowl, gloves
Difficulty Level: Easy

The DIY Bird Toy is great for anyone looking to get the bright colors on wood that many commercial bird toys have while remaining safe for your pet to use. You only need a few materials, including wood blocks, food coloring, and a chain, and aside from waiting for the ink to dry, the project only takes a few minutes to complete. The only downside is that it is not child friendly because you must drill holes in the woodblocks to feed the chain through.

4. Dollar Store Bird Toy

Materials: Cat toys, twine
Tools: Utility knife
Difficulty Level: Easy

The Dollar Store Bird Toy project shows you how to make an attractive and useful toy out of items that you can find in the dollar store, with the finished product costing less than $5. It’s easy to build and uses the bells in cat toys to attract your bird and encourage more playtime. Depending on what’s available in your area, you can customize it quite extensively, and it is durable enough to last through several play sessions.

5. DIY Foot Toy

Bamboo finger traps, popsicle sticks (can color with food coloring as above if desired), leather rope, beads, other bird toys specified in video
Tools: Scissors, drill
Difficulty Level: Easy

Foot toys are fun for your parakeet to play with, and the DIY Foot Toy project has easy-to-follow plans that will show you how to make several. Each plan requires only a few materials and even fewer tools. Most are child friendly to make, although if drilling is involved you will have to step in. They are colorful, durable, and fun for the birds. As always, make sure the beads are appropriate for the size of your bird.

6. Under $10 Bird Toy

Beads, chains, clips, rope, wood blocks, twine/leather rope, bells, other bird toys
Tools: Scissors
Difficulty Level: Easy

The Under $10 Bird Toy is a great project that shows you how to create inexpensive toys primarily using items that you might already have lying around your home, including beads, rope, string, yarn, woodblocks, and spools of strings. The author explains how to choose the items for your toy and how to customize the plan for your bird.

7. DIY Parrot Toy

Materials: Craft sticks, wooden dowel, twine, beads
Tools: Scissors, measuring tape, bowl, handsaw
Difficulty Level: Easy

The DIY Parrot Toy project uses only a few materials, such as craft sticks and twine, to create two colorful toys that your bird will enjoy playing with. The ladder is especially durable and can stay in the cage for quite a while before you need to replace it. The safety principles mentioned above regarding beads and wood, also apply to this toy.

8. Coconut Swing With Roof

Materials: Coconut, twine, tape, beads
Tools: Hammer, file, sander
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The Coconut Swing With Roof project produces one of the most attractive toys on this list, and we think that your bird will enjoy swinging in it. It requires drilling, sanding, and careful knot-tying, so it’s considered moderately difficult. However, if you are patient and follow the instructions carefully, you can likely complete it even if you are a beginner.

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It’s relatively easy to make toys for your parakeet instead of buying them, and many of the projects on this list show you how to make several toys. Going through the entire list is a great way to keep your pet entertained for weeks, and we think that you’ll be surprised how little it costs to do so.

If one project is enough, we recommend the DIY Foot Toy, which is fun for the entire family. If you are looking for something more challenging, the Coconut Swing With Roof is a great choice.

Featured Image Credit: UniqSnaps, Shutterstock

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