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5 DIY Snoopy Dog House Plans You Can Build Today

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Building a dog house that looks like Snoopy’s house from the classic comic strip, “Peanuts,” is a fairly simple task — especially if you have experience building furniture or have worked with other lumber projects. A Snoopy dog house has a simple gabled design, and we have featured five plans on this list that will teach you how to build a snoopy dog house and get you started with minimal effort. They range in skill level, so you can find the one that best suits your ability.

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1. DIY Network Simple Gabled-Roof Dog House

DIY Network offers a dog house project that is a great size for small- to medium-sized dogs up to 50 pounds. They recommend using high-quality plywood without splinters and cracks and only using pressure-treated wood where your dog can’t chew, such as the base of the house. They have step-by-step plans that are clear and concise and offer videos of each step that teach you how to build a snoopy dog house with ease. The skill level for this house is for a beginner and takes approximately half a day to build.

2. Simple Dog House Plan, From Lowes

Lowes has a simple dog house plan that with a coating of red paint, could look like Snoopy’s dog house. Their plans are concise and the instructions simple to understand. It is designed for average-sized dogs, but you could easily scale it up or down to accommodate your dog. This dog house could be built by someone with very little carpentry experience, since the instructions are so detailed. You will need a circular saw and a table saw to cut the lumber. They also teach you how to shingle the roof to add extra protection for your dog.

3. BuildEazy Doghouse

BuildEazy has free plans for a basic doghouse that can be modified to look exactly the way you envision. They offer detailed instructions and plans for this house that will be big enough for larger dogs. Tips and tricks abound with these plans, and you will find everything you need to complete this project from start to finish. There is the option of a PDF download, but it isn’t free. Otherwise, you can scroll through the site and find everything you need.

4. My Outdoor Plans DIY Dog House

This site has a step-by-step project for a basic gabled dog house. My Outdoor Plans helps you plan every step of the woodworking project, from beginning to end, to help you keep the cost down and end up with a great-looking house that you can be proud of. They recommend investing in high-quality materials to build the house so it will last for many years. You can build this house in one day or make it a weekend project. The skill level is suited to those that have intermediate experience with wood projects. A beginner could build this house, but it may take longer than one weekend.

5. Simple Dog House by Burkes Backyard

Burkes Backyard offers a simple design and construction for a gabled doghouse that resembles Snoopy’s dog house. It is a project that can easily be accomplished by a beginner, and it will help you gain the confidence to tackle more complicated builds later on. The supply and tool list is short and sweet, so you won’t have to spend a great deal of money to build this house. The plans are for a medium-sized dog but can be adjusted to fit different sizes if you wish. One nice thing with this house is that you can easily remove the roof for cleaning.

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We hope that these five plans will help you build the Snoopy dog house of your dreams — or at least, of your dog’s dreams — so they have a great place outside that protects them from the elements. Use your creativity skills when building a Snoopy house from these plans so you end up with a one-of-a-kind creation.

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