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Do All Russian Blue Cats Have Green Eyes? Breed Characteristics Facts

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Russian Blue cat twins

The Russian Blue cat, also known as the archangel or archangel blue cat, is a pretty distinct feline breed characterized by a triangular-shaped head with a broad forehead, large ears, and straight nose. Additionally, the cat has a short, luxurious double-layered coat with a shiny steel blue or silvery hue. The slight upturn of the mouth also gives the cat a naturally attractive Mona Lisa-like smile.

What about the eyes? Do all Russian Blue cats have green eyes? Yes, they do!

Russian Blue cats have captivating eyes with a gorgeous effect set off by their shimmery blue coats. Kittens have yellow eyes that darken over time. By the time they are adults, all Russian Blues have bright green eyes.


Do Russian Blue Cats Have Eye Problems?

Their green eyes are not a sign of any disorder or problem. Like most cats, Russian Blues enjoy relatively good eye health. However, some cats develop progressive retinal atrophy, a degenerative disease characterized by the retina’s gradual deterioration. While there is no known cure for the disease, most cats adapt well to the loss of day and night vision as long as there are no significant changes in their environment.

Russian Blue Cat on a table
Image Credit: Nailia Schwarz, Shutterstock

5 Fun Facts About Russian Blue Cats

Russian Blue cats are interesting felines you are bound to adore once they recognize you as family. You can warm your way into your kitty’s heart by providing tasty meals, regular grooming, and socialization.

If you are looking to adopt a Russian Blue cat, here are five fun facts you should know.

1. Russian Blues Cats Love Set Schedules

Russian Blue cats are comfortable learning one routine and sticking to it. They don’t like significant environmental changes and will likely seem upset or anxious after adoption. Once they warm up and love their surroundings, they will be glad to stay at home all day, even when you travel. Just ensure they have their meals right on time—not even a minute late!

russian blue cat sitting near feeding bowl
Image Credit: slawomir.gawryluk, Shutterstock

2. Russian Blues Are Good Omen

In the old days, Russians believed that Russian Blue cats were of the royal line and would keep them as a symbol of their wealth and good social status. People also considered the cats to be good luck charms. While we cannot verify this information, many people who kept the cats attracted good fortune and great luck.

3. Russian Blue Cats Are Pretty Vocally Expressive

Russian Blue cats have a pleasant demeanor, and when you talk to them, they will always respond or “talk back.”

While they can play independently, they love playing with their owners and will make this clear by making frequent calm noises during playtime. Your cat will also remind you whenever there’s a change in its routine. It will “quite literally” let you know when dinner is due.

russian blue cat licking mouth
Image Credit: milivigerova, Pixabay

4. Russian Blues Are Highly Intelligent

Russian Blue cats are brilliant and can quickly master new games and tricks. They are keen observers and curious by nature, which also makes them fast learners. You can engage them in litter, leash, and even obedience training.

You can also use interactive toys or reward training to teach your feline buddy how to play fetch. The cat needs no training to learn how to pounce on the red light when you engage it with a laser pointer.

5. Russian Blues Have Strong Hunting Instincts

Even though Russian Blue cats look slender, they are physically impressive with robust, flexible, and masculine bodies. Their musculature allows them to move gracefully or run fast when attacking their prey.

Most cat breeds have high hunting instincts, and the Russian Blue cat is no exception. If you allow it to wander outside, your cute, neat feline will not shy away from bringing you a dead lizard, bird, or rat.

russian blue cat running in the meadow
Image Credit: ddisq, Shutterstock


Final Thoughts

Russian Blue cats have an undeniable air of elegance with their emerald green eyes and shimmery blue coats. They are believed to have originated in North Russia and developed their thick, plush coats for proper insulation during the harsh winters.

So, do all Russian Blue cats have green eyes?

All pure breed adult Russian Blue cats have green eyes. If you are adopting a kitten, its eyes will have a yellow hue that will turn emerald green over time.

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