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Do Bengal Cats Like Water? The Surprising Answer!

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By Nicole Cosgrove

bengal cat playing waterin the bowl

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It may be well known that most cats don’t like water, but a few breeds are the exception. Bengal cats are fond of water, possibly due to their Asian leopard cat ancestor. This wild cat is known to spend a lot of time in water.

Bengal Cats and Water

Most Bengal cats enjoy playing in water. This tends to be a common trait among the breed, and it may be because of their ancestry. Asian leopard cats are known for swimming and playing in water sources.

Bengal cat owners report that their cats enjoy swimming in the pool or bath, drinking water from the tap, swimming in ponds, and generally playing with water sources around them.

Overall, Bengal cats are inquisitive, so they enjoy doing many things that other cats ignore. They may play with water, put food in their water bowl to bat around, and may even learn to turn on the faucet after watching you! These cats can also open drawers and doors and may steal and hide things for fun—like a ferret.

bengal cat drinking from water fountain
Image Credit: TheCats, Shutterstock

Will Bengal Kittens Outgrow the Love of Water?

Young Bengal kittens and cats do like to play in water, even if it’s just their water dish. They may grow out of it, though many owners say theirs did not. If your cat likes to play in water as a kitten, it probably will as an adult, too.

You can encourage water play by setting up a wading pool in the backyard, putting some water in the bathtub or sink, or giving your cat access to a large water bowl or fountain. You can also find floating toys that your cat may enjoy playing with.

It’s important to keep your cat safe while playing in water, however. Bengal cats shouldn’t be bathed too often, as it strips the oils from their pelt-like coat, so keep this in mind. And just because your cat likes water doesn’t necessarily mean it will enjoy being bathed.

If you’re not sure how your cat will take to water, don’t start in deep water, like a pond or swimming pool. Give your cat a chance to adjust to the water and take to swimming on its own. It’s best to begin with a shallow water source, such as a few inches of water in the sink or bathtub. If your cat enjoys the experience, you can try deeper water gradually.

It’s also important to keep your cat from playing in hot water. If your cat enjoys water, it may become overly excited when there’s a hot running bath or shower, water that’s boiling on the stove, or other hot water sources. Be cautious with your cat around water that can scald it.

bengal cats sits near window
Image By: ketlit, Shutterstock


As a breed, Bengal cats enjoy spending time in and around water. If your cat seems to like playing with water, you can offer a wading pool, a water fountain, or a running faucet to let your cat channel its Asiatic leopard ancestor.


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