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Do Bombay Cats Like Water? Breed Preferences Explained

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

bombay black cat portrait

Sadly, the answer to this question depends on the cat! Just like any animal, some Bombay cats may like water. Many can swim at least a little bit instinctually, though this does not mean that they always take easily to water. For the most part, it depends on how often the cat was around water at a young age. They need an opportunity to get used to water when they are kittens in order to enjoy it.

Otherwise, it will likely remain a strange, wet, cold thing that they don’t like to touch very much.

There is some degree of personal preference at play as well. Some cats take right to water simply because it is in their genetics. However, other cats won’t enjoy water no matter how much they are around it. While Bombay cats sometimes have a disposition for water, this does not seem to be certain. Some Bombay cats are reported to dislike water, though you’ll also find many reports that they love water.

There doesn’t seem to be a straight answer, likely because it depends on the individual and their experiences.

If you want your cat to like water, your best bet is to provide plenty of water play at a young age. It is often recommended to start with a shallow bowl with balls for kittens to play with. Then, eventually, you can work your cat up to swimming as an adult (though some cats will never like swimming).

Still, you also have to accept that not all Bombay cats like water. Even if you offer a lot of water from a young age, some cats may never warm up to it and prefer to keep their feet steadily on land.


Should I Bathe My Bombay Cat?

Bombay cats do not usually need to be bathed—just like most other breeds of cats. Usually, these cats keep themselves clean. If they don’t, there is often an underlying illness involved. For instance, many obese cats cannot clean themselves because they can’t reach everywhere. The same may be true for cats with other illnesses.

However, you may need to bathe your cat rarely if they get dirty when outside. If your cat gets into something unsafe or particularly sticky, they may need help getting their fur clean again.

Bombay cats do not have high grooming requirements. Therefore, they usually don’t need much help maintaining it. You can own a Bombay cat for a very long time before needing to bathe it. However, we do recommend having some cat-safe wipes on hand for quick cleaning when necessary. These wipes are much easier than a full bath and can often tackle many cleaning jobs.

bombay cat lounging outdoor
Photo Credit: Lolame, Pixabay

What Do Bombay Cats Like?

Bombay cats typically like all of the same things as other cats. Different cats will have their own preferences, so you’ll have to get to know your feline to understand their personality. For instance, most cats have their own preferences when it comes to toys, food, and activities. Some may like to climb while others do not.

Preferences do sometimes travel within the same breed. Certain breeds may like to climb, for instance. However, there are always individual differences within the breed.

Overall, Bombay cats seem to prefer very warm places. They do not have long coats, so they may get cold easier than other cats. It isn’t odd to find them hunting for warmer places to sleep and rest. They may curl up near a sunny window, for instance.

For this reason, many Bombay cats also sleep with their owners—likely because of the extra warmth.

Do Bombay Cats Like to Go Outside?

Many cats like to go outside, assuming that they are introduced to the outdoors from a young age. However, there are also many cats that are fearful of the outdoors. Usually, this is a matter of the cat’s personality. Of course, if you keep a cat inside for most of their life, they probably aren’t going to be too happy with running around outside.

With that said, that doesn’t mean that you should let your Bombay cat outside. Outdoor cats have a much lower life expectancy than indoor cats. They are much more likely to be attacked by a predator, for instance. Furthermore, domestic cats can decimate the bird population and harm local wildlife.

Therefore, it is often better for everyone around if cats are kept indoors—and your Bombay cat is no different.

While you may consider letting your cat outside to run off some steam, it is generally considered a health hazard. Therefore, we must recommend that you keep your cat indoors.



Bombay cats may like water. However, there is not a strong, innate drive for these cats to swim or anything of that sort. They seem to be just slightly more prone to liking water than your average cat. Therefore, it will depend a lot on your cat’s personal preference and their experiences with water.

Some Bombay cats will take quicker to water than others. Some may never like water at all. It is difficult to tell with this breed, so it will depend mostly on the cat that you adopt.

Featured Image Credit: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock

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