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Do Cat Litter Deodorizers Work? Here Are the Answers You Need!

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

By Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Cat litter with flower deodorizer

Cats are greatly loved by many people throughout the world. They have amusing attitudes, they tend to do whatever they like (which is something that we humans wish we could do!), and they make great cuddle buddies. However, there is one thing about cats that even most cat lovers can agree that they don’t enjoy: a smelly cat litter box. Litter boxes are a necessity, though, and the odor that emits from them cannot be helped.

That said, there may be a few things that you can do to curb the bad odors that come from your cat litter box, like utilizing cat litter deodorizers. But do these products actually work? Short answer is that yes, they tend to. But are they safe for cats? Are there other options to consider? Let’s explore the answers to these questions right here.

What Are Cat Litter Deodorizers?

These products typically come in a powder form and are designed to be sprinkled on top of cat litter and then mixed in. Once mixed with the litter, these deodorizers neutralize, rather than cover up, the smell of urine that tends to be so prevalent. The deodorizers attack the bacteria that are responsible for creating the ammonia odor that you smell in your cat’s urine. Afterward, you’re left with a fresh-smelling space that does not just smell like fragrance and urine mixed together.

It is important to note that some deodorizing products do contain fragrances as a second form of odor control, but they are not necessary to keep urine odors to a minimum. However, these fragrances are likely to harbor chemicals that may not be so health friendly for you or your cat. It’s important to read the ingredients label before deciding which cat litter deodorizer to invest in.

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Do Cat Litter Deodorizers Work?

Yes, cat litter deodorizers do tend to work. It is important to read the directions and the fine print to get the results that you are looking for, though. If you use them correctly, you likely won’t have to worry about odors when spending time in your home or welcoming visitors. If you do not keep up with replenishing the deodorizer as instructed or you don’t scoop or clean your litter box out regularly, however, your deodorizer may not perform as you expect it to.

Are There Other Deodorizing Options to Consider?

If you aren’t interested in chemical cat litter deodorizers, there are a few natural options to consider. You can use natural options alone or with a commercial cat litter deodorizer, depending on your preference and the comfort levels of your cat. Here are options to consider:

  • Utilize Baking Soda: This is a natural odor neutralizer that works well! Just mix a couple of tablespoons of baking soda into your cat litter, and enjoy less odor day and night.
  • Incorporate Activated Charcoal: This is another natural substance that happens to be efficient when it comes to odor control. No more than 1 tablespoon per cat litter box should be necessary for good results.
  • Increase Ventilation: Place your cat litter box near a window, and keep it cracked open to help encourage bad odors to travel outdoors.
  • Invest in an Automatic Litter Box: Utilizing an automatic cat litter box will help ensure that all the clumps and feces will get scooped away multiple times each day, which can do wonders for odor control and air quality as time goes on.

Trying using one or more of these options in addition to commercial cat litter deodorizers to gain optimal results. However, keep in mind that using even just one can help improve the odor that wafts into your home from the cat litter box. So, don’t overlook any of them just because you don’t want to or can’t utilize them all.

Sometimes even the best litter box setup needs a helping hand. Our Hepper Advanced Bio-Enzyme Cat Litter Deodorizer naturally breaks down odors at the source. This effective litter additive can help all types of cat litter last longer, saving you money, and is safe for all life stages. Best of all, it's 100% biodegradable and fragrance-free.

hepper bioenzymatic litter additive


Cat litter deodorizers do work, but they are not the only options around. It is worth trying out other, more natural options to see if they work for you and your kitty before dabbling in the chemical-laden options on the market. You may find that using both natural and commercial options is the most effective way to combat cat litter odors in your household.

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