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Do Dog Whistle Apps Work? Effectivity & Restrictions

Rachel Giordano

By Rachel Giordano

Owner with dog whistle

Odds are, you may have never heard of a dog whistle app, and if so, let us begin this article by explaining what a dog whistle app actually is. Dog whistle apps aid in training techniques by sounding off a “whistle” at high frequencies that dogs pick up well but humans cannot.

Dog whistle apps help with behavioral issues, potty training, and other training techniques. Police and military dogs are often trained using a dog whistle app, and the results seem to be effective without restrictions.

There are many apps to choose from with various frequencies, and it’s important to know which frequencies to steer clear from. Read on to learn more to keep your dog safe.

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Are Dog Whistle Apps Effective?

What makes whistle apps effective is the frequency range. A rule of thumb is that the higher the hertz¹, the higher the frequency. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, you will find many different apps you can download through the App store or Google Play.  Some apps even come complete with a clicker¹, which is a nice training tool.

Ensure you have treats on hand when training your dog with a dog whistle to ensure a positive outcome. Every dog is different, and the responses and reactions from a dog whistle may vary. Also, it’s best to not blow the whistle for a long time. You only need short blows for the whistle to be effective, and you want your dog to associate the whistle sound with a positive outlook.

Do Dog Whistle Apps Hurt Dogs?

This question is important to know the answer to, so let’s dig in. According to Louisiana State University¹, dogs can hear between 67–45,000 hertz (Hz), which are ranges humans cannot hear. Humans can hear from 20–20,000 Hz¹. Typically, dogs’ ears are sensitive to 25,000 Hz and up, which can be irritating to your dog. So, if you’re going to use a whistle app, ensure it does not exceed that range.

Many whistle apps are around 200–28,000 Hz with customizable ranges. Now that you know what frequency becomes uncomfortable for dogs (25,000 Hz and up), you can set it not to exceed that range.

Training an active dog at home with a smartphone application
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Is There a Phone App That Scares Dogs Away?

 It can be scary if you’re out for a walk with your dog and a stray approaches you and your pooch aggressively. Luckily, there are dog repellent apps you can download for this very purpose. These apps allow you to adjust the frequency, and you can select a high pitch that will, more than likely, send an aggressive dog on its way. Again, be careful not to make the pitch at a dangerous level (over 25,000 Hz).

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Final Thoughts

Dog whistle apps can be very effective in dog training. It’s wise, though, not to solely rely on a dog whistle app to train¹ your dog. Not all dogs will respond to a dog whistle in the same way, and knowing other effective methods will only help boost the training process. Ensure you have plenty of treats on hand while training, and always use positive reinforcement¹.

Featured Image Credit: Jari Hindstroem, Shutterstock

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