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Do Dogs Enjoy Baths? Hyper Attitude & More Facts

Jessica Kim

By Jessica Kim

dachshund bath time

Many dog owners have dogs that have the case of “the zoomies” after a bath. They’ll run around and often rub against furniture and roll around on the floor. We don’t exactly know why many dogs are hyper after a bath, but there are several theories that may explain this behavior.

Some theories believe that dogs act in this manner because they’re having fun and continuing their enjoyment of their bath. Other theories suggest that dogs feel relieved that the bath is over, and they’re trying to dry themselves off. 

Here’s a further breakdown of why your dog might have the zoomies right after bath time.

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Relief That the Bath is Over

First, your dog might be zooming around after bath to release and express a sense of relief that it’s over, especially if your dog doesn’t particularly enjoy bath time..

Some dogs will shake their fur as a means of trying to calm themselves down when they’re feeling stressed or riled up. So, they may be simultaneously trying to dry themselves off and calm down as they shake. The hyperactivity that follows bath time could be a continuation of the shaking and a means of trying to calm themselves down.

havanese dog getting a bath in the bathtub
Image Credit: Peter Mayer 67, Shutterstock

Excitement and Fun

Dogs that love playing in water and enjoy bath time can have an additional burst of energy after they exit the bathtub because they want the fun to continue. They’re feeling happy and need to express their excitement.

Some dogs may also just find it fun to run around, especially if they love being chased.

Attempting To Dry Off and Stay Warm

It makes sense that a dog may be trying to dry off and stay warm as it runs around wildly. Rolling around on the carpet can help shake out water from their coat and help them get dry faster.

Dogs that feel cold from their wet fur can also run around to warm up their bodies by generating body heat.

Happy dog in a towel sitting at the groomer table after bath
Image Credit: Kasefoto, Shutterstock

Attempting To Remove Shampoo Smell

Dogs and humans don’t often share the same preferences when it comes to smells. A sweet shampoo scent may smell pleasant to humans, but dogs might not share the same sentiment.

Dogs can smell up to 100,000 times better than humans. So, the smell of scented shampoo may be too much for their senses.

Some dogs are also known to roll around in things that humans find stinky and unbearable. Some dog behaviorists theorize that they do this to mask their own scents. So, it’s very possible that dogs that have just finished a bath may feel that they have a strong smell that they need to mask.

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Final Thoughts

It’s not completely certain as to why dogs get hyper after baths. It can be out of excitement, relief, or a means of trying to reach a calm and normal state again. Regardless of the reason, it’s quite normal dog behavior and isn’t really something to worry about.

What’s important is to make sure that your dog has a safe space to run around and avoid any injuries from bumping into objects or slipping around. The case of the zoomies doesn’t last for too long, and as you create a comfortable space for your dog, you’ll find that your dog will eventually calm down and relax after bath time.

Featured Image Credit: Masarik, Shutterstock

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