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Do Dogs Like Cold Water or Is Room Temperature Water Better? Vet-Reviewed Canine Preferences

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Setting out a bowl of water for your dog is probably second nature at this point. However, many dog owners don’t think twice about the type of water they put out for their dogs. After all, dogs will drink just about any water when thirsty.

Even though dogs will drink most water, you might be wondering if your furry best friend has a preference based on temperature. After all, many humans prefer cool water. Dogs are like us in that they love cool water. Let’s dive into the details.

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Dogs Like Cool Water!

Believe it or not, dogs love cool water. According to a small study conducted by the University of New England, dogs seem to have a significant preference for cool drinking water. The study defined cool drinking water as around 15 degrees Celsius or 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

The exact temperature that the dog prefers depends on individual preferences. Dogs with a lower core body temperature tend to prefer slightly warmer water than those with a warmer core body temperature. Even so, nearly all dogs preferred cool water over warm or lukewarm water.

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Will Dogs Drink Room Temperature Water?

Even though dogs prefer cool water, they will drink just about any water if thirsty. Dogs have evolved not to be as picky as humans. If they’re thirsty, they will drink cool, lukewarm, and even warm water if necessary.

So, you don’t need to panic if you’ve been gone for the day and the once-cold water is now lukewarm. Your dog will certainly drink the water when they are thirsty. However, it’s still a good idea to change out the water whenever you get home so that it is cool and fresh.

If you live in a hot location and your dog’s water has been in the car or under the sun, there is a possibility that it will be hot enough to cause a superficial burn to your dog. Therefore, place your dog’s water in a shaded area. This will also allow your dog to cool off when taking a water break on a hot, sunny day.

What Water Is Best For Dogs?

Clean, filtered water is best for dogs. If you can drink the water, it is safe for your dog, too. In most cases, filtered water is great for dogs. If you give your dog the same water you drink, they will likely be happy, healthy, and, most importantly, hydrated.

If your dog has special health considerations, talk to your veterinarian. Also, pay attention to your dog’s drinking habits. Some dogs are pickier than others. If your dog does not seem to drink enough water, you might need to get creative to entice them to drink. Flavoring the water with a small amount of dog-safe bone broth usually does the trick.

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Final Thoughts

Like many of us, dogs like cold water more than room temperature or warm water. However, they will drink any water when they are thirsty. It’s vital to ensure that there is always cool, fresh, and clean drinking water available for your dog. If the water turns warm, that’s fine.

Just be careful of the water getting too hot on a blazing summer day to avoid any burns or injuries to your dog. Refill the bowl whenever you notice the temperature change. Proper hydration is essential for dogs, and paying attention to your dog’s drinking habits and preferences will help ensure that they remain healthy and hydrated.

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