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Do Golden Retrievers Shed? Vet-Reviewed Care and Grooming Advice

Sarah Psaradelis

By Sarah Psaradelis

Golden Retriever dog shedding

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Golden Retrievers do shed quite a bit, typically between a moderate to heavy amount. A Golden Retriever’s coat is beautiful golden fur that is soft to the touch making them a wonderfully cuddly dog breed. They are notorious for shedding a lot of golden-white hairs that easily stick to clothing, furniture, and carpets.So, if you are looking to get a Golden Retriever or want to learn more about how often they shed and how to keep the amount of fur under control, then this article will give you all the information you need to know!

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How Much Do Golden Retrievers Shed?

Golden Retrievers shed their coats most of the year but the amount of fur they shed will depend on the dog’s diet, health and grooming routine. Most Golden Retrievers shed a moderate to heavy amount of fur, which is slightly more than many dog breeds. Since the Golden retriever’s coat is long and fluffy, their fur is more noticeable when it is shed from their body.

You may also find that your fingers and clothing collect their loose fur like a magnet when you give your pooch pets and cuddles. Certain factors can cause this dog breed to shed slightly more, usually seasonal changes, dietary factors, and their overall coat health.

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Why Do Golden Retrievers Shed So Much?

With most Golden Retrievers you should expect them to only shed a moderate amount of fur. Golden Retrievers typically go through three different types of shedding which can affect the amount of fur that they shed.

1. Puppy Shedding

Young Golden Retrievers will shed extra fur during the first few months before they are fully grown. The classic “fluffy” appearance of Golden Retriever puppies does not stay for long, as they need an extra thick coat for protection when they are young. Their puppy coat will usually be shed completely once they are between 6 to 10 months of age. This also means that Golden Retriever puppies may shed more than usual.

2. Hormonal Shedding

This typically happens once a Golden Retriever has been spayed or neutered. They may begin to lose more fun than usual after this procedure. However, males seem to shed more fur after being neutered due to the changes in their hormones. Once their body has adjusted to the changes, the shedding will start to reduce.

3. Seasonal Shedding

Seasonal shedding is when most Golden Retriever dog owners will notice that their dog is losing more fur than usual. The fur may fall out in clumps, and tufts of fur may be seen around the house or against your clothes and furniture. This type of shedding happens twice a year mainly during autumn and spring. In the autumn your Golden Retriever loses fur to grow a thick winter coat that will help them keep warm and prepare for winter.

In preparation for spring, the thick winter coat will then be shed so that they have a thinner coat again for the summer months when it will be hot.

4. Dietary Shedding

If your Golden Retriever has a healthy and balanced diet full of ingredients that help to nourish their skin and coat, you may notice an improvement in their overall coat health and the amount of fur that they shed. A Golden Retriever suffering from brittle fur and dry skin may lose more of their fur. You may notice a decline in your Golden Retriever’s fur health, shine, and texture. Being fed a diet that has fatty acids and highly digestible proteins can help improve their coat and lessen the chance of them shedding brittle hairs.

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How To Reduce the Amount Of Fur Golden Retrievers Shed

If you are having trouble with a Golden Retriever’s excessive shedding, then there are a few methods you can try to reduce the amount of fur left on your clothes, furniture, and the floor. Regularly grooming your Golden is the most effective way to remove loose hairs that have accumulated. There will then be less to shed when they shake, rub against furniture, or are being petted by you.

Making sure that your Golden is brushed regularly (ideally once or twice a week) will help to remove all the loose hair. Brushing can also help evenly distribute your dogs’  natural oils and smooth out their coat to help improve its condition. Aside from brushing you should also bathe your Golden Retriever regularly with the right shampoo and conditioner for their coat.

This can help remove any dirt and debris that can deteriorate your Golden Retriever’s coat condition, while certain conditioners may help nourish your dog’s skin and coat. You may notice a lot of fur floating in the water during their bath.

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Golden Retrievers shed their fur often and are known for being a very “hairy” dog breed, but the amount of fur they shed can be controlled. If you want to get a Golden Retriever but the amount of fur they regularly shed is stopping you don’t be put off. Know that with the right cleaning methods and making sure your Golden Retriever has a good diet and receives regular grooming, the amount of fur they shed can be kept to a minimum. Golden Retrievers shed as much as most dog breeds do, but their long, golden-white fur is slightly more noticeable.

Featured Image Credit: Sonsart, Shutterstock

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