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Do Maltipoos Bark a Lot? Breed Temperament & Facts

Jordyn Alger

By Jordyn Alger

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Maltipoos are an adorable mix of a poodle and a Maltese. Regardless of which one your Maltipoo takes after the most, it is unlikely the dog will be an excessive barker. Neither the poodle nor the Maltese bark very much, although they are not quiet dogs either. In short, your Maltipoo will probably bark as much as an average dog unless he is trained.

If your Maltipoo has uncharacteristically begun to bark excessively, there is an underlying reason for it. Whether medical or behavioral, you must determine the cause to solve your pup’s problems.

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Possible Health Issues that May Cause Barking

If your dog is sick or in pain, he may be barking to communicate his distress. Maltipoos tend to bark excessively when they are feeling unwell.

If you suspect that your Maltipoo is in pain, you can examine his body to see if you can find the issue. For instance, if your dog has matted fur, it could be causing him pain. Other grooming issues that may be bothering him could include irritated skin, ear infections, or overgrown nails. You may be able to resolve any grooming issues yourself, but it’s best to visit your vet, especially to treat an ear infection, severe injury, or a skin lesion that may be causing the excessive barking.

Your vet will be able to examine your dog and run tests to determine what medical issue (if any) your dog is suffering from. Then, your vet can construct a helpful treatment plan for you and your dog.

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Behavioral Reasons for Barking

If the issue is not related to any medical complication, your dog may be barking for emotional reasons rather than physical ones. The following are some reasons why your Maltipoo may be barking.


Poodles, one of the Maltipoo’s ancestors, are incredibly intelligent and require frequent mental stimulation. If your Maltipoo takes after his poodle roots, the same may be said of him.

Even if your dog is not very poodle-like, all dogs need entertainment. If your dog is cooped up inside for prolonged periods with few toys and no one with whom to engage, he will eventually grow bored and start to bark excessively so as to seek attention. If he has been lonely and missing you all day, he will want to soak up as much attention as possible while you are home.

Fear or Anxiety

Even our fearless canines can have moments of anxiety. If something, in particular, frightens your dog, such as a neighbor’s dog, he may bark in fear.

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How to Manage Excessive Barking

If you have already ruled out the possibility of a medical issue causing your Maltipoo’s excessive barking, you’ll have to search for other solutions. If the barking is due to boredom, loneliness, or fear, the answer may be as simple as changing your dog’s environment to solve the issue.

For instance, if your Maltipoo is bored, you can buy him interactive toys or swap through a weekly rotation of toys so that he does not grow bored. Once you have determined the cause of the barking, you can take steps to minimize it.

Punishments such as shock collars and shouting at your dog will only teach them to be fearful and distrustful of you. It is much better to reward desired behaviors than to punish undesired behaviors. It will help your Maltipoo with training and strengthen your bond.

Something to Consider

There may be a valid reason that your Maltipoo is barking. It is not always related to a health or emotional issue. If your dog is barking excessively, check his food and water to ensure it is full and within reach. Take him on a walk to ensure he is not just restless, and give him time outside to verify that he does not need to use the bathroom.

Your dog can only communicate with you through barking, so there is a chance that his barking is his way of telling you his needs are not being met.

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Maltipoos are not known to be overly vocal, but every dog is different. Your Maltipoo may have a louder personality than others, which could cause him to bark more, but he may also be barking to tell you something is not right. If you are concerned for your dog’s well-being, take him to the vet for a check-up. Even if he is not ill, your vet can provide advice about why he is so vocal.

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