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Do Shiba Inus Like to Cuddle? Temperament & FAQs

Hanh Duong

By Hanh Duong

shiba inu dog sleeping in his owners lap

Many dogs want to be as close to us as possible and are eager to receive cuddles from owners, while some others prefer to have their own space. If you’re searching for an affectionate pet that craves attention and loves to cuddle, Shibas may not be the kind of dog you want.

We’ll go into more detail about these charming canines in this post, reveal how “cuddly” they really are, and also look at some ways to make your dog happier and perhaps even cuddlier.

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Shiba Inu Personality: What to Expect

Shiba Inus have independent, alert, and strong personalities with a gentle warmth around their family members. Thanks to these qualities, they are considered excellent guard dogs.

Some people have compared their personalities to cats because they may sometimes be aloof and appear indifferent or even cold to other dogs and strangers. Shibas are highly possessive and curious about the world around them. If you choose this breed, you need to make sure to train and socialize them early on.

shiba inu dog introduced to children
Image Credit: MENG KONGSAK, Shutterstock

How Do You Know If Your Shiba Is Happy?

Here are some tips for reading your dog’s behavior and body language so you can determine if they’re happy or not.

Relaxed Body and Tail

Your dog’s tail and entire body will look relaxed when cheerful, and they may repeatedly wag their tails! Dogs that are wagging and exposing their bellies are likely extremely content and joyful.


Happy Shibas “smile” a lot. You will see their mouths open, and the corners raised to the sides. Although there may be some teeth visible, they are not aggressively exposed. Another sign of relaxation in a Shiba is a lolling tongue.

shiba inu puppy dog lying on the floor
Image Credit: Molica_an, Shutterstock


Shibas are likely to bounce from side to side when happy and excited. Their rapid movements often signal that they’re having a good time.

Happy Barks

Compared to anxious dogs, happy canines typically bark at a higher pitch and for a shorter time.

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How Do You Make Your Shiba Inu Happy?

Dogs bring countless joys into our lives, from giving unconditional love to celebrating when we return home. Here are some things you can do to express your thanks to your Shiba and make them happier, which will in turn, hopefully make them a bit more cuddly.

Sufficient Exercise

Exercise is beneficial for both your dog’s physical and mental health. When dogs don’t exercise, they become bored and tend to find other ways to have fun, frequently in inappropriate or harmful ways.

The best ways to help them burn off excess energy are walking, swimming, playing fetch, etc. Your Shiba can then relax afterward rather than becoming agitated and hyperactive. Additionally, you can use toys and games for mental stimulation. Monitor their excitement with each activity to find out what kind of exercise they enjoy the most.

shiba inu sitting in the grass with his owner
Image Credit: MENG-KONGSAK, Shutterstock


Playdates with other pups in your area could be your dog’s ticket to happiness if they’re a canine social butterfly. But for some Shibas, humans are their preferred friends, and the hide-and-seek game or chase might be their favorite. Try out many different activities to discover what games and toys your dog appreciates more than anything.


After your Shiba has mastered the fundamentals, you might think it’s time to stop training them, but training is a fun way to entertain and stimulate your companion’s brain. Dogs may enjoy learning new tricks when you use positive reinforcement techniques. It also helps them become more confident by having a better understanding of your expectations.

Dog Massage

Every Shiba has a favorite place to be scratched or petted. As you cuddle your furry friend, pay more attention to where they like to be touched. Think about learning how to massage dogs. Massage can relieve anxiety and relax tired muscles. So, they can be more comfortable and happy if they receive this gentle care.

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Even though many Shibas are not fans of cuddling, there’s a chance that, given enough time and patience, they’ll realize that cuddling isn’t as bad as they first thought. It’s crucial never to force your furry friend into uncomfortable situations. If your Shiba is unhappy with a lot of cuddling, you should start by giving them small amounts of attention mixed with lots of praise and goodies. Incorporate playtime with cuddling if they enjoy it.

Featured Image Credit: Elena Shvetsova, Shutterstock

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