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Do Siamese Cats Like Water? Breed Preferences Explain

Kathryn Copeland

By Kathryn Copeland

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Everyone has heard of the Siamese cat — they have been around for ages, and their distinctive appearance makes them immediately recognizable. When you see this cat, you know that you’re looking at a Siamese, no question!

Perhaps you heard a rumor that Siamese cats like water and wonder if it’s true. After all, while most cats are fine with drinking water, many do not like playing in it. The rumors are mostly true: Many Siamese cats do seem to enjoy playing with water, though not all do.

Here, we give you insight into why this particular breed of cat enjoys water more than others, including a peek into the history and uniqueness of the Siamese cat.

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A Snippet of History of the Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is unquestionably one of the most popular cat breeds in the world! That’s no surprise, given how intelligent, affectionate, and beautiful they are.

The history of the Siamese cat tells us that they have been around for hundreds of years, perhaps longer. The first known record of these cats is from around the 14th century in Thailand, which was then known as Siam.

It was believed that when a royal family member died, their soul would enter the Siamese cat. But no one truly knows exactly where and when the Siamese originated, which lends to their mystique.

These cats started to gain popularity outside of Thailand, particularly in the U.S., in 1878. An American diplomat brought the first Siamese onto U.S. soil and presented it as a gift to the wife of President Hayes. It was given the name Siam. From there, the Siamese appeal skyrocketed to become the popular cat that we know and love today.

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Image Credit: Piqsels

What Is Up With the Siamese Cat and Water?

So, what exactly is up with Siamese cats and water? Unless they are introduced to water at a young age, most cats truly dislike water. But you show a dog a puddle, and you’ll come home with a wet dog. There are a few theories that help explain why this breed seems more okay with getting wet.

Curious Cats

All cats have a certain amount of curiosity, and typically, some of the most intelligent breeds tend to be highly inquisitive. Siamese cats are both intelligent and curious, so they are interested in investigating everything, including water.

After all, water is quite fascinating. It sparkles in the sunlight, and it ripples, trickles, flows, and makes many different sounds. All these elements will likely draw a Siamese near to satisfy their curiosity. They love to explore, so of course, they are naturally attracted to water.

Playful Cats

Part of being curious is also being playful, and most cats love to play!

Siamese cats enjoy exploring their world, and that exploration will usually turn into fun times. Watching the way that water moves and glistens is something that most Siamese cats just can’t resist.

When Siamese cats are bored, they will probably get into mischief, like making a mess at the water bowl.

siamese ragdoll ragamese playing with cat toy
Image Credit: Kanashi, Unsplash

Water Preference

Some cats are perfectly happy drinking from a bowl, but many others prefer drinking from running water. This is usually due to a cat’s instinct that standing water might be stagnant and therefore, not safe to drink.

If your Siamese only wants to drink from a running faucet, consider investing in a cat water fountain. Many of these fountains have trickling water that can satisfy that urge.

Do Siamese Cats Enjoy Baths?

Playing with water is one thing, but being dunked into a tub filled with water is another! Some Siamese cats might not mind a bath, but most will probably react the same way as any other cat.

For the most part, cats don’t need baths. They do an excellent job grooming themselves. But there are circumstances when it is necessary to give a cat a bath.

If they are introduced to bathing at an early age, almost any cat won’t mind them, but baths are typically not necessary unless your cat has super thick and long hair or is a hairless breed.

Sometimes, a bath is required if your cat gets into something nasty. Skunk spray needs to be washed off, for example, or if something toxic gets into your cat’s fur, you will need to wash it off so your cat doesn’t ingest it through self-grooming. You might also need to bathe a cat to get rid of parasites.

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Ways to Allow Your Siamese to Enjoy Water

If your Siamese cat is making multiple messy, waterlogged areas around your home, there are a few steps that you can take to waterproof those areas and indulge your cat’s water playtime.

You can place a bowl of water on a waterproof food mat and provide your Siamese with a variety of toys that can be dropped into the water. Your kitty might enjoy batting these toys around in the water, and the mat will keep your floors dry (though this depends on how excited your cat gets around water). You can also use this kind of mat under a cat water fountain, which doubles as a source of play.

When you’re taking a shower or bath, consider leaving the door open. Many Siamese cats enjoy sitting on the edge of the tub and smacking the shower curtain or the bubbles in your bubble bath.

siamese kitten
Image Credit: liliy2025, Pixabay

What Other Cat Breeds Like Water?

Other than the Siamese, several different cat breeds that anecdotally seem to enjoy water, including:

While these breeds tend to be more fascinated by water than others, this does not mean every single cat enjoys it. Cats are unique with their own individual personalities, so you can’t expect all of them to behave precisely the same way.


Siamese are such playful and curious cats, which is what draws them to the fascinating substance that is water. Playing with their water bowls or fountains is normal behavior for them, though they are not the only breed that is fascinated by water.

If you take the time to play more often with your cat, they are less likely to play with water and make a mess. Boredom is sometimes the issue, along with opportunity. Invest in a few waterproof mats, and if you do encourage your Siamese to a little water play in the appropriate areas, you’ll have a happy cat and a slightly drier household.

Featured Image Credit: Kitti_Kween, Shutterstock

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