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Do You Tip Dog Groomers? Industry Manners & Advice

Jessica Rossetti

By Jessica Rossetti

Groomer is cutting a dog hair in hair service

You may not know the etiquette regarding tipping dog groomers, especially if you’re taking your dog to one for the first time. The price of the service may be clear, but tipping is another story. You don’t need to tip dog groomers, but it is encouraged. Dog groomers are providing a service, and you have the option of tipping them if you feel so inclined.

Read on to find out the reasons that tipping is suggested and how much you should tip on top of the final cost.

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Why You Should Tip Your Dog Groomer

Tipping your dog groomer is optional, but doing so can be beneficial to both of you. You normally tip hairdressers, waitstaff, and delivery drivers because they’re providing a service for you. The tip is a token of your appreciation.

Dog groomers are no different! If you’re happy with the way that your dog looks, tipping the groomer is a great way to say thank you.

Is your dog the easiest, most pleasant dog to groom? Do you bring them to the groomer because you can’t cut their nails yourself? Is your dog aggressive when the water touches them? The groomer has to restrain your dog and keep themselves safe. If your dog gives them a hard time, a tip is even more appreciated.

Groomers see it all: severe matting, filth, overgrown nails, unruly coats, and so on. They tackle everything with professionalism and can transform dogs’ looks from an overgrown mop to a clean and tidy pup. Some dogs take longer to groom than others. Even if your dog was a pleasant experience for them to groom, it doesn’t mean the previous dog was. Tipping helps your groomer get the most money out of their day when they have to dedicate extra time to other dogs.

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How Does Tipping the Dog Groomer Benefit You?

If you tip your groomer, they are going to appreciate it. The next time that you need your dog groomed and they’re busy, they might make time for you. They may spend extra time on your dog, going above and beyond the normal haircut and bath. Showing your appreciation for your dog groomer may allow them to show appreciation back for you in the ways that they can.

How Much Do I Tip the Dog Groomer?

A standard tip is anywhere from 15% to 20% of the bill. There’s no rule to this, though. Since tipping is optional, it can be whatever you can comfortably afford. Tip them what you’d tip your own hairdresser. If that’s 20%, do the same for your dog groomer.

The amount is up to you, though. If you are very happy with the service, the tip should reflect that.

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Image Credit: siamionau pavel, Shutterstock

When Do I Tip the Dog Groomer?

When you hand over money for your bill, you can add in more cash and tell the groomer to keep it. You can also add a tip to a credit card receipt. You usually pay for grooming services when you pick up your dog, so you’ll be able to see the job that the groomer did.

It’s also nice to remember your groomer during the holidays. A holiday tip is a nice way to show your appreciation. This amount would be more than an average tip because it would be given as a gift to the groomer. This amount varies. It depends on what you feel is appropriate and what you can afford. You can also put cash in a card and hand it to them around the holidays.

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Tipping your dog groomer is a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work. The amount that you tip is up to you. Tipping is optional, but it’s always encouraged when someone is providing you a service. A recommended amount is 15%–20% of the final bill. You can also tip your dog groomer extra around the holidays by giving them a cash bonus.

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