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Does Comfort Inn Allow Dogs? 2023 Update & FAQ

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Traveling is always a fun adventure, especially when your dog comes along. Not every hotel will welcome a canine guest, though, so knowing where you’re heading before getting there can take the stress out of finding a place to stay. Comfort Inn is a popular hotel chain in the U.S.A., and many of the facilities do allow dogs for an extra fee. That said, not all Comfort Inn locations welcome pets, and some have policies that limit the number of pets or their weight.

Determining whether your chosen Comfort Inn will welcome you and your dog requires planning. This guide explores how you can find out if a Comfort Inn location allows dogs and how to make sure your canine friend is a model guest.

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Does Comfort Inn Allow Dogs?

The pet policy of Comfort Inn depends on the location. Since each hotel is individually managed, the policies employed are dependent on the staff and the clientele who use the services.

While some locations don’t allow dogs at all, many other Comfort Inns welcome pets. In these places, you can bring up to two dogs—or cats—to stay with you for an extra fee that ranges between $10 and $25.1

Depending on the location, the Comfort Inn that you choose might have different rules regarding pets. Some will enforce limitations on the weight of the pets that they allow or have a set number of pets that you can keep with you in the room.

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The 4 Tips to Make Sure Your Pet Is Welcome at Comfort Inn

Finding a hotel that welcomes pets so you don’t have to leave them in a kennel is always appreciated. You should return the favor by making sure your stay is as unobtrusive as possible.

1. Book in Advance

Traveling with a dog requires making a few adjustments to your schedule. When you travel alone, it’s easy to find a place and book your stay as you travel. A canine companion requires more planning.

Since not all Comfort Inns allow dogs, you should book your stay well before your planned vacation. This will enable you to ensure that the location does allow dogs and that there are pet-friendly rooms available for your use.

2. Clean Up After Your Dog

The Comfort Inn might hire people to ensure that the rooms that you stay in are kept clean, but you can still do your part to make their jobs easier. A dog can be a messy guest, and you should make sure they don’t leave muddy paw prints everywhere or go to the toilet where they shouldn’t.

Cleaning up when your dog does go to the bathroom—whether you use puppy pads or visit a designated potty spot on site—is also part of your responsibility as a dog owner whenever your dog is with you. You should also consider covering furniture or the bed with your own blanket to catch any shed hair or other dirt from your dog.

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3. Provide Enrichment Activities

Some pet-friendly hotels will keep a supply of treats at the front desk for dog owners and their pets. Other locations might also stock dog waste bags or have an off-leash play area somewhere on site for your dog to stretch their legs and relieve themselves. Most of the time, though, making sure your dog isn’t bored is your responsibility, just like at home.

A bored dog can be destructive and noisy. Due to this, you must provide them with plenty of things to do whenever you’re staying at a hotel. The usual options, like puzzle toys, training sessions, regular walks, and playtime, are all effective ways to keep your dog mentally and physically active.

Providing your dog with their favorite toys will also help them settle into the room better during your stay. They’ll be more relaxed and less anxious about all the new sights and smells.

4. Know the Rules

Vacations are ideal times to relax and get away from the stress of work, so it’s often disappointing to think about having to follow more rules. But when it comes to letting your dog stay with you—and ensuring that they’ll be welcome guests next time—obeying the few rules set by the hotel can make your stay much more rewarding.

There are multiple Comfort Inn locations throughout the U.S.A., and they all have different rules and regulations when it comes to pets. While most do welcome dogs, they might differ in their treatment of canine guests.

For example, one location might refuse to let you leave your dog alone in the room, while another might simply require you to crate them if you leave. Many places will also have no-pet policies in the lobby, around the pool, or in other public areas in the hotel.

A few unsaid rules should also be followed, such as cleaning up after your dog and ensuring that they don’t make too much noise by barking excessively. Hanging the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door handle if you do leave your dog unattended will be appreciated, as this ensures that somebody won’t knock and disturb your dog.

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Can Your Dog Sleep on the Bed at Comfort Inn Hotels?

There is no rule against having your dog sleep on the bed in hotels. Some pet owners, non-pet owners, or even staff might frown at the thought, but there’s bound to be pets sleeping on the couch or bed if they spend any amount of time in the room.

Whether you let your dog on the furniture comes down to personal preference. You should take steps to help tidy up, though. When you pack for your trip, include your dog’s favorite blanket, and place it on the couch or the bed where you want your dog to sit. This will catch any loose fur or mud that they might accidentally spread onto the furniture.

Can You Leave Your Dog Alone in a Hotel Room?

Many hotels don’t allow you to leave your dog alone in the room, and this includes Comfort Inn. Some locations, however, do let you leave your dog on their own, provided that you follow a few rules. These rules can range from crating your dog while you’re away or hanging the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door if you leave your dog loose in the room.

You’ll need to confirm with the staff whether you can leave your dog alone during your stay. Be aware that you might be asked to leave if your dog barks excessively—whether you’re away or not—and continually disturbs the other guests.

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How Do You Know If a Comfort Inn Hotel Is Pet Friendly?

The best way to know if a Comfort Inn hotel is pet friendly is by calling the location before your stay. Don’t wait to find out on the day of your check-in. If your dog isn’t welcome at all, it’ll be stressful trying to find an alternative hotel.

You need to call ahead of time when you plan your trip. This way, you can ask whether the location accepts dogs and any other questions that you might have. By talking to the staff, you’ll be able to determine whether they have limits on pet weight or the number of pets that you can have with you and if there are any pet-friendly rooms available for the duration of your stay.Divider 8


Most Comfort Inn locations allow up to two pets—cats or dogs—for an extra fee, but this isn’t the same for all facilities. The pet policies are determined by the individual locations. This means some Comfort Inns don’t allow dogs at all, while others have different regulations for four-legged guests.

To ensure that your vacation with your dog is as pet friendly as possible, book your stay with the Comfort Inn location in advance. This will help you ensure that your dog will be welcome and there will be space for you both when you arrive.

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