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Does Joanns Allow Dogs? 2023 Pet Policy & Tips

Adam Mann

By Adam Mann

JoAnn Fabrics Crafts Store

While you might not think of Joanns as the most pet-friendly store in the world, did you know they have a stated policy to allow pets into their stores? This means if you’re thinking about heading to Joanns and you want to bring your pup, you absolutely can.

However, while Joanns does allow pets, they do have a few rules they want you to follow, and there are some tips and tricks you’ll want to follow to ensure your next trip goes smoothly.

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Joanns Pet Policy

Joanns has an official pet policy for all their stores, making it easy to know what you can and can’t expect. Overall, it’s a very friendly pet policy, but there are a few things you should be aware of. First, you need to keep your pet on their best behavior and the need to display “good manners.”

You need to ensure your pet is up to date on all their vaccinations, they need to stay on a leash, and you’re responsible for any messes they make. Finally, they ask that you remain considerate of other people’s feelings and potential allergies.

And despite a pet-friendly policy, Joann’s employees retain the right to ask you and your pet to step out of the store if any issues arise.

Service Animals and Joanns

While Joann’s pet policy states that a team member may kindly ask you to step out if an issue comes up regarding issues with other customers and potential pet allergies, this isn’t the case for service animals.

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that stores must make reasonable accommodations for people with service animals, and other customers or employees having pet allergies doesn’t matter. However, this rule only applies to registered service animals, not emotional support animals or traditional pets.

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The 4 Tips for Taking Your Pet to the Store

Just because you can take your pet to the store doesn’t mean you don’t need to do anything to ensure you have a smooth trip. Below, we’ve highlighted four different tips you should follow to ensure a smooth trip the next time you take your pup to the store!

1. Train Your Dog

Just because you can take your dog to the store doesn’t mean they’re ready to go. You need to train your dog before you take them to the store. Ensure they’re completely housebroken, respond to your commands, and have a friendly overall demeanor while you’re out.

This is by far the most important thing you can do before you take your dog to the store, even if it means you can’t take your dog to the store right after you get them.

Young female owner is training and teaching commands to her lovely labrador retriever dog
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2. Keep Them on a Short Leash

While retractable leashes are extremely popular, they’re not what you want while you’re inside the store. When you’re in a store, you want to keep your dog on a fixed leash that’s no longer than 6 feet. This ensures they stay right by your side whenever you’re in the store, and it’s not as easy for them to get into trouble.

3. Keep an Eye on Them

Whenever you take a dog into a store, it’s your responsibility to look after them. If they break something, create a mess on the floor, or cause any other problems, it’s on you. Because of this, you need to keep an eye on them the entire time you’re in the store. This might make it a little more challenging for you to shop, but it’s part of taking them into the store.

woman shopping with her dog at the mall
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4. Bring Treats

While your dog might do great listening to you, there’s nothing wrong with providing a little extra motivation by bringing treats along. Keeping a few treats in your pocket that you occasionally give them throughout your trip will help them stay on their best behavior and keep their attention on you throughout your entire trip in the store.

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Final Thoughts

If you trust your pup and want to bring them on your next trip to Joanns, go ahead! Ensure they remain on their best behavior though and be mindful of other people in the store. But overall, if your dog stays well-behaved, there’s no reason it can’t be an enjoyable experience for you and your pup the next time you’re out!

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